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Indigo child online! (part 1)
2009-11-21, 12:21 PM

• Where was born, lives, a social status of parents, who its tutor where studies?

He is the usual child. Lives in Moscow. Mother - the children's doctor, the father - the security guard. Studies in high school on "4", "5" without any "biases". To search only for it it is not necessary, such as it, are.

Sasha [on May, 4th 2006]

• the Question on channel Z talk. What do you think of the information  extended through a site of Nensi?

It is the information. Passes through the person. Is reproduced it is inexact. The reason in those who gives. They do not know people well. Often are mistaken, because do not know our world.


• Ask Sashi - what he sees the future of the Earth and Mankind.

Good if only people do not begin war.


• Why it can begin?

Because people own strange energy which do not understand. It can kill.


• it is necessary to clear up other people or this business personally everyone?

Yes, it is necessary. To people constantly help, but they often do not obey. Sometimes they do not wish to wake up, and then them stop to awake. It is very a pity to us of people who cannot wake up, but want it.


• He can explain, what it for energy?

It "тея", looks as a sphere with three rings. Speed of rotation of rings above, than speed of a particle (it does not know how it to name). A similar word "альбис". Energy comes from the Sun to equal time intervals. It is distributed by the ground and not only on it. Most of all on Saturn. Such energy is and on other planets.


• Whence people undertook?

People are brought to the Earth 12 437 years ago. It is exact date of those who observed it. Then many communicated with people. People - not simple beings. At them it is a lot of friends. Address to point Р241 50 44. It is Enough to list figures and to concentrate. This place nearby. In our world. This place is not visible with the naked eye.


• People become better or same remain? When changes when all will calm down approximately will end?

People become better only when will cease to divide all incorrectly. Now they do all incorrectly, unfairly. Перемны only have begun. They will end when you do not become. People will change so that will not learn itself. They will change to the best.


• Knowledge exists in itself or them creates?

Knowledge exists in itself in the world where we live. Out of the world of knowledge is not present. They are created by those who create a life on stars and planets. It is necessary to be able to use knowledge. Now we have come to explain and learn, as it to do. Then we will leave, and people will do it. The Earth has a whole Book of Knowledge. People use it a little. It stirs that they are not able to read. The book "is written" in language which people have divided. Now it needs to be collected again.


• That for this purpose is necessary? Whether has it отнашение to energy coming from the Sun?

From the Sun little changes to existing knowledge come. In general the Sun is dangerous to you. Soon it will harm. That people have changed, they need to clean what they have divided the world. And still many laugh, when speak seriously. It too disturbs. Also it is impossible to forget quickly, it becomes then heavy to recollect.


• Why people do all incorrectly? Them such have brought on the earth? Or they have fallen asleep?

People sleep. This dream of the patient. Earlier people were others. I sometimes am afraid of people. Many of them malicious and unpleasant. They do not know it, but I see. My friends are afraid of them also. But people not all such. When them brought here, they were absolutely others. I them such saw. They kind and good! Therefore I very much love them!


• And than people have divided the world?

They became weak. Weak searches strong, and strong again for the weak. Those who lodged people did not think that they will start to be at war for the world which it have simply presented. They consider as its. It and so them. Mum too gives me good toys.


• the Person has appeared much earlier, than in the specified date. To that there are many historical and religious acknowledgement. So - there is no trust.

It is not necessary so categorically to express the relation. The concept "person" in the answer of the boy should be considered as the concept as much as possible approached to современнному to concept of the person in physiology and mentality. That you consider as religious and historical acknowledgement, belongs to thinking and life also "the modern" person. If it belonged to other conglomerate historical and religious perception it would not be observed as the difference in outlook considerably changes world forms.

Therefore, the specified date, most likely, concerns time, when was is transferred  modern people. As they developed - already other question.

In general, prominent feature of direct dialogue is conditional accuracy of statement of questions and answers. Each respondent is based on the point of view and asks a question which knows (as is paradoxical). The prospective knowledge translates a question in a plane of conditional knowledge, нуждающего in actual addition. And frequently addition characteristics are specified is inexact. The question is as a result asked: "Whence people undertook?" Answer directions: 1. Time, 2. A place, 3. A knowledge field. If the question is not defined, gets out a question with a high urgency and on it the answer is given.

Possible forms of a question:

1. What primary source of occurrence of a reasonable kind "person"?

2. People have been moved to the Earth or lived on it constantly? 3. What general time of existence of the person as kind on the Earth?

In these cases the answer form will be shown to the data about extent of human life as kind. The point of creation of a kind can be calculated a method of subtraction, comparison, addition. Therefore, when you wish to hear that want, designate, please, the method of the analysis. Quite probably that you own not one method.


• With what accruing activity of the sun is connected?

