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Child Indigo online! (part 3)
2009-11-21, 1:41 PM

• As a result of changes (accidents)..., many stocks and storehouses of a radioactive waste will be opened... As a result, many people will be infected by radiation... Whether There is a possibility to protect from radiation and poison gases... If it is possible, as?

You should learn to use vital currents. Make it you can only. Nobody will prompt. Otherwise people will not understand that such death and further it will sell.


• Is indigo, is elfs, dragons and set of other beings. Whether it agree with this Sasha? If yes, let will characterise these beings, their purposes and a problem, whence have come. How they can be distinguished in a life?

The Elfs - last people who have found a way not to die. It was their error. They have found a way to die and have taken advantage of it. Now they go further. The elfs have left for people of a tide of life. They operate, and people can live about hundred years. If currents were stronger, people would live longer, but it now is impossible, as the Earth very weak. Currents connect the Earth with other worlds which too became weak. Such as you, die, die because used the currents too quickly and have not found, whence they begin.

Dragons always helped people. It their defenders. They very much loved people and were on friendly terms with them. When people began to kill them, dragons have obeyed, though could start to kill too. They have kept themselves in memory of people and now though help there from a little. Their help that they very clever also can prompt that in the world is learnt and that is not present. Dragons never will appear more on the Earth because for the Earth they became too clever.

Distinguish dragons in memory those who can take a detached view of the Earth can. The elfs on the Earth is not present more. They have left to people the Earth for ever. How there lived these beings, to people not to understand, because they absolutely others. Those who have left, have left a place for them. As people, even if not absolutely it understand will make also.


• There is such nation Jews. What role will be played by this nation in forthcoming transition to high vibrations.

Jews have been once moved to the Earth. It is told about it in the Bible. They possessed knowledge of management of weather, water and the earth, but then this knowledge has lost, as the device which they have brought with themselves, has broken. When Jews have found, they have changed so that them have left to live on that place which they have found. Now Jews almost as and anything especial will not make all.


• Correctly I understand that in a dense material human body on the earth remains anybody, after all changes. After all if the earth passes to higher step of vibration, energy.

After changes remain a few people. They will be sick and recover at a distant day. Illnesses will force to be people or strong, or to die. Remained will learn the children and others to volume that know, and too will leave. That will be on the Earth, to people will be indifferent. Their knowledge begins to be in other place.

Change, body

• Why very few people can remember the dreams? How to remember?

To remember a dream, it is necessary to be able not to worry. It is impossible to recollect that it is necessary to make today or tomorrow. As soon as you recollect it, dreams will disappear, because your thought is stronger than them. The dream can appear as thought but then it is necessary to detain a dream in a head. It to make simply. Remember in the sleep main detail. On it the dream will open itself. If a detail wrong it will disappear and a dream. A dream

• Than the campaign to strongly green light is fraught?

Strongly green light forces people to cease to think. It seems to people that so it is very good. As soon as it occurs, green light replaces a tide of life, and the person quickly dies. Thus he can help to die another, considering that so it is better.

• Than to explain on the Earth existence of several races of people? How they have appeared? What race the most ancient?

Some races were required for creation of people which can live in many territories of the Earth. Then and now conditions were unequal. The most ancient race: aries. Each race has been created by means of the designer of bodies of the person. In it designer  there were also details for human souls. Now it is not authorised to design, because the necessary types of people are created.


• the life of ancient people how much strongly differed from the present? In what?

Ancient people have appeared only 15-17 thousand years ago. Before people was not and will not be. Their life was and it is more interesting, than people present, and is worse. More interestingly because they were able to go between the worlds. Still they had that you name magic. Then they were able to create parts of the world and to understand All Earth. That they aspired to live long was bad and of it have died. On the Earth it is impossible to aspire to live much. It for this purpose is not adapted.

People, history

• Who had been based Egypt?

Egypt have created И3211. It is point S3214 in constellation of the Aries. Pyramids - aerials. They hand over the information when them include. Now pyramids are included.


• the Rests of ability to live of Slavs are found in territory of Germany, Pakistan, Turkey, India. Whether there corresponds this information of the validity?

Slavs have come because of ocean from the West. That you have listed - truly. These are places where the part from them remained.


• That occurs to the person after death?

