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Child Indigo online! (part 4)
2009-11-21, 1:43 PM

• What for you to us have told about Saturn after all technically a problem not to solve except as by means of the intention?

Your thoughts are capable to change space (time). Thinking now, you help to make business in the future. It is difficult for understanding, but it so. There is a General planetary field. In it there is no time, therefore any uses it in any space. That turns out at you now, could start to think a little hundreds years ago.


• Is for today physical theoretic which reflect a real picture of the world? Whether the theory of physical vacuum created by our compatriot G.I.Shipovym is true?

You have asked too serious question for me. (Further transfer Elhfi)

The vacuum world is the designer for any forms of space. Inherently the vacuum represents the special condition, capable to accept any material form. The reality constructed thus, will be always subjective. Its clearness and a reality cannot be a rule in understanding of a picture of the world. All it will vary. All things appear from transformation of vacuum with physics parametres. But parametres of physics do not settle vacuum as that.

• Here you tell current value of %... From every possible maximum the put. Whether the person can change the maximum value (can by means of other person)? From what conditions the percent varies?

This percent is put at you since a birth and is such what is. Necessities to increase it over put at you are not present, as you live not for the sake of it. The percent can vary only within given to you from a birth. The basic condition of change - not only to use ready decisions, but also to create the. If you do not think, your percent will fall. Still thus it is necessary to remember that your thoughts should not disturb to associates. If you do it, your efforts will be useless, as efforts of thought will be spent for useless struggle. Still it is necessary not to depend on thought then your Soul will be improved.

Whether • Consider indigo the characteristic of "Soul" of the person? What do you put in this concept? What changes "the Soul" characteristic?

The Soul characteristic - a complex of problems and possibilities of the person. The soul is an indicator of development, a contact condition. Each Soul takes the place in a life. The soul does not grow, it develops are different things. Soul - a part of Highest. Its condition should be not obligatory complete. It is a projection Nonexistent. The soul is not completely independent. It - the Part. The Soul characteristic is changed by acts. These are possibilities of the person which he chooses at a birth. The more possibilities, the more religiously an act estimation. The act adds or diminishes forces at Soul. It is transferred further to Highest. It so lives. The soul lives as. From  Highest of the Shower receives questions and answers them in a life. These are additional acts which Smothering can make, and can and not make. Thus it is difficult to choose, but it is possible. The correct choice gives to Soul and  Highest New understanding. The new Knowledge is always Pleasure, Understanding and Wisdom. For the sake of it live.


• Who watches that the person did not remember the previous lives?

It do not watch. It is put in you. You refuse the memoirs because they will disturb in a life. A life and that you know - a miscellaneous. If it to connect, you cannot live. If necessary to you there is accessible a small part of that you know. It happens it is necessary when you have a serious act. People remember that wish to remember, and do not remember that do not wish to remember. Such desire the person and anybody another possesses only.

• What role is carried out by curators? What type of relations would be correct?

Curators help to understand, it is necessary to do what act. The person chooses. Curators - not people. Their problem - not to be curators but only periodically them to be. Dialogue with the curator is under construction necessarily validly. He is an adult for you. All its words - the truth. You too are obliged to tell only the truth. If you deceive, with you will stop to talk, and to you becomes lonely. Words of the curator-not a signal to actions, and council. Your conversation goes as equals. Nobody should be afraid each other or fall on knees. You too can be the curator. It is one of Elections in a life.


• As the climate in a current of last 16 thousand years varied. And what it will be after <change>?

The science geology to you answered this question. I will not add anything new. Considerable changes during your life will not be.


• To me interestingly your relation to church: you there were though time? And if was, what emotions tested or what felt?

I was in church time and again. Churches different. In one it is pleasant, in others - is not present. It depends on priests and from those who there comes. From it churches are shone differently. As people are shone also. Behind it they there also go. In church which is shone by golden or silvery light always easily. There for you wait, and there to you help to make your light a bit more brightly. Then you should do it. Many simply support that have received and so too it is possible to do. But it is better, that your light depended on you, instead of from church.

Why you think, what I not the person? I am a usual boy. How I speak here, I more anywhere do not speak. If I say that I can speak with Others, me hardly will understand, and it will be difficult to me to communicate. I do not want it, but also I do not refuse the possibilities. At each of us different possibilities, but we live nearby with each other.


