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As zombies children
The American cartoon film (in language of children, an animated cartoon), only in appearance seems rather harmless hand-made article. Often as it seems a hand-made article rather stupid and rough, but, again таки not bearing any special semantic, and, especially, ideological, loadings.

But if to get accustomed to them it is attentive, then you start to notice then that there «sticking out ears» «American way of life».

Our Russian people, having apprehended such latent propagation that an interior (without realising completely all), simply forbid the children to look them. They perceive these cartoon films as «very malicious and not learning to good». But a trouble that many do not forbid the children to look them. Forbid because have not felt the corrupted influence of given production, but for that elementary reason that them they did not look at all. And in vain!

They do not look these films for the reason that have got used to even Soviet system – «« on a TV set »to children bad will not show!».

Strangely enough, but to this error are subject not only people of the senior generation, but also absolutely young, - those who already knows and has well experienced perversity and meanness of modern mass-media.

That also they have understood and were terrified, it is necessary to aim such people at biassed viewing of that their juvenile child looks specially.

As a rule, after attentive viewing even several such animated cartoons, (especially at the reference of their attention to some especially characteristic details of such cartoon films), these people and find in these animated cartoons a lot of such …. After that, as a rule, there are very strong scandals between parents and the child which have already conceived a liking for animated cartoons.

But, unfortunately, such happens not often enough.

Rule is the indifferent relation of parents to that looks them дитё. Only after that these parents have very unpleasant opening of type: «And that this mine дитё such severe and mean grows? We such did not learn it!».

Yes, YOU did not learn! Learnt animated cartoons.

Even superficial viewing of the American animated cartoons, very strongly touches people still normal, human culture.

That is evident at once, is often fanatic cruelty of characters of cartoon films to each other and, shown as heroic, FRANKLY ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR of characters of a cartoon film.
Let's consider a typical American animated cartoon «Vudi and its friends».

Already it is possible to isolate one often repeating plot from the several at random seen series of this infinite animated cartoon:

There is a certain person who is occupied by any very important business for it. As a rule, it is occupied by something quite useful if not socially (the employee of any company, on population service), for itself(himself) personally (builds to itself something, grows up etc.). Also there is the idle idler strongly anxious by entertainments  of favourite – a woodpecker of Vudi.

As in any American animated cartoon there should be "action" and as much as possible there should be a conflict between the hero and someone who in a consequence can be exposed the full idiot and the loser.

Considering the above-stated outset of a plot, the conflict is developed between the hero-woodpecker and the slogger.

As the woodpecker – the hero, that, naturally, it should win.

As a result of action, it turns out that that slogger who something has prevented a woodpecker in its business of entertainment suffers shattering defeat, and the woodpecker is shown by the such gallant hero, terribly inventive, and exposing all "enemies" неумехами, fools, morons, in general, losers.

I have somehow counted up (though and it was fairly opposite to look successively this nasty thing!) that approximately in 60 % of plots in a mult-serial about a woodpecker of Vudi, it is possible frankly and to qualify behaviour of the hero directly as antisocial.

It is quite natural that if a certain child undertakes to follow an example this "hero" (and many children count in the favourite heroes of heroes multperson!) its behaviour will be included inevitably into the contradiction with the Law.

That is the given animated cartoon DIRECTLY brings up the ANTISOCIAL PERSON.

It is possible to think, of course, that it is accident and a puncture of founders but if to consider that such behaviour meets in OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of those animated cartoons, and to consider that socially-psychological model underlying any American animated cartoon such maintenance will be perceived as natural.

What, first of all, it is visible in all these animated cartoons from outside socially-psychological?

In these animated cartoons the NORMAL behaviour of the individual searching for satisfactions to especially personal aspirations is shown. As a rule, to aspirations to individual leadership and the superiority over associates.

To what superiority?

First of all - to the superiority POWER!

And it is unimportant, what type to the power superiority. Monetary or it is simple to what juvenile youths designate a phrase «who to whom in a muzzle will give».

If in the foreground - the superiority the social acceptability of such superiority appears as though on the second plan.

From here and frequent display as behaviour heroic - absolutely antisocial behaviour of heroes мультяшек. Exceptions are very rare! Analyse at random some the taken especially popular American animated cartoons. In all there will be something bearing frankly antisocial maintenance, but moving as quite normal and comprehensible.