The body dies only. What you be, is not able to die. The death meets only in few worlds similar to ours. But in other places always too do not live long. When you ask about a life, you ask how solve your problem which took for itself in this world. Answers can be received only most, differently in a problem there will be no sense. The decision of problems - one of ways to become clever and to learn to understand Another.


• In October that  will occur to the Earth and people?

No. With the Earth happens nothing. But it becomes difficult to Earth to hold oceans.


• you about  interaction Know, interferences of crystals and minerals on the person? Now what crystals, minerals, stones will help the person to pass changes and forthcoming tests?

Minerals incorporate to the person constantly. Those who can collect solar and other light are useful. Those who operate as magnets are dangerous. Houses which are built by people, very much risky because artificial materials are used. The best material - a brick. Still the best material - the whole stone or its piece. A tree - a short-lived material. If strong light you will be rescued only by the earth comes. Its depth - from 12 meters.


• Who estimates activity of incarnate essence (Spirit) in this "material" world? As I understand, it is essence (Spirits) of a certain level to which do not have necessity to be embodied as to people. So? They occupy what level and how have reached it?

Activity of human spirit is estimated by system, instead of separate essence. This field surrounds the Earth. Those who estimate the Earth, are its founders. They became such after understanding of all World as Spheres, the Sphere. When the line becomes isolated on itself, it becomes infinite and loses meaning.

• Who watches them, conditionally speaking to these "teachers"?

Teachers do not watch. Further them anybody is not present. To estimate in the world it is not accepted, therefore the estimation is felt only by you. For teachers it looks in another way. It is experience, knowledge in which they study.

• Sense of embodiments - passage of certain "lessons" and replenishment of experience of Essence (Spirit). Whether In the right Spirit trained to define to itself lessons, or only its "teachers" can direct it? Whether the situation is possible, what the teacher estimates the ward biassedly and gives not those lessons which are necessary to the trainee? Deliberately against the will of it or it is nonspecial.

If the teacher makes a mistake, to it any more will not allow to learn. It will be translated in pupils. Each error of the teacher breaks an order in the world. The person can choose only how uses time at a lesson. At the lesson he is obliged to be. If the person shirks lessons, it will leave to live once again. The teacher helps the person to study a life, but never does something for it. The teacher gives only those lessons which it is necessary to give. All the rest offer spirits which are near to you. Their problem - not to learn, and to take advantage of your knowledge because they to acquire knowledge do not want.

 • God (an image on which similarity the worlds, Spirits and all "real") any restrictions on a life in the world, It created have been created by its "children" Imposes? If you consider, what yes, what and what for?

Restrictions are not present and never was. All that similarity that has created us, it and is ourselves. Everything that people do, is thoughts of those who has created them. So Founders can see errors and the good parties in the thoughts. If to dismiss only good ideas they will quickly lose force and become any. Any think belongs to nobody and can disappear. Bad and good thoughts strong. But such they only for people. Thoughts cannot be divided on good and bad. In those thoughts who has created people, never was anything bad. Simply not all that is created, is pleasant to people. Not all of them, also, also understand. It too gives rise to a difference in thoughts.

• How correctly to protect itself from undesirable contact whether it be extraterrestrial civilisations or astral essence?

It is impossible to agree on conversation if you do not understand it. Each conversation should be clear. At conversation it should not be sick or unpleasant. Those who communicate with you, know more you, therefore on them responsibility before you lies. It is impossible to do not clear to itself actions. If you efforts on something ask to direct that you do not understand, do not give them. To you should tell only the truth. About it it is enough to ask.

• the Truth that that now all (Indigi, and Crystal Children) wait what that of a signal from outside to Become more active for one important purpose on the Planet....?

Yes. Such signal will come, but not now. That will change, you will notice. It will not bring to people of harm.


• Under some messages, it is known that after all Changes, on a planet the Earth simply it will be impossible to live and people who remain the live will pick up Inoplanetnye the ships higher consciousnesses.... Only after some period of people will lodge back on the Planet, it is final at own choice. Whether the truth it?

About all changes on the Earth all those who live nearby, know. They do not need to arrive after events and to rescue the escaped. They can make it earlier. Those who live behind a limit will arrive. They do not know an exact times and be late. People cannot live in their world, but they can create for them artificial spheres. They will be small and will quickly bother. To return back, people should change an organism.

