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Indigo child online! (part 2)
2009-11-21, 1:05 PM

• If plants, water, animals will be polluted, poisonous, than it will be possible to eat and satisfy thirst during Change, except plants "grown up under a cap"?

People will make tablets which will eat. It will be simple, but people will be ill, as it to them becomes a little. Water will learn to clear and create. It will not be a problem. Then you learn To clear the rivers and lakes and will make it on all Earth. It will be pleasant to all and will be always.


• When Silicon will put on weight the person how its vital signs will change, than this body will eat? What it becomes in relation to an environment? Stronger and strong? Whether there are illnesses and ageing?

People begin to accept is better light from the Sun, begin to remember is better. But before it they will be is ill very strongly by a head. People begin to live till 130-150 years, but thus they begin to grow more slowly. It means that children becomes more. You will cease to be afraid that too many people will die.


• After Change people will cease to be malicious? How their mind will change?

After Change people to be malicious will not cease. They become lost. Because of it they begin to quarrel even more. Because of it they will often forget everything, and it will help them to reconcile. Then they will want to study, but it will be not only at school.


• As it seems to you, we ask you actually the important questions or the most important is something another about what we yet did not ask? We should set what present questions to you?

Important the question was a question: <That such love?> you and have not set many questions. Why you do not ask about planets of Solar system, about the Sun as to a star? I wish to ask you too:

- What means to <live>?

- Who such person?

- Why you need <beginning> and <end>?

- What means <at once>?

- What is <hatred>?

- What means <all the same>?


• The Indigo name - is usual COLOUR. Indigo are people with colour of indigo aura. At our Sashi colour not Indigo. Comment on Elfi? How such can be? I already said that the "indigo" word has been thought simply up, and that in their "other" place should name on another.

The indigo have not only one colour. About it do not aspire to speak, because there is no sense. Nobody is going to distinguish them. Colour at all is not a difference major factor. Known colour is translation, transformation colour. It bears clear knowledge about Indigo. That is in this colour there is other colour if so it is possible to be expressed.

Therefore Indigo also name those not absolutely correctly. In the essence they are not that. But that is more spiritual of essence - undoubtedly. It cannot be somehow in a special way aspect and is commented. Such problem before itself Indigo do not put.


• Why now it is a lot of information on the forthcoming and going space and terrestrial goes from other countries. Why in Russia it occurs in small scale?

In other countries people I am able to work better with the information. There people understand that speak to them is better, but badly it feel. In our country on the contrary. In other countries there are those who will participate in events more than people of our country.

There is one more reason: Change will mention these countries most of all.


• As you think as Russian will pass these changes?

To people it will be bad, because will appear a lot of poor and unhealthy. To them will pay not enough attention as will be. But so it will be wrong. The main thing in they be not to escape from others because in Change will participate all. When it will understand, people will connect reasons and the country because all World becomes accessible is not becomes necessary to them. The same will occur to people from other countries. For it already prepare, because know about it.


• Why when you speak about forthcoming cataclysm do not wish to tell as better it to worry? Or people are doomed?

No, people are not doomed. But they should pass Change as all. Nobody knows that will be. This Rule.


Whether • there Will be a transition the next 6 years in incorporeal existence? Also what such transition in the fourth measurement?

It do, when die and when sleep. 4 world is the World of dreams. You there too live, but do not understand it. Completely to live to you there it is impossible.


• There is an opinion that before 2012 we will pass through such event as a meeting with other civilisations (Lemurija, Atlantis, Siriusijane and пр).Как think it will be?

Till this time with all contact will not be. But many of those who correct the countries, know about them and speak with them. It will continue to hide, as on the Earth it is a lot of bad. It is more than half of people are afraid of those who lives in other worlds. Because of it other inhabitants can kill. They do not wish to harm the first, to force people to feel fear. People should cease to be afraid.


• That means to make all in a life?

It means: to make itself. The person in a life does itself. Everyone comes to the Earth only behind it. All - does not mean at once.