With two magnets which operate on the Sun. They more than the Sun also are from it far. Such magnets can be more, and there can be with the Sun only two. When the Sun becomes hot, it changes a life not only on the Earth, but also on other planets.


• How many, on your sensations, remains before transition?

It it will be fast. But it not transition. This Change. Such there is not the first. Time. I cannot name exact date therefore people will start to worry strongly and will do errors.

• As it will pass? (Gradual increase of vibrating level or sharp jump?)

Change occurs slowly  for people, but quickly for the Sun and its planets. That will occur, feel and understand few people. It is better, that anybody did not understand, except those who is capable be useful in an event. The others will disturb, because their understanding too slow.

• What role in it people will play? What depends on us? (From people and from h'm... Not such as all) I.e. whether we can accelerate process?

Those who know that will occur, will be used. The society (the Big Flash) will give them a signal. They will necessarily hear it, will see and will understand. The others will not understand anything. Training time has passed. Those who well studied, will be useful. The others will observe. The main force of those who well studied, mind. Force of hands and feet is not required. Force of it will not be necessary at all. People will weaken. At this time it need to be helped, differently them becomes very little. I cannot tell that it will be necessary to do. It becomes known at Flash.

• Representatives of that are Indigo? Light/Dark/3-е?

Indigo neither Light, nor Darkness. We on the Earth it is temporary. We will not remain on it. We only help you to pass Flash. After that you become strong. You have a Knowledge on the Earth for this purpose, but you badly use it. We from the World, which behind the Limit. This Limit will not be reached you never. People cannot live in our World. They will quickly disappear, because we do not have time. You need time. It is not necessary for us. The limit comes to an end there where Light begins.

 • There are on the indigo Earth they knowing who such?

Such it is not enough. They have not learnt yet to that do on the Earth.


• it is how much strong the indigo differ from people (as an example it is possible to take the bearded clarified wise man)?

Indigo people by the physical possibilities. But when they think, are not similar to people. The clever person can be absolutely not similar to mind of such children. Indigo mind covers everything that people name the Earth, and mind of simply clever person consists of knowledge which it receives from other people or from books. Still Indigo well feel. People absolutely cold in feelings.

• How to learn who is the indigo?

The indigo can learn only similar to them or those who them have created. Still there are Intermediaries. They out of people and Indigo, but know all about them. I see Indigo all over the world. It golden also has the form of which I understand (a sign, unfortunately, it will not be possible to transfer). Still Indigo constantly change light that more brightly, more darkly. People are not able to do it.


 • Is indigo in the Universe except the Earth?

No. Indigo appear only on the Earth. They live only an instant in comparison from the Universe. The Earth - a unique place where there can be such. The same concerns people.

• And why indigo instead of aliens from other planet (can indigo somehow under another name), really only because of colour of aura?

Aliens live on planets and can move on them. For Indigo it is not necessary. To appear on other planet, it will cease to be Indigo.

• As parents concern you? Associates? You Tell-whether about yourself?

Parents do not love, when I tell that I see. They say that it is inventions and nonsenses. And still speak, that I studied more and flied in clouds less. To associates I almost tell nothing. It is impossible. To me do not resolve. When there is a person for whom it is possible, to me it show, and I know that with it it is possible to speak. From such person too there is Light. This person can speak signs.

• Whence you know Elfi and why through it you tell all?

Elhfi  parents have called, and before it at me it was bad with study. Elhfi it is shone. He is able to speak how I speak. He understands adults and children. It can help. It kind.

• Why you tell? What for it is necessary to you?

I tell it because on the Earth soon there will be changes. To me have told, that I have once again told about it to you. It will be really. If you understand that occurs, you can live further. Still it is interesting to me to find shone people. With them it is possible to speak on distance. They always understand each other. Among you there are those who has possibility to understand the approaching. If we think of it together, begins to understand easier.

• As you will live in the future?

I do not know. I know that I will live.

• What qualities or abilities now the most important for the person?

The most important now for the person - not to be afraid of changes. Everything that occurs, should occur. People can choose only where they will be at this time. The best qualities - calmness, understanding, kindness. Still it is impossible to allow to do to people the bad. Such people need to be stopped. Also it is necessary to learn to protect the things.  

• late now to be engaged in development of these qualities?

It to develop not late. But it is very difficult to become quiet. All people very much worry in a different occasion. And when people do badly, all it see, but do not speak about it. It will be the most difficult.

• If you something знаеш about Jesus Christ and Christianity, what you about it fink? Jesus Whence came?

Jesus - not the person. It only has accepted shape of the person. It and not God. Its god people have made. It one of living before you. It has brought to you that knowledge which should grow. But people do not carry out much and laugh. So it is impossible to do. Those who sent Jesus, thought of people differently.


