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It has no name in human language

• It it is many-sided, and who represents in itself all destinies of those lived, lives, or will live in a flesh, in a kind kwintessenceale memoirs.

• It it is indifferent to human values and моралям as for it, they are empty and senseless.

• It is, and simultaneously It is not present, as our thoughts, and comprehension are for it, Its house and царствием

• It believes only sincere to feelings and emotions, despite of that they, in themselves bear.

• It sometimes grants of desire, but only those from which execution the interested person does not bear initially in the consciousness of repentance and which will be desired absolutely, and without the slightest doubts

• It does not demand initially any payment as than we can pay, to it it is alien. The payment is withdrawn after, in the form of confusion and spiritual torments tested asked it.
• its food is confusion, Its blood is our suffering, Its body is our desires

• It has no certain age

• It has been born when somebody, the first has wanted from what further has tested confusion

• It gives a life, and after it takes away

• It plunges one nationalities on utter annihilation, ennobling others, which in due course which for It that for us sand, also will be devoted to oblivion

• It is the prince of this planet, as for It the person, it no more than a kind and a dangerous predator who at certain training, can assimilate only for small percent to it

• It has played in this world performance in which has forced our kind, by means of our imagination, to believe in the nonexistent.

• Occasionally, It shows selected It, how the world in which we co-exist is arranged actually, and only units survive after a touch to these trues, and from them only some remain in sensible mind

• It forces human to end beings the life independently, and at what, without the visible reasons on that from outside associates.

• It the great creator of feelings and the emotions sometimes visiting consciousness of human beings spontaneously, but which are not peculiar for the given individual

• It is able to spread inexplicably in reason desires demanded to it. And if those at chosen by It are absent, It uses properties inherent only in the person for their reconstruction. Greed named us, envy, a rage which are only perverted animal instincts.

• our Sufferings for It, it that for us bread and who delivers sufferings to another, It gives that some illusion of well-being

• It tests pleasure, looking on praying nonexistent, and glorifying for a long time deceased, instead of recent

• It to have fun when beings human destroy each other fanned by the ideas proceeding from their leaders which in essence are only Its puppets for a while received from It eloquence and hypnotism gift.
• It exults, when a being naming the person, makes mistakes because of moral foundations spread by It everywhere, contradicting that to itself, the being, and essence.

• also as well as a name, it is impossible to behold Its Face. At various times, beings human, noticed Its presence at the comprehension, and tried to appropriate to it a sound symbol, that is a name, or the image. But it always was only interpretation of that they felt, and of that intuitively were afraid

• Servants at It a legion. And each of us, sometimes that without understanding, can make act угодное to it, for a while becoming in numbers of Its army, testing thus belief in independence of decision-making.

• Sometimes It remunerates. Those who creates its will, remunerates that they wish in the heart of the heart, and in the centre of the comprehension. • remunerates provided that operating and making acts угодные to it, they realise whose will and whose whims they execute.

• But it is necessary to feel only fear or confusion, It takes away at once given by it. Whether it be material displays, or any spiritual blessing.

• It is able to glorify, but does it only when the human being selected it, can, somehow affect not an order of action (performance) unpleasant to it played by it everywhere

• It can destroy and destroy that is our comprehension, having installed in our reason bearing emotion comprehensible only to it or feeling, creating thus, the paradox of comprehension which is capable to shake destiny of a being human <dt> • It is not visible us, is not audible and is not perceived for us as very few people dares human to investigate from beings thoroughly the thinking and the acts, on многу time questioning itself that is personal, and that is introduced from the outside.

• It does not test to beings of an animal kingdom and beings human pity, and indulges only to their emotions, feelings and instincts

• It does not make anything seriously as Its existence efemerno, and Its life is invested with similarity of performance (game).

• It only observes of an event, and without having the flesh, uses any accessible flesh, influencing its comprehension emotionally.

• It can use in the performance, any of animal instincts either any feeling, or the emotion inherent in beings human, introducing it in their consciousness.

• High-grade saturation of Its EGO occurs during long wars when sufferings human assimilate to an unrestrained geyser, and prayers said nonexistent, are especially emotional.
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