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"Free" love and cleanliness of blood
Fornication is the phenomenon, as a rule, mass. After all for do to pipol, the partner at least is necessary to the person. And it is even better, when for this purpose there is a suitable environment: set of the liberated girls and young men, husbands and the wives, changing to the spouses. Then the sin becomes mass, as though and is imperceptible. With free sex one person, and a society as a whole "is ill" not. It is enough to include the TV to understand: it also occurs to us.

From the beginning of 90th years in our territory the behavioural revolution made on the western samples purposefully is carried out. Its target sector — teenagers and youth from 12 till 25 years. The marketing choice is faultless. But it is inexpressibly immoral. Sexual stimulus — an indispensable accessory of the mass-media which are carrying out advancement of "alternative" rock executors, subcultural currents, holidays, concourses-parties.

The uniform standard of erotic and pornographic themes, waves running across of newspapers in magazines and telecasts, has captured all country. Sex penetrates the subjects which have got to its field, signs and themes, causing almost continuous sexual excitation in consumers of information services which demands immediate satisfaction. The failed ideas of psychoanalysts about an abstention irreparable harm in an early age and terrible incurable illnesses as a consequence of a sexual dissatisfaction are imposed to a society for a long time. Absence of sexual experience becomes indecent.

The situation in which sex propagation involves the teenager, is dramatic. Practice of foreign and domestic psychologists and psychiatrists