• There is Natural Istselenija Rejki/duhovnogo / System of the Spiritual growth doctor Mikao Usui in the end of 19 centuries was which founder. What you fink concerning this system of healing / spiritual growth?

Рейки is means to Breathe as the World. To breathe as the World, it is necessary to feel its movement and to pass it in itself. If you are ill, means at you incorrectly bodies move. The world can adjust you. Then tablets do not become necessary. Medicines were never necessary to the person. He has thought up them because it does not wish to be adjusted.

The movement is stronger, the there will be an adjustment faster. But it does not get into the person violently. Only, if the person agrees with it. As Jesus did. Its touch bore World movement, and the word was even stronger. Is better people are treated by words.


• That such and do not find "love" why people search for it?

The love is when all think of other, and he feels it and does that should do. The love is a Force, Light which give to you simply so. It is Gift which you should learn to give.

• Why people became malicious?

Because it it is bad that they have forgot to give and very much want, that to them continued to give others. Then they sell it or do not give to another simply so. Because of it there are unfortunate people because they have nobody to address. It should present, but do not give, and want, that they have bought. And those who has addressed, do not have money. Then to them say that it not for them, and it is wrong, because it for them. People cease to trust each other and start to be afraid of those who so arrives. Do not do so!


• As you think internal  irritation depends on the person or from external factors?

When the person to be angry, anybody in it is not guilty. The person is angry itself, instead of someone another. If you You do it you have agreed with it. You can not do it. It is more difficult, if has already started to be angry. If I am angry, mum irons me on a hand or on a head, and I quickly calm down. It seems to me that so it is necessary to do and another.


• You say that people <will want to study, but it will be not only at school>. Where they will study?

They will study at the Earth. There  are more than knowledge, than give at school. It is possible to study not only on the Earth. It occurs when people understand necessity of it. If they do not want - them do not force.


• You say that <people will prepare for flights on planets of Solar system>. It will be popular, as for example cars are at many, or it will be the privilege not many?

You will fly seldom because it will not be necessary to do it often. If people depart, remain there where have departed. The person can have only one house.


• How many (in percentage terms, for example) people will be lost from these changes?



• All the same, Sasha, give though any recommendations as it is necessary to be prepared what to prepare (for example, the same canned food)?

They will not rescue you. It will long last. Canned food will deteriorate. You should live as usually and to wait for nothing, and simply the nobility about it. It is one of parts of your life to which you will be ready. If you die, it will not be terrible for you. Be not afraid.


• There is a life on other planets of Solar system (on what and what) and whether we will adjoin to it.

You know for a long time already about those who lives in Solar system. They more developed, than people. The cleverest live on Venus. They help people more often. At first Venus was not. Still there are those who lives on Saturn, but they already lose a life, to them remains very little. They would like to live further, but it is impossible to them. It know all in Solar system. It is impossible to fly to Mars. There  live the most malicious inhabitants. They do not love people. Also, you treat badly on Jupiter and Uranium. These are dangerous planets. There it is impossible to send the ships with people. It will make harm. But if the ship is automatic, to it will make nothing. Now watch the ships of people about Saturn. That the ships transfer has the truth of no more than 30 %.


• There are on the Earth national governments (committee 300 or something like that)? Whether they possess the real power?

On the Earth there are those who is first of all governors of the countries. Them 11, but was 12. Other governors submit to them.


• Who these 11? They not people? And where 12th has got to? Why these Supreme governors suppose wars? (A question very important)

It not people. They are connected with the Earth. You name them 12 qualities. One of them you is sawn-off. Its source - on Saturn. War is an inability to use those qualities which are given you. They should help to you to develop so that you varied gradually, but people wish to do it quickly and are at war. Fast change gives small understanding. All of you any more do not understand these qualities and lose with them touch. How have now learnt to process the information, should help you, but you force it to do instead of yourselves computers and TVs. That on them show, will touch off the war.


• That you can tell about a Shambhala (as about the Brotherhood of advanced beings)?

The Shambhala exists, but is not stable. It needed to exist not for long. It will disappear because of a lack of the energy arriving from the outside. People will feel this lack later when changes will begin. The Shambhala has been created to support on purpose people as a new kind on a planet. It is the Research centre. From it often to people prompted what to do.