Aliens, change, a body

• Where you be to live the next 5 years? Whether there are at you friends, companions in other countries.

I will live in Russia. It is the good country though in it sometimes it is necessary people difficultly. But difficulties are and in other countries. I can speak with friends on all continents of the Earth. For this purpose phone or the Internet are not necessary to us. We hear voices simply so. At a forum I tell only one because it is test and the first time becomes.

The indigo

• That such human essence, whether one fragments of essence living in other worlds can, to influence other fragments? Whether it is possible to protect itself from this influence and whether it is possible to do it, whether it is necessary and how? How the essence power is redistributed between fragments, and what problems can arise thereupon? Whether one fragment of essence can be exposed to consequences of a relationship of cause and effect caused by actions of other fragment how to arrive in such cases?

The human essence is a condition of one or several fragments of Projections of thought creating. The human essence is conditional. That you see every day as the person, is it not to the full. The person lives at once in the several worlds. These worlds can be unlike against each other. In all cases there is a communication. This communication has unlike other signals. So the Person can learn about itself in the different worlds. If someone wishes to get acquainted, he sends the fragment to another. These fragments incorporate. The main thing in connection - to know that you and it - one. Acquaintances are necessary for faster knowledge of a life and not only it. If you do not wish to get acquainted, you can to do it simply. Your desire is the main thing. If you show interest acquaintance will take place. It is very interesting to much that will be further, therefore they get acquainted with those who it often prevents to understand the world. It becomes that such acquaintances very easy. You can pass by in words, business, sensations is same. The essence power is distributed in fragments differently, but there are general meanings: with 1 on 13 fragment - 15 %, with 14 on 18 - 19 %, with 19 on 24 - 11 %, with 25 on 26 - 1 %, with 27 on 34 - 30 %, with 35 on 76 - 19 %, with 76 on 1014 - 5 %. With 1014по 1100 - from 1 % and more low. Essence destruction further begins. All specified value should be not more low. If they go down, the person will die. If they become above the person cannot understand and should be born once again.

Fragments can operate against each other no more than 1,5 %. Influence will more strongly kill the person. The person can use only 10 % of the energy at influence. It is possible to influence the person 10 % of energy of others. In total there will be 100 actions. This number is used in the mathematician. When on you operate more strongly to you wish to harm. That it has not occurred share quantity of energy in other fragments. The person perishes faster if is not able to share. If you are not able to share, about it it is possible to ask. In a question name those fragments, which steels too big. If you are ill, at all do not share. At this time what you share, becomes too weak and can weaken the others.


• That from itself the guardian angel how it operates represents?

The Guardian angel is your teacher. Trust it. He knows about you all. He is an assistant from founders. If it is not necessary to you, it will disappear and of itself will not remind, but still will help. It never interferes with your life, therefore do not ask it to make something for itself. Guardian angel answers are always truthful.

• you know What extraterrestrial civilisations, what purposes at them concerning the earth what of them it is necessary to be afraid what of them promote people?

I know many friends, but any do not help people. Therefore they cannot be divided on dangerous and harmless. Always ask an accurate and correct question and listen to the answer in a head. Those who force you to feel badly are dangerous. In this case refuse dialogue. The purposes at others different the same as and at you. Each of them it is close or far from you. Near - on Mars to (be afraid), Venus, Saturn. Treat badly people on Mars and the Neptune.


• And how to leave on contact to the teachers

You with them in contact constantly. People not always realise it and consider that contact interrupts. On many questions which you set, people, therefore your teachers can answer turn you to them. Their answer is equal to the answer of the teacher. The teacher too knows not all. It sends your question if does not know, another. The answer comes from them through it. To speak, it is necessary to ask exact and correct questions. To you will not answer questions on how it is necessary to live a life.

• Whence you know answers to all questions and who forbid you can not to answer on tricky or "wrong"?

I know answers because you ask questions. Some of these answers are not necessary to me, and they are transferred to you. To know the answer simply because the answer to it always exists. But my answer always incomplete for you therefore you need to understand him up to the end. If a question too difficult for me me will warn about it, and I have to refuse the answer itself. If it for me is done by others it means that I badly understand that do. Answers do not forbid to receive. Them detain until when they can be understood. It is impossible to look forward to hearing simply. It is necessary to search for an exit to it. Thus it is possible to change a question.


