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Fear and division
In our world of theorems and proofs we necessarily should identify the perception with already known, learn, as them to perceive and by that "tightly" to fix the image of the world. As a matter of fact is a management of perception.
Now I can already tell that modern schools put before themselves an accurate problem: formation of the citizen necessary to a society. Everything, like, correctly, only here this citizen "is moulded" violently. The children's imagination is not accepted seriously and when bothers real thinking, is expelled away. After that parents and simply adult are surprised, why children become isolated and lose interest to the further knowledge. That is why that they are prepared by «hundred roads of trades» and offer a choice, one of them. Actually, the choice becomes for them for a long time already. When children break on classes, and exceptional children study in conditional "average" only that parents do not have means. Division on classes is necessary, but not thus.
Mention of that each Thing has the Name, so also the Essence meet «since Sredizemja» but if to be more actual the best illustration to that is church with its wordly and church name. The one who knows the True Name, receives the power over that who carries it, but the power not in that understanding in which it is known this concept we in the order. The power is first of all to be able be the leader of Unity, instead of to isolate itself in relation to another. Unfortunately, the power now is present at last image, and people thus are divided, though are collected in a society. Having laws, the society does not realise them as does not understand that is offered to them the power. The coexistence in which result there are own, internal laws of a society directed on maintenance of the same division, but already in relation to each other begins. Thus, not only the power separates from a society, but also the society is divided in itself.
Division, as it is known, does not promote understanding because standing apart, each reason starts to consider the point of view unique and correct. Other points of view thus there passes at it a chain of proofs, confirming that connection with other point, other reason will not damage the existing point of view. As soon as there is a situation of change of both points, one of them defines happened as "bad" and includes protective measures for preservation of. Thus there are criteria of "correctness" and "the abnormality", being a support for reason or to tell more precisely, mind. Here difference of reason from mind.
MIND. Understanding that it is single, creates the main barrier of branch from the world fear. The fear – a barrier, for which mind never steps, but is capable to understand that through it can step over others so the continuity will be organised. Seldom mind and itself can step over this barrier, but enormous forces, overcoming themselves for this purpose are required. Here also it turns out that mind will agree on another's presence more likely, than will go itself. Whether such situation now?
Speaking about another planet the ships about Mars and Saturn, people, nevertheless, wait for succession of events and are surprised, how solar batteries of a mars rover appear recharged at night, allowing to those саамы to realise the program of researches much more, than was planned. Or on the contrary, additional energy is necessary for this purpose, what the device has left an undesirable place under the pretext of the further researches?
In general, barriers exist not only in understanding of the person. In the world where we live, too there are barriers-spaces. We already spoke about them earlier and it is a separate theme. But that the Fear can really direct, it so. In it I support you. But! Where directs fear of people now?
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