[On September, 16th 2006]

• That you can tell about communication of a Shambhala with civilisations of other planets.

The Shambhala is connected not with planets. Those who have created people, are not similar to them. These are cerebration products. Similar planets to the Earth nearby are not present. A life on the Earth such one. There are other planets with other life. It is alien to you. Only some can be clear to you. They do not come to the Earth openly as in it there is no need. Dialogue occurs by other principle. It is not necessary to build spaceships.


• What Shambhala in the future events on the Earth, connected with changes.

The Shambhala remains till the Change moment. Then it will disappear. Research will be finished. The Earth should pass Change successfully. It is a Shambhala problem.


• That you can tell about communication of extraterrestrial civilizations with an origin of the person on the Earth?

Point of the reference 19.003 - 24.85. In ecliptics your reference: 19.04 and 89.01. These are those who have created the person.


• What element of truth in the history of an origin of the person on the Earth going from schumers?

The schumers - the people living for a long time, 27 thousand years ago. They often communicated with founders of people because helped with researches more than it was necessary. Others participated In research. They have changed people, and research began to lose meaning in great volume. People should live on the Earth and not leave from it.


• That you can tell about communication of a life of Jesus and extraterrestrial civilizations?

Jesus has given the chance to people to incorporate to the Universe. It did not give religion which has turned out from belief. They are people have made incorrectly. To trust - means to do all after careful consideration, instead of to allow to do it for itself to another. Jesus did not say that it will make all for people. He has told that it will be understood by them when they will come to it. People should not beg and pray. In the World there are no <higher> and <lowest>. Jesus not the higher, and simply cleverer. People too can become such. It should not serve. He should be understood. He also aspires to understand people. Jesus - not the person and never it was. Each body is a form which can quickly be created. Jesus is connected not with a body, and with reason, which in the Universe everywhere. Jesus can speak with all in the Universe. He wished to learn to it and people. It not the first. The first time was Prometej. They came two times.


• That you can tell about the knowledge telling about those that once to the Earth advanced beings from Venus (7 Kumar) have come and have affected evolution of the person?

Venus always helped and helps the Earth. Those who have come therefrom till now among you. They continue research and keep an order on the Earth. It for them is difficult. The Earth is not stable. Venus has appeared after all planets. Those who help you, not people. Bodies are not necessary to them, but they sometimes use them. Now agree to help you not all. Your technics has come by means of mind of inhabitants of Venus. People need to learn to work with knowledge differently, because that inhabitants of Venus, big on volume and know speed. Now people understand too slowly. That  On the Earth name <bad>, people, a part those who participate in research have created a part. It should push people to understanding of how it is necessary to work with the knowledge given by others.


• Why the Love is so important? What is it? This feeling? Energy? A condition? The law? Essence? There is something, what is more powerful than love? When the person loves, it is connected to something? If yes, to what?

The love is important because she is able to connect another's each other people. In general, people not strangers but when they are born, forget about it. It is possible to touch Love and to understand that you not one. It  is not necessary to concern constantly. Then the person will cease to do something. For people Love - feeling. For me it something similar to a wave. It is the energy influencing your life. It is possible to name it the Law because on one people are very weak. But Love not essence. It only helps to incorporate, it is necessary to do another further. There is That is more than Love. Sometimes it concern, when leave from the Earth. If you once feel it, you will never live easy. It not for people. Those who are not able to communicate, think that they one, can address to love which will help them to start to talk. It is uneasy for those who was often one. For this purpose also the love is created. While it is, people will not be lost.


• You said that the Sun and the Earth is an energy. Probably, the Sun is an energy of higher level, than the Earth? Tell, energy and consciousness is one and too? The Sun has a consciousness? Other planets how energy - it is more important than the Earth or not? What planets render the great influence to the Earth? The Earth is most strongly connected with what planet and why? What will be with other planets after Change?