• Can Sasha that-nibut for self-treatment advise and treatments of others?

It is possible to treat when you know that it is possible to do it. It is impossible to treat, when you understand that it is impossible. It is necessary to ask: whether <I Can treat?> and then: whether <it is possible for me to treat?> if there will be an answer <yes> it is possible but though once <is not present> - it is impossible. People are ill that cannot make itself similar to the world around. Then the world does it for them. Illness is the help of the world, but its people very much are afraid. The person needs be not to treated, and to explain to it, how to understand that he does not understand.

It is impossible to cut the person. It is very dangerous and wrong. All illnesses can be recover  without it. The person has illness words. If them to put correctly it disappears. The person can say these words only. If the person wishes to recover itself he should trust in it and not think that it will be made for it by tablets. They can be drunk, when the person too weak, But it is better to try most. Can treat not only tablets, but also the sun, paints, birds, water: (here the big transfer). That is necessary, becomes warm.  

• As evacuation of children for a long time has begun?

It does not occur literally. Children are translated in other forms. It has begun in 1993.  

• Changes will take some years?

Yes. But much more, than scientists assume.

• Changes will begin, when Sasha and others indigo become big?

Yes. We should grow. We are helped by the Intermediaries who have come earlier.  

• Without arrival of indigo children people could not pass through Changes?

People are weak. We have come to help. We would like, that people have understood it.  

• Changes will concern an external world or will concern also people, a physical body? How it will concern bodies?

First of all the external world will change. People then will change. Silicon becomes a basis. People will gradually disappear.  

• Changes will be equally endured pipol different age?

It will be most difficult to old men. Them remains very little. Together with them your knowledge will die. As it happens, you will forget the past. Children will most easier endure an event. Their reason will be prepared.

• For whom Changes will pass easier? For whom it is more difficult?

Most easier changes will pass for those who is able to think and see that nearby. It will be much. Those who think by means of the TV, will be blind and they will be easy for deceiving.  

• When there will be a Flash, in the beginning of Changes or in the end?

Flash will come in the beginning.

• That it is necessary to make to be prepared for Changes? Whether it is necessary to reserve for example medicines and meal?

Medicines and meal will be very little. People will quickly die. On the Earth already there is not enough meal, but about it are silent. The meal became more opposite, bad. In it add that gradually kills people.  

 • during Changes there Will be a usual life, namely whether there will be all the same as always: people will go for work, transport will work as usually, shops, schools, banks, hospitals, newspapers and other, will work as always?

During Osnovonogo of Change the life of people will be broken. Light will be not everywhere. People badly will work. But in the beginning of this all will not be. In the end it becomes even more difficult: people begin to be ill and burn. Money becomes necessary to nobody. You will vary. Those who went to school, will study houses if can.  

• People who will help another to take place Changes, whether will feel each other and to communicate with each other?

These people will speak with each other on distance. They already now are able to do it. People of it do not understand.

• That it is concrete concern changes: the person, the world. What exactly to change?

Changes will concern at first the world, then the person. The life in the world, and then and at the person will change.


• Why the person constantly rushes about, something searches for all, cannot be happy here and now. With what it is connected and why to find internally the consent so difficultly, and many and do not reach it for a life.

The person badly feels because is not able to be on friendly terms. When you are on friendly terms, you do not wish to make badly, and the person wants. Because of it with it speak a little. People as arrive with each other. They try to hurt and after that smile. So it is impossible to do! The pain is pleasant to many people. While it will be, the person will feel this pain inside.  

• Flash leaves from the Sun?

Flash will come not from the Sun. The sun only will strengthen its force. The place, whence will come flash:  

• Those people who will understand what occurs, will burn too and will be weak?

Those who will understand, will receive too harm, but is weaker, because will be prepared in mind. Their mind remains strong, but they can be ill, if do not do all correctly.

• Indigo have other bodies or they will burn too?

Indigo it will be most difficult. Other life at them will not be. They should be very attentive. Their burns will be the most painful if they receive them. It will be that they begin to be in the most difficult places.  

• the Future about which you speak, strictly and invariably or all the same it  is not definedand it  is possible to change? Whether ourselves can choose the future?

The future of people exists. You can go everyone on the path. Paths can be changed. Then people choose the future. When you will leave from the Earth, you will understand that such Future and will smile, because it is simple.

• How to clear up? Whether there will come global awakening at our life?

It is possible to clear up, starting to listen to the world round you. It not that tell on the TV and by radio. These are voices of live people, animals and in wood. People will start to wake up, at your life, and you too.

• What role is played by""love"?

The love will help you, because you know it is better. It is necessary to you. But it is impossible to love not really. Many parents can not love the children and then it  becomes very bad.

• That you can tell about " purposely"?

It is the World.

• When there will be a contact to extraterrestrial civilisations?

