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Everyone coming to live is "blank leaf" in which the Life will register. As how will occur at record?
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How can and the teacher and how can should learn and the pupil should study?
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What is the contact to world around?
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The most productive model of knowledge of the Universe


As it is possible to present a huge turn of a circle, a galaxy jet streams of the energy, each of radial impulses can be described one number from a number of primary numbers. Like any turn of the circle, all streams of pulsing energy have the general initial and final point: a galactic kernel. A turn of a circle as it is described here, are called as a current by means of which all starts with a source and comes back in it, moving simultaneously forward and back.
Like the hurricane centre, the galactic kernel can be described as possessing the simultaneous spin and counterspin movement extending radially from the central point of unimaginable capacity which pulses with certain frequency. We will assume that these opposite streams of energy can be described the number sequences going in opposite directions rather each other. We will assume further that one stream pulses with the frequencies presented nearby from 1 to 13, and other stream pulses with the frequencies presented nearby ... Read more »
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Let's try to assume the following: advanced civilisations possess the developed technologies.

The developed technologies – means to provide evolution reason in certain vital space. Under evolution we will understand not only progress, but also recourse. Any technology is under construction, first of all, on its mentality of the creating. Otherwise technology application will meet difficulties development, knowledge. Each technology is capable to generate other technology but to which basis others will be created. All together we name it technological base.

The reason possessing technological base is capable to evolve much faster in comparison with at whom such base is absent. Thus the evolutionary separation or different currents of evolution is formed.

If the technology is an evolution rule using it depend on it directly. If the technology is casual, reasonable indiv ... Read more »
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