The sun is more on energy, than the Earth, but very much depends on it and other planets. On the Sun people never will get, but there that creates you. Energy and consciousness - same. The person has a world which he knows, and there is what guesses. At the Sun too as. The sun is connected with other stars. You name it the Zodiac. The important planets of the Sun it is Jupiter, Saturn and Pluton. These are stations. They define movement of Solar system. Station Saturn very weak. It has lost energy at last Changes. You should find possibility to restore it. Otherwise the Solar system will start to collapse. You it will do not one. It is done also by others, living in Solar system. For you wait, when you will seize the technologies of flights transferred to you on planets and to use strong  energy. The great influence to the Earth renders Jupiter, but owes Saturn. Most strongly the Earth is connected with Mars, and this communication dangerous. After Change there will be new planets. They will come because of a limit of Solar system because the Sun attraction will increase. On the Earth becomes very much hot.  Mercuriy will disappear, Venus can remain.


• Why to the Earth there is a help, for example that on it have sent to those the indigo? The Earth and mankind has what value for other Universe?

Indigo to the Earth did not send. They come. It is that communication which is more than love. To the Earth do not aspire to help, her wish to learn. It should make it itself. People are able to Live in that form which have. It very interesting. In the Universe it is not enough bodies, they are not used almost. At people it is a lot of ways to develop the possibilities, it the few too are able. People learn others how to see through set one, are able to connect a miscellaneous with each other, are able to search. It their big <pluses>. Though people are simple, they interest many, it do not forbid to communicate. But people do not live in the Universe. There bodies are not necessary.


• And if I against? If I against 91.8 % of people were lost? If I love their such what they are and I do not want, that they have started to be ill and die to make room for "more perfect people"? My opinion will be considered also global changes will cancel?

I understand that you speak. We should not want it. Perfect people come at all so. Weak should give way strong - so think set of people. But force not in destroying and to create. Thus it is necessary to understand that you create not only for yourselves. Those who have got used to create only for themselves and not to see others, should leave. They bear loneliness and a hopelessness to other people. They cannot do and think differently. If they remain, you will be too in loneliness. Not all people such, but such the majority. To be ill and die - means to learn pain and fear which grew in such people all this time. If at you it is not present, it will not occur to you. You speak about difficult for understanding of people things. You have <truth> to which you trust. It is and at others. People grow on the Earth, but do not understand it. How you think, and she understands you?


• What purposes at people-indigo? And is more true, at those who here has sent them?

About the indigo purposes already spoke. These are those who help with changes. Indigo come and so occurs everywhere. Indigo - a small part of that can come. People too a small part. We come from one part and we know each other very well, but here everyone remembers that can remember. It is its ability created by it. All of us we come to live.


Whether • children-indigo Are able to lie and whether there was in the given theme a lie?

All people are able to lie. To it learns a life in which they appear. Indigo too are able to lie. The lie comes when the person of it wishes. People speak with the friend the friend how are able. If at them it is impossible to tell, how another then they say lies is able. But it not a deceit, and inability to tell how is necessary. To deceive simply, it is told easily, to tell the truth more difficultly as it is necessary to understand.


• That can mean to (characterise) a phrase "Six Beams"? What it can concern?

The person consists not only of a body. Seven beams build its Another. Those who possess a body, such construction do not see, because the body is created to keep the first construction. The person consists of Light. It not the multi-coloured. One beam has stopped to give to people the force. It is the Truth beam. Now people will always not believe that is simple and clear. To search for the truth it becomes almost impossible. People will be faster disappointed in a life and to aspire to die. When there will be no truth, all will be afraid that to all of them say lies. The fear will replace the seventh beam and will destroy the others. The more the person is afraid, the more strongly fear. If you are afraid that you will kill, begin to kill even more.


• You understand that figures which you speak us - that do not mean for us, without knowing specificity of work with them - all the same what to read not familiar letters. Tell to us about them.

For those who wishes to understand, figures explain. It not a foreign language. It is conversation in other kind.


• Tell please, the fact of what indigo, and you including, give to people the information on forthcoming catastrophic Changes, whether is some kind of chance that people "have come round" in time and having changed the relation to each other and to the planet, would change the forthcoming scenario of events on softer, more sparing? How much the scenario of what should occur, is predetermined for today?