• Why the life here often causes in me grief and even a rage? From Inevitability probably?

You the person also possess emotions. This means of understanding of the world, where do you live. You wish to become <blind and deaf>? Here you will find answers only. For the sake of it you have come to live.


• What life was on Venus when it did not become what was/were to that the reason?

The reason  loneliness  a Venus - its program of a life. The same waits the Earth and other firm planets. An evolution principle in Solar system - transition from hardness to gas. Then there is a substance turn.


• What rights at the person/people to the Earth in respect of "property", who has given them to them (if has given) and on what conditions?

The rights to the Earth at people are not present. The Earth is not their property. The concept <property> here cannot be applied. The Earth - a place for realisation of possibilities of Conditions which identifies itself with such form of a condition what the Earth is. The person - a copy of the Earth though does not guess it.


• What relations to these "proprietors" have and whether have souls of the majority of the Spirits embodied now on the Earth? Or they here - the same visitors, as well as those who observe now of the Earth?

The living and Observing participate in the same life which connects them through their own. The supervision problem - to find similar, the problem living - to accept similar or not to accept. If will not solve a problem supervision and a life become senseless and stop.


• Whence undertake or "young Souls" come?

<Young Souls> come from just created patrimonial capsules. They arrive because of the Limit. Young Souls are necessary for support of that understanding that others do already. Young Souls are in the equal rights with <old>, but these concepts are not exact - Souls do not have age, they have a potential, knowledge which they receive. Everyone learns with different speed. Not always it is necessary to share to be born.

• the Truth, what emotions, feelings, experiences, pleasure of people on the Planet the Earth is all a source of "food" for gods? With improvement of light vibrations of the person this energy source from the Earth in space improves also.

Those who is similar to people eat in the world only. The others vary with each other. It is possible to vary only transferring a part of and receiving other part. Even people can so to do but badly it understand. In each person there is a possibility of such reception and return. When Founders were one, they have shared the part with the Condition Surrounding them and have received in the answer too the Part (Knowledge). Such exchange - the Rule in the World where we live. Those who try to leave all only to themselves arrive incorrectly because it is soon burst. It will be really. Gods are not present and never was. Gods were thought up by people. Books to which it is written about Gods, tell thoughts of people which saw similar to them, but cleverer. About what you ask, is similar to the computer. Only the monitor and the keyboard are constantly interchanged the position in the worlds of Founders and the Person.


• After all the truth that the Earth only experiment where Occupy it, where suffer, rejoice, learn lessons?

The Earth experiment not completely. Only 1/3 is in experiment, other part leads the life. Regularities do not exist. It is ability of vision of the person. Only such eye as at people, can see regularities. Vision at other beings is similarly made. Everyone sees that to it allowed to see on conditions of performance of its problem.


• You in the beginning wrote that "knowing" that will occur will see light flash, it will be a signal. Зaчем this signal is necessary if they "knowing"? What can it mean actually for them? Whether this signal be a reference mark can?

It is a signal - a reference point. From this point on processes on the Earth will cope. There is nothing that would occur by itself. A planet the Earth - the astrodevice. Not light flash will be a signal. Simple people will not see this signal, as it will be not necessary for them. Indigo - a small part among Knowing, of which too a little. It is a part among the general population of the Earth of 0,0008456 %. Management of a planet occurs without the knowledge of its inhabitants. So occurred and will always occur. If people understand it, they will cease to consider the Earth as the house. Other house at them is not present. Space is hostile to the person and is indifferent.


• you see Aura? And on how many it is strong you it see?

I already spoke about aura a bit earlier. It is light going from the person. All in the world is shone. The person consists of Light, but his eye is arranged so that sees only the most simple forms of Light as a body. If you see shone points it is the brightest parts of other parts of human Light.


• There are many sources which say that there will be a transition in other measurement and all at us after that will be remarkable, and you promise us almost an adust hell. That is others say lies all, and you one tell the truth? What can you tell about it?

I do not promise anything. I only say that those who transfers you it see. There are many variants of events. Now there is strong a variant when on the Earth there will be serious changes. The reason of it that people have ceased to develop and began to destroy the world. To be the destroyer of the world, without having carried out of the problem, - it is silly. Nonsense in the World is not necessary.
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