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6. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:31 PM)
It is a lot of conditions, and a choice — one. (Kaff)

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5. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:31 PM)
I — not only the Participant, but also the Observer of the Life. (Kaff)

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4. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:30 PM)
«The person is a part whole which we name the Universe, a part limited in time and in space. He feels itself(himself), the thoughts and feelings as something separate of all other world that is some kind of an optical deceit. This illusion became a dungeon for us, limiting us the world of own desires and attachment to a narrow circle of people close to us. Our problem — to be released from this prison, having expanded sphere of the participation to everyone live beings, to the whole world, in all its magnificence. Nobody can carry out such problem up to the end, but already attempts to reach this purpose are a part of clearing and the basis for internal confidence.»
— Albert Einstein


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3. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:29 PM)
To reach to fine, it is necessary to go through a dirt.(Alexey_22)

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2. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:28 PM)
As a rule - it is possible to address that you wish to tell to other person to yourself. (Neon)

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1. [Elhfi]   (2010-01-30 8:27 PM)
Even among bitterness, there are sweet moments. (Alexey_22)


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