Extraterrestrial civilisations for a long time already on the Earth. They among people. You it is constant with them communicate. They understand it, you - are not present. That All of you have understood, you need to cease to be afraid and open thoughts.

Then that prevents them to see to you will disappear.


• That means: to do correctly?

To listen to messages from the World and to understand them, to be quiet, to know that people on the Earth speak.

• at people Will open during Changes new abilities?

At Change people will open an exchange of thoughts for distance. They begin to spend less time for road. They will depart to Saturn.  

Whether • It will be possible to grow up after Flash plants, vegetables, fruit?

After Flash it will be possible to grow up that grows under "dome". Change

Whether • It will be possible to specify what silicon a lot of usual or  the high organization - integrated microcircuits?

Silicon will put on weight the person. The body will leave blood and cages (transfer).  

• Half a year is before flash?

Before Flash distance 10 on 3,1465847588 units to the Center of the Center of the Sun. It will come more than in half a year on usual time.

Whether • Is during Changes and Flash threat for a life on the Earth?

Yes. At people  become weaker mind. Plants become poisonous. Water will be bad, dirty.

• As will be felt by animals during Change and flash?

Animals become malicious. Them will die much. You will not understand that occurs and name it illness.

• on the Earth it is not necessary to be In what places during Changes and Flash?

Cannot be told.

Whether • Become Indigo to the seventh race on the Earth, whether will replace completely people.

No, Indigo does not become 7 race. Your children become them. They will be usual though will know more and to be able too. When speak about Indigo confuse problems of the child and an origin of the child. Indigo come from area Usual children from Now it is a lot of children whom much that is able, but it only their abilities. It not the Indigo sign. Indigo have gold colour. Dark blue those who develops abilities have, it is mind. Indigo it is not necessary to distinguish or search. They should live on a level with people and usual children. That is necessary for them, they will try to make.

•что mean these numbers?

These numbers designate those who communicates. You too can be designated thus. It is not constant value.

• Revival from the dead will occur in the nearest five, ten, twenty years? Or it still very much will be not fast?

What for to the person to live once again when it all will make? To wait for it is means to be on one place. If people are engaged in revival, they will lose the children. The Earth will be moved. It occurs already now.

• In what the flash reason?

The flash reason in change of a part of the world which the Sun concerns. It should be. About it know everything, including people. At you it have written down in the very first books.

• That can and people should make what to rescue themselves and the house the Earth?

People should to do the part and to be engaged in easy and precisely another's affairs. Flash does not submit to people. When with people will speak about it, people need to listen. Them do not deceive.  

• the Earth itself develops the energy or receives from an external source?

The Earth is an energy. The sun - too energy. These of energy - a single whole. The sun receives the force from other source about which you do not know.  

• the earth has been for what purpose constructed?

To live that it is interesting to whom to play the designer. Then game will be really. Each model which you collect, then will be made really. That so to collect, it is necessary to learn it. Those who badly collect, will study in it many times, differently the model can break, and will not repair its nobility as.

• the Earth is a spaceship which people operate?

The Earth not the ship. It is a planet. You cannot operate a planet because do not know how it should move. All planets do it because to do it by that who on them lives, it is very difficult and it is not necessary. It occupies time.

• Special services of Russia and the USA possess technology of UFO and secrets new energy?

Yes. Now people will prepare for flights on planets of Solar system. Outside of the world you were too. The knowledge of it is not given to all people of that some can make badly and to escape. So do not do in the world where we live.

• What role is played by pyramids?

Pyramids will be soon included. They operate the same as church. Them include from Space. Pyramids - aerials. They accept transfers for the Earth and tell to everything that is on the Earth.

• Global warming somehow it is connected with pumping out oil?


• As to you the world in which is not present borders and rules?

This world can be good if rules are. Otherwise people will quarrel, and they are reconciled are able badly. Those who will explain how it is necessary to do, and to that of the rights will be necessary to them.

• As to you the Peoples Republic of China the slogan for 2008. One earth, one house, one people?

You cannot such become, because are afraid each other. There are afraid too and do it on compulsion. There people are not happy, it is felt. But it can be really, if people understand what to harm each other, it to harm itself. Among people cannot be such who lives well and who is bad. All can live both so and so, but nobody should live only so.

• How many the difficult period of Changes approximately will last? Whether there is a chance that whom now 30-40-50-60 years to see its end in the life?

Difficult periods for the Earth will very soon. You will see them. Time cannot be named.

• If plants, water, animals will be polluted, poisonous, than it will be possible to eat and satisfy thirst during Change, except plants "grown up under a cap"?

People will make tablets which will eat. It will be simple, but people will be ill, as it to them becomes a little. Water will learn to clear and create. It will not be a problem. Then you learn

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