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How to define Indigo children and to co-operate with them
2009-11-19, 11:03 PM
Indigo children — the term for the first time used by the American psychic and синестетиком Nensi Ann Tepp in 1982 in the book «How to understand a life by means of colour». Tepp asserts that it is capable to see aura round the person and, approximately in the late seventies, has started to notice set of children which are born with aura of indigo colour.

According to initial definition, indigo is a colour of aura of new generation of the people, different the numerous talents, highly developed intuition, sensitivity for power and marking itself a new coil of evolution of mankind.

Indigo children it is not simple children with unusual colour of aura, it first of all not ordinary children who literally all differ from usual representation about children. From small age they argue on destinies of the world, show unique talents, differ from others an unusual line of conduct, possess unique lider qualities therefore reject all templates of education. One of known examples of the Indigo child is the boy, in 5 years the mastered all world repertoire of products for a violin and at the same age acting with an orchestra of already adult musicians as the first violin.

The diagnosis or the charisma?
In the world the set of ridiculous hypotheses about surprising knacks of similar people, and also about their origin goes. In particular, there is an opinion that is children, born healthy from the parents sick infectious deadly infectious, such, as HIV-infection, a hepatitis With, or born as a result of artificial fertilisation. Opponents of idea about Indigo existence of children assert that similar behavioural models were always characteristic for certain psychotypes. It is accepted to generalise it one diagnosis — a syndrome of hyperactivity and deficiency of attention.

The Indigo child and education of parents
Parents of Indigo Children often face the big complexities in their education. The reason of difficulties that such children do not give in to standard practices with which help to their parents in due time inspired definite purposes. Besides, these children are influenced not always a sense of shame and fault, by restrictions and punishments. As it is known they show "willfulness" not for the sake of own ego. These children simply prove that their ability to knowledge is their own facts of life. The problem of parents of such children to direct, instead of to operate. Being recognised, support and encouragement, these children can deliver native true happiness. Otherwise they are capable to behave with unprecedented persistence and incessantly to struggle with authority of adults.

Much more important criterion in Indigo-child education is definition of sphere of its interests as all Indigo children at early age prefer dialogue with adults, are interested in "adult" questions (and only them, as a rule!), show adult judiciousness (inherent far not to each adult) and have already generated outlooks on life.

At Indigo children happens, as a rule, from 5 to 20 various phenomena and gifts (a prediction and prophecy phenomenon, рукоположения, spiritual sight, etc.), their knowledge will allow parents to understand and develop better phenomena of the child, and also to avoid possible conflicts in the course of education.

The child prodigy or Indigo?
In studying of Indigo children two somehow have imperceptibly mixed up, in general, absolutely different concepts – the child the child prodigy and the Indigo child. It also brings turmoil in branch capable from exceptional children. The Indigo child – presented, instead of capable, that is possesses congenital gifts and talents, instead of is simply well trained. At children-child prodigies skills of fast training and mastering by any material are well developed. Such children can master a large quantity of trades even at early age, can show good abilities in a large quantity of subjects and sciences, but to be thus good professionals, instead of geniuses in the business. Child prodigies, as a rule, well go to school also HIGH SCHOOL, at them high progress, and Indigo children not so are on friendly terms with progress, process of standard training as that easier is not interesting to them. One business – to learn something thanks to abilities and assiduity, and another – to be able to do it congenitally, without training.

Indigo children, unlike children of child prodigies, possess congenital talents for something which reveal or can be opened without the training accepted in a material world. If the child prodigy can learn some foreign languages Indigo can and without training suddenly on them to start talking. Indigo children – geniuses in to what are intended, they are capable to do opening intuitively, instead of on the basis of available knowledge, providing, thereby, mankind evolution, introducing in a society new views and ideas.

The Indigo child and dialogue
Owing to congenital self-sufficiency and aspiration to dialogue with adults, Indigo children have problems in dialogue with contemporaries – to it with contemporaries not interestingly or interestingly very short period of time. Often weak place of Indigo children, owing to their self-sufficiency, that they are fenced off from a society is, start to cultivate a position «I not such, as all», and not in the best understanding of this position.

Indigo adults or Indigo children?
What occurs to Indigo children when they grow? "The Indigo" concept has no age frameworks, and it would be wrong to adhere it to the present. Indigo people were and earlier – Michelangelo, Lomonosov, Da Vinci, Aristotle etc. For the time they too were Indigo, is simple then such concept did not exist. Unique difference of our time from the past, is that now such Indigo children-teenagers-adults became more, they became more appreciable also attention it more steadfast is given. And therefore, when you will read up this material, look narrowly more attentively at yourself and relatives – and suddenly among them is Indigo?

 The comment of the psychologist:
The children's psychotherapist, the teacher of chair of psychology of the person psi fakultet the Moscow State University Albina Loktionov.
- The science only gropes criteria on which it is possible to reveal Indigo. No special scales and rulers are present. Only experience and intuition of the psychologist. After all Indigo not simply capable kid who has started talking in eight months. This special combination of the strengths of both hemispheres of a brain: and left which is responsible for logic, and right - creative. And such children sharply differ and from the child prodigies "specialising" in any one area.

However, features of "intellectual processes» the indigo can play and very malicious joke. The matter is that they in the consciousness not only accumulate light, constructive human values. Indigo greedy absorb any information, including negative. Having rethought it, they start to draw malicious vampires, give them names, take a great interest in Gothic symbolics... The Usual child will suppress in itself these visions, and indigo with their passion all will order with taste to "dig" in them. It very much guards me. At such children representation about good and harm is turned.

That it is possible to advise to parents who have unexpectedly learnt: the child is in many respects much wiser than them? It is not necessary to panic. Usual tactics «keep silent and listen» here does not pass. It is necessary not to wave away from at first sight шизоидных questions and if on it there is no mind, to involve experts. And if six-year the indigo is interested, as in Russia affairs with oil, the answer are: «For your century will suffice!» - it will not satisfy. He should know precisely, how many remains that becomes to save up resources, and whether remains to the future generations.

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