• What music is pleasant to you?

I like different music. But there is that, about what it is possible to speak with children, and there is that they do not understand. I speak with them about that which is pleasant to the majority of them. I like beautiful tool music and music which play a synthesizer.


• What dreams at you? Whether often you fly?

I fly sometimes. It is healthy! Very much it is pleasant to me! Here to depart really! I wish, that you have not forgot to fly.


• What else abilities you possess? Feelings. Possibilities there the different. Unlike others. And as We can LEARN It. Well at least to try... The Direction what-nt is?

If to speak about abilities I do not know about what to tell. It is a lot of them. Feelings too the different. Not too it is a lot of abilities, but is a little. If to tell about everything, it long. All abilities Should be applied only when they are necessary and do not bear harm to people. It is impossible to frighten and surprise people with them. It will be as in circus when trainers with predators act. But after all you know that hardly will go to a cage. If you wish to speak, for example, with others on distance you need to understand how the question is sent and the answer is accepted. Use colours and forms. Think up them. Words and figures then follow. Divide them into questions and answers. It as in the computer. You should understand that these questions and answers not only for you, they are connected with the world, where do you live. If to you do not answer, you ask that is too much. If to you it will transfer, and you will not know that with it to do, it will disappear simply so.


• As you concern  to this forum and in general to the Internet.

It is interesting to me to speak with people who are more senior me. Simply so to them in a life you will not talk. They start to look at once strange somehow and try to become silent faster. And sometimes start to speak about any nonsense to change conversation. The Internet is created by you on an image of a terrestrial field of the information. But the terrestrial field is able to keep itself in order, and the Internet - is not present. Everything that is on the Internet - reflexion of thoughts human which are going to become affairs. The Internet can learn to a miscellaneous, but on you depends, as this knowledge will be applied. You can bring it both harm, and advantage another. The Internet needs to be developed and made so that it was accessible to everyone free of charge. It is impossible to exchange thoughts for money. The Internet will lead you to knowledge how to exchange thoughts without it. For the sake of it the Internet also is created.


Whether • it is a lot of people on the Earth have approached to the lesson termination, where such people most of all?

It is not clear. Each person ends the lesson during certain time. If you mean a birth on the Earth such it is a lot of.


• That for 4 directions which probably will occur?

It will not be told.


• How many all types of people has been created? What?

Types of people:

- Egregors-2,5 of %,

- Curators-5,4-8 of %,

- Executors-92-94,6.

On the Earth there is a type of relations which is not present anywhere more. On the Earth people live incorrectly. So should be according to those who has created a life. Abnormality that executors trust egregors and allow to operate to executors. So should not be, but people agree with it. First two types should change and disappear, then the problem of the Earth will be solved on 2,7 %. People not the first. There were other types living. People on the Earth recently.


• the Earth will pass to orbit closer to the Sun both gravitational and beam influence will increase?

Yes. A parity of degrees of orbital movement-1:4. Intensity of protons: 2,8 from the existing. Gravitation circulation - 5,4 from 100 magnetic fields of the Earth. Perihelia - 1.4 а.е., aphelia - 0.7 а.е. Proton attack - not less, than through 2 periods of half-cycles of the Sun = to 16 standard periods.


• Then Mercury will fall to the Sun? It can cause strong flash?

Flash will be insignificant. Proton attack will increase only on 2,1 times. You should worry about Saturn. Its field is strongly weakened. If there will be no Saturn, movement of planets in which he participates, will be broken.


• In that case that will be with our Moon?

Constant approach to the Earth. There will be new gravitational currents. People will face a problem of fast flooding and deterioration of state of health when the Moon will be full. The moon can reflect the particles which have come from the Sun and to direct them to the Earth. Radiation will be also at night.


Whether • in that danger to system from Saturn, what it can lose energy too strongly and to pass to too low orbits, causing indignations in movements of Jupiter and others?

Yes. It will occur. Then movement of planets will be broken. All planets move on those ways which it were set by Builders. 16 thousand years ago last time was corrected by orbits of planets. You do not do it. The sun influences planets more than it is necessary. Many of planets almost have no protection against it. The ships of the Earth need to fly on companions of Saturn and Jupiter and to start to correct force in these planets. Saturn should be connected with Uranium. Uranium an energy source.


