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The projection assumes attributing to associates of various negative qualities as a rationale for their aversion and self-acceptance on this background. ("... All of you here goats, not a couple to me")

Features of protective behaviour in norm: pride, vanity, egoism, rancour, vindictiveness, sensitivity, the vulnerability, the aggravated feeling of injustice, arrogance, ambition, suspiciousness, jealousy, animosities, obstinacy, intractability, intolerance to objections, the tendency to exposure of associates, search of lacks, isolation, pessimism, a hypersensibility to criticism and remarks, insistence to itself and another, aspiration to reach high indicators in activity any kind.
Another's will | Views: 410 | Added by: Elhfi | Date: 2009-11-15 | Comments (0)

It is interesting, why the Lord so regularly frightens people of a Last Judgement? If it will be, and if everyone lives on enclosed in it the Lord what for to have legal proceedings? There is a thought: who we such: slaves or creations of Gospodni? If slaves, that, excuse, the slave is not free in the thoughts and actions; if creations, they allies of the founder for are constructed on its image and similarity. What for constantly to frighten the similarity.
Studying the Bible, I have paid attention that the Lord regularly repeats to the people to Izrailev necessity to be afraid It.
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In our world of theorems and proofs we necessarily should identify the perception with already known, learn, as them to perceive and by that "tightly" to fix the image of the world. As a matter of fact is a management of perception.
Now I can already tell that modern schools put before themselves an accurate problem: formation of the citizen necessary to a society. Everything, like, correctly, only here this citizen "is moulded" violently. The children's imagination is not accepted seriously and when bothers real thinking, is expelled away. After that parents and simply adult are surprised, why children become isolated and lose interest to the further knowledge. That is why that they are prepared by «hundred roads of trades» and offer a choice, one of them. Actually, the choice becomes for them for a long time already. When children break on classes, and exceptional children study in conditional "average" only that parents do not have means. Division on classes is necessary, but not thus.
growing | Views: 386 | Added by: Elhfi | Date: 2009-11-15 | Comments (0)

As by the nature the person is initially open system ready to dialogue and formation the first stages DPU mean use kritic paradoxes when the criterion of the information disappears in an information field of other criterion in the strengthened potential. Thus, opening initial criterion, the person (and more often the child) faces a critical resonance of an information field to which it appears more often, is not ready.
Structure DPU is usually formed in two main principles: information blockade (with amplifying pressure), active information intrusion.
Another's will | Views: 379 | Added by: Elhfi | Date: 2009-11-15 | Comments (0)

To continue conversation, it is necessary to return to posts about Palaces-creators. Remember? Sense of the Palace – reproduction of a wave matrix. Than more poorly communication of the created Spirit with the matrix, especially it is astable in environment. The body is than other as the stabilising cover recreating structure of an initial matrix, but already in more primitive, rough form. The metabolism of such system naturally is not durable. If to transfer reproduction functions to such organism the metabolism will even more be accelerated, and life cycle will decrease.
It is necessary to search for answers that from itself the system reproduction represents the person. Not casually now it is the taboo subject statements about which are considered indecent, trite etc. Not casually there is also "lowering" of this concept.
Another's will | Views: 366 | Added by: Elhfi | Date: 2009-11-15 | Comments (0)

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