You have 4 directions. The fifth was closed more recently. People do not use them because do not trust. They badly feel that is already clear almost all on the Earth. Event cannot be better. It will be identical to all. The nature on the Earth is able to vary. The Earth is able to do the same. People do not understand, why it does it, because till now have not understood, why the nature varies. It is the story of the Earth that occurs to it. People are not able to understand the such Language. It seems to them that birds simply sing, and animals growl or mew. It not so. They speak every day with you and with each other. When trees, it too conversation rustle. On the Earth it is possible to translate all sounds as conversation of the Earth. People are able to listen only to strong shouts when something falls, falls or bursts. Still people hear accidents. Then for a short while they begin capable to hear and understand much further, but then again forget about it. The Earth tells every day to people that will occur. Change has already taken place. It only reaches you. In it you in the past, and it in the future. You never will see it completely, but will feel. When you change, Change will disappear.

If you change the relation to each other, you will help itself to understand faster how it is necessary to vary, and will make it better others. The rests should obey to that will offer them. It will be unpleasant for many.


• That you fink about dreams? And how the dream can will change in connection with flashes and about changes?

In the sleep the person lives half of life. The body and not completely has in the sleep a rest only. A dream - possibility for the person to make that he wishes to make in the present world, where its body. In the sleep you can collect models as in the designer. If they are collected correctly, they will start to work and soon will appear in the present world. Each of you is able to design, but for some reason collects that quickly breaks. At you it is a lot of such things, and becomes necessary even more. If all starts to break, you will get confused. That things did not break, it is necessary to do them well. Those who does it well do. But is also such who says that has made itself, and actually, it for it was made by another. Even if it will be well made, it will quickly break, because the one who has told a lie, is not able to do itself and will spoil a thing. If he protects it, should make something.

Now dreams become stronger. But very few people can remember them. That there you do, very much differs that you do in the present life. In the sleep it is impossible to worry and do sharp movements. If you see light it should be pure. Do not go to strong green light.


• As you look the future of the Earth (as a whole)?.... Or all will change or and remains as is....-now.

The Earth will not be such, as now. It will not learn. You will see the rest.


• That there is God? And what for he has created the World? What motive?

God is that the person does not see, but sooner or later to it will come. God are people. In out of their God is not present.

People have created the world to see the knowledge purposes. When these purposes cannot be reached, there is God. The more strongly God, the is weaker people. The more strongly belief, the more close God. But people never will reach God and never learn, the world in which they live what for is created. This riddle is solved only after leaving from the Earth.


• As you concern to animals, dogs, cats. As you feel them and as correctly people need to concern them., it is valid when speak that they treat people the power, or it not so... As you consider.

Animal same inhabitants, as well as the person. To them it is necessary to concern as neighbours. Neighbours should live in peace and friendship and not  harm. All animals are able to speak, but their language is not clear to the person because the consciousness of people is not adjusted on such conversation. It seems to them that animals simply publish sounds. If singing of a birdie to slow down in some honeycombs of times it is possible to hear separate words in its language. When people speak, it seems to a bird that there is a long and slow sound. The person is able to listen a little, many animals listen much more for a short interval of time. The fastest in conversation and hearing whales and dolphins. Dolphins treat kindly people, but do not understand, why those spoil water and take away some dolphins for ever. Whales will never treat kindly people.

Many animals are able to find a tide of life and to use them. People name it their ability to treat. Actually animals simply do a current through themselves more strongly and help to wash off illness at the person. Some people are able to do similar, but the majority prefer to be treated. Treatment does the person more poorly, he ceases to struggle and all dies earlier. For some reason those who are learnt to use life currents, gain it for others for money and name it healing. Cats and other animals do it simply so, differently it is possible to die. To me it is not clear, why the person sells another death and a medicine for it as as a matter of fact it is same. When the person sells to another a life, it does absolutely incorrectly: the Life does not have price, the Death has the price only. Animals are not able to buy and sell.

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