• Russians in bunkers of a state reserve in case of cataclysm Will have time to take cover?

I already spoke and I will repeat that if you will take cover, it does not mean that you will survive. You cannot choose, who can take cover, and who is not present. Justice here at anything. There is that should be changed. You wish to go in the underground in old cars or in the new?


• it is a lot of among us with human appearance? Who they and to what signs it is possible to distinguish them?

Such it is not enough. More such who has ceased to be the person and became closer to animals. Distinguish others you cannot, while they will not wish that. If you know, how them to distinguish, sense will not disappear in an image of the person. To resemble another it is possible differently and many times. If to you do not wish to be shown, means on it there are reasons. If you know that in your house there live different beings, you will worry and try to expel them. While you do not guess it, between you the world.


• Me interests, whether you realise yourselves in the sleep?

Not always. A dream - other line going near to a line of a life. Between lines it is possible to pass. On a dream line it is possible to conceive that then will appear on a life line.


• You mention to "ask", "listen to the answer in a head" - can you will advise when, in what condition it is better to do it? To steam of exercises on hearing development? How to distinguish the validity from own imaginations? In general, advise to "deaf person".

It is possible to listen in a different condition. It is necessary to begin with the quiet. Around there should not be that distracts your attention. You should not have thoughts on duties which need to be executed in the near future. To listen, it is necessary to disconnect external sounds. Do not pay to them attention until they will cease to mean something for you. In the appeared silence listen. True words sound clearly and clearly. To you should not whisper or speak with emotions. At you should not shout, to you should not order. Your imaginations have incomprehensibility in the essence. At the answer incomprehensibility disappears. Here thin sides.


• the probability of visit to the Earth inhabitants of a planet Nibiru (Planet) which now comes nearer to the Earth Is great?

The planet does not come nearer to the Earth. All planets are near to the Sun. The Wave comes nearer. It to reflect armies, simply people not can. This change should concern all. Be not afraid It. It does not need to resist.


• Recently, I began to notice that as soon as I do (I speak, I think) something very positive, on me is "rolled" by any wave, cannot describe it, probably excitement any, something similar to adrenaline.

This feeling is called as connection. For a short instant you incorporate that is you. Any good business means that you carry out the problem, well study. Performance of such affairs means your duration in this world. You exist not only as a body and soul, at you is also <duration>. Each person should realise <duration>.

• Speak that which children named indigo have a dark blue shade in the aura. Tell what colour at you aura and what colour prevails in it more?

Their colour not necessarily dark blue. Dark blue it becomes at communication with the General Field. I love violet and green colour, but I am shone gold-silvery. This light sees not everyone, but it and is not necessary. Such colours not always manage to be seen to the usual person. We too not always see each other.


Whether • Tell on yours opinion there will be wars between indigo and people which cannot accept in a life such event as occurrence of a great number of such people (with abilities, with other sensibleness)?

No, will not be. War is a nonsense. There is a reason. By means of it it is possible to achieve hights, than simply to hurt. Those who will not accept a way of life sooner or later will leave. They will understand that have appeared in an unnecessary place.


• You will live in Moscow or will get over on the nature?

To live among the nature well, but cities accustom to a life in themselves. When from them you get to village it is sometimes difficult to get used. To people it becomes boring, because they need to have a good time. For this purpose devices which will do it for them are necessary to them. People will think that do it. Then people become lazy and afraid somewhere to go. It becomes heavy to them to do it. While I will remain in a city. Here it is a lot of sources of the information which on the nature at me are absent. But it does not mean that they are the cores.


• Tell and what in a life amuses you, at what you laugh when at you cheerfully happens and from what?

Me makes laugh my teacher when swears on us. Actually it kind, and all of us know it. But we are silent and sometimes we smile. And she thinks that we laugh at it. Still to me it is ridiculous, when mum with the daddy cannot choose, what bread needs to be bought. I like any which they buy. And still I laugh, when the sun becomes bright, and in eyes there are teardrops. And if children I too do not lag behind them nearby laugh.

In a life it is a lot of ridiculous cases. Basically when we joke with friends or when we will do affairs, and then us abuse and forgive. I know that I am loved by parents, the grandmother and smile to them. And as - to friends.

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