It is possible to tell, of course, after some foreign (particularly American) psychologists that display of such behaviour in cartoon films conducts to «sublimation of antisocial bents of the individual».
But a trouble that THOSE PSYCHOLOGISTS do conclusions to the purely American material. Probably, such phenomenon as sublimation etc. is present as the phenomenon among some AMERICAN individuals, looking those animated cartoons. But that in such scientific works it always falls that the such behaviour shown in a mass kind on the TV serves legetims (to the justification and legalisation of the given behaviour as comprehensible) and to fastening of such behaviour for all its regularly looking!
That is it is possible to assert safely that given mult-production frankly learns. Learns to competitive behaviour. To achievement of the superiority over associates and the superiority in ANY WAY And In ANY KIND. Even the most idiotic.

Example of the last – the book of records of Ginnesa in which SUCH "records" which overwhelming majority on a healthy head not that are collected that do not become, but are not planned at all!

Examples of Ginnesovsky "records": «who further all will spit","who the own bicycle has eaten","to the person the breakage has pierced a head, and it remained live and in senses» »and so on.

It is characteristic, in the given context, other often repeating plot in cartoon films:

Heroes multfilm actions receive blows by falling anvils, absolutely terrible blows by various subjects on a head, but, for some reason always jump, after the transferred blows, indifferently.

Well, unless strong faintness or one-stage sufferings of such victim is shown as something very ridiculous.

In this connection in America cases of murders of animals juvenile children have very much become frequent. These children thrash from all force hammers, железяками and other heavy subjects of the pets, and then very much are surprised, why their favourite kitty who has been flattened out in bloody paste, after such reference does not jump and does not run joyfully to have a good time further.

Such are grimaces multfilm propagation of "the American Way of life».

Just as propagation of the American way of life and the pursuit connected with it of entertainments, luxury and money are perceived also other widespread plots of cartoon films.

Very often the plot about search and a finding of treasures repeats.

The basic sense of such scenarios is very simple – has slightly strained, has found big treasure and further live only in the pleasure. Accompanying adventures only for surroundings. Very beautiful, fascinating, but UNDERLINING IDEA «GREAT FREEBIE» - easy riches.

Pay attention!

As a rule, the given idea is present ALWAYS. Always, as it is meant all action of a film. But as it is never told directly, and that is meant, on all canons of human psychology – goes passing consciousness straight in subconsciousness becoming not realised belief.

Such latent ideas meant by all action of a cartoon film, it is a lot of. And not only «Ideas of the Great Freebie» with the idea of eternal entertainment interfaced to it. As meant at those animated cartoons there are almost all cores (antisocial from the point of view of healthy culture) principles of the American way of life.

In this sense these animated cartoons operate SUGGESTIVE – that is inspire ideas, passing consciousness. Such suggestion, always very effectively.
The trouble in that to such animated cartoons to carp as regards suggestive influence happens very difficult. As a rule, ANY ANIMATED CARTOON made the representative of any quite concrete culture bears variety of the such is immanent to its culture of ideas, positions and stereotypes. With the American animated cartoons the trouble consists that they bear frankly misanthropic ideas: «Falling push» "Who" has fallen »– that« was eaten »», by "All people of the swine» and other "darlings".

But also here as the animal grin of culture of manipulation is more and more shown by consciousness.

More and more the suggestive component starts to appear animated cartoons initially bearing in itself. Including elements of so-called 25th shot.

It is very easy to build in an animated cartoon, as an organic and natural video series something that only will flash on the screen, without having apprehended by consciousness.

For example, in a cartoon film, the young maiden is shown singing on порожке a tram, and the absolutely not not perceived and not noticed picture of an interior of a tram flashes. And, nevertheless, this picture of an interior of a tram very much also is very informative!

If the given video series to start up in time-lapse reproduction the car interior becomes visible. The aunt blurred from fat and surrounded with herd of small and malicious children becomes visible a vile kind, worn-out affairs. This family represents very big contrast with young, shining beauty and cleanliness of a youth the maiden singing songs.

As though accidentally, the given alternative picture inspires to the young spectator (to the spectator!) the following simple thought:

«Look at that thick worn-out aunt – you will become same if you will give in to desire to marry and have children. Remain eternally young is better, unmarried and receive from the beauty and a youth only pleasures».

It is that stereotype which nowadays is in the West very strongly widespread and which this consumer society actively advances as the sample for imitation, in all other cultures.

If not to be too lazy and analyse into the account of a finding such deform pictures and other big animated cartoons – that such pictures will be and in them.

Often as such maintenance happens at pictures of a background which often are not perceived because all basic conscious attention is directed on heroes of an animated cartoon. The background is perceived purely unconsciously. With all consequences following from this fact.

The fact of presence at cartoon films (!) of such pictures very strongly guards.

Guards, as given mult-production, it is OFTEN SPECIALLY intended for display in the countries of "the third world». Whether it will turn out so, what we and talk will not be in time, and our children will appear completely zombies? If already at THESE «it is simple animated cartoons» many turn to present "zombies" that will be, when technologies influencing subconsciousness, in the USA will be put on a stream and «on more serious basis»?

By the way, about modern zombiing of children by animated cartoons.

Now there are some cartoon serials of children exclusively strongly operating on mentality. And operating very nasty.

One of the brightest examples of such animated cartoons – a serial "Sejlormun".

But here I am compelled fairly «to crumple a statement». So excuse.

This book that you now read – not the scientific treatise on psychology. It is popular publicism. And consequently I cannot shine to the full how influences subconsciousness given and to it similar cartoon serials.

Here I can confirm only as the expert that:

The serial "Sejlormun" is made so that exclusively strong and negative impact on deep structures of mentality of girls at the age from 10 till 14th years makes. On girls, and from 10 till 14th years!

Similar action on children has also other serial – "Pokemon".

By the way, according to some information these serials in so-called "civilised countries" are forbidden to display! At us they turn in the most convenient for viewing by children time.

It is necessary to consider as also that always everything that is connected with cartoon films was used for extraction of profits by the companies letting out children's toys.

These companies are very interested in creation of a strong cult round this or that cartoon film. Than above a cartoon film rating, It is noisy and everywhere a cult round a serial, the бóльшие profits will take the companies trading in attributes and toys connected with these cartoon films.

Therefore I consider that:

Aforementioned cartoon serials that other, as purposeful experiment on use the psychotechnician influencing subconsciousness of the spectator. The psychotechnician specially intended for creation of a psychosis round everything that is connected with heroes or other attributes of these serials. The experiment specially intended for обкатки of given technologies for the purpose of reception of additional profits by the corresponding companies.


Hold far away the children from such serials! It is better in general to try not to show them cartoon films of the Western origin.

The animated cartoon is direct reflexion of that culture that prevails in a society.

Pay attention to the basic feature of our, Soviet animated cartoons – practically all of them are constructed on a plot of interaction of the person and collective, the person and a society. And such mutual relations when the collective and a society are NOT the hostile person environment, as in the American animated cartoons, and the life environment.

Anyhow, our animated cartoons LEARNED to correct, social, kind and fruitful interaction with own social environment.

They showed defects, and showed them how a certain not FATAL deviation from norm. Always a surmountable and corrected deviation.

And, (pay attention!), the social environment which is shown in an animated cartoon, does not counteract actively and to directly possible illegal behaviour of the person, and tries to HELP to be corrected this person! To HELP! In the end, it was shown, how that person earlier «noticed in antisocial behaviour» is corrected and accepted joyfully by collective, a society.

It was considered as norm.

One more line of the Soviet animated cartoon it that the hero is shown as the Creator. It creates something and creates for a society. Something useful. And again таки creates in interaction with a society. To it can disturb, any hostile force, but this force is won the same as a rule, COLLECTIVE EFFORTS.

In any case, any cartoon film, whatever it entertaining looked, has always been aimed on научение the small spectator to something quite kind and good. All of them KIND.

It is impossible to find in the Soviet animated cartoons such which would be made «simply so», «for entertainment».

In the American animated cartoons, as a rule, even the social behaviour of some heroes of cartoon films is represented as «a heroic ball».

Type: here this hero has a good time, but here it should make something useful to a society, it has again a good time, AS THOUGH doing something useful to a society. Sometimes it even is possible to it. See for example, on it is a serial «Black raincoat».

But more often in those animated cartoons creative activity is described anything you like, but only not. All and all in these animated cartoons have a good time. Have a good time in the diversified ways and methods.

Happens even someone kill.

In animated cartoons! Kill!

NEVER in these Western animated cartoons happens the hero-group. Never happens collective.

All mutual relations between people (or characters of cartoon films, if these characters not people), as a rule, the competitive. Occasionally, as something unessential, - friendly.

Always these animated cartoons show behaviour and a style of life of the inveterate individualist. And living in a hostile social environment. Unlike the Russian social environment as, I hope, already all readers of this book understand, the competitive civil society should be hostile for any member.

So describing and showing such society in an animated cartoon founders of a cartoon film even not consciousness will transfer the brutal relations to cartoon film scenarios. They as not consciousness will promote distribution and the statement of such society on other countries and the people which will get under influence of this mult-production. They as not consciousness, at all without wishing that (if they, for example, participate in antiglobal movement) to promote strengthening and reproduction in generations of this animal style of life.

To interrupt its reproduction and distribution we can only.

We are people still the remained human, Russian culture. Cultures, not accepting antagonistic mutual relations between people. That culture in which strong draught for universal justice expressed in wild for any западоида the slogan has still remained:

«The blessing for all without an exception!».

By the way, about toys …

You never paid attention that in Russian culture of a doll is always dolls-children. From small children, to children of middle age.

The most popular doll of the West – Barbie's Doll. A doll representing quite adult individual.

If our native toys develop at the future mums skills of care of juvenile children which skills will develop at girls game with Barbie's doll? You never reflected on it?

Trangle a hen!

As operates: a clockwork toy. At inclusion starts to skip on a room, publishing terrible cries. It is possible to switch off, only strong having compressed a neck to a bird.

The purpose: probably, that the chicken starts to rattle and twitch, simulating death from an asthma.

From edition: all decline computer games for virtual breaking out of brains and other drawing of heavy physical injuries. And here not the computer enemy on that party of the screen, and a soft chicken fluttering in hands.

Boxing pear

As operates: on a pear the silhouette of the person, is a place for a photo.

The purpose: to beat on the person (on a photo) the offender.

The comment of the psychologist

- The boxing pear is, of course, only an apparatus. But yet you will not paste to it a photo of the contemporary, the teacher. Now the pear becomes the game tool of squaring of accounts with offenders, and to pass from game to real beating - time business.

Look THAT playing the girl from this Barbie does.

She dresses her, undresses, dresses up, deduces and gets the whole herd of various lovers which especially are on sale together with dresses for Barbie's doll, with the house of a doll of Barbie, an interior of the house of a doll of Barbie both other, and other and other ….

Already from listed it is possible to answer the brought attention to the question safely.

The girl, playing with Barbie's doll, fulfils at once two stereotypes of behaviour:

The first – the servant at very rich idler;

The second – this idler.

About any vital skills here and speeches cannot be (unless if initially the child to prepare as the slave for rich idlers)!

Certainly, if the person presented Barbie's doll to the daughter in itself very rich – that please! But here there is one more very unpleasant "reef". It is connected by already directly that the girl at such game will copy and further this doll in all. Including on appearance.

Whether you that your favourite daughter looked as the grant on anatomy want? Is not present?

But after all and there is more to come!

By the way, for entertainment of friends.

Can ask them such question: «Name three uglinesses of a doll of Barbie!»

Before you receive more low the answer, - take this doll and try to find independently these uglinesses.
The answer.

1) It is disproportionate long feet (in norm for any person – distance from a waist to top to equally distance from a waist to heels). Such anomaly as at a doll in the nature meets seldom and it is considered, basically, genetic ugliness, and such "ladies", as a rule, or are very sick, or frankly are fruitless and frigid. What is very big misfortune for the person.

2) It is disproportionate short hands (in norm for directly standing person – finger-tips of the hands extended on seams will be located at level of the middle of a hip).

3) Monstrous leanness and it is often pure пацанячье a constitution – big shoulders and narrow hips (the transvestite - a victim of "medical" starvation!)!

To all these "delights" can aspire to correspond and your native child. It, not including that the RICH IDLER is brought up.

You strongly would like it?

Well if it would be desirable or "on-drum" – run in shop and buy to the beloved child Barbie's doll!

About other toys of the western origin in general there is nothing to speak – one my acquaintance, concerning their shape it was expressed exclusively shortly and precisely: «DREAM of the NECROPHILIST».

Look at characteristic structure of this production!

Skeletons, vampires, various other evil spirits, robots-murderers, easier murderers, звероподобные soldiers, the military and other technics with гипертрофированно the increased attributes of power and much, many other things in the same "terrible" spirit. Too the image of Death in these "toys" is strongly and often used.

So here it is possible to tell in general only only one: their toys bring up boys in the spirit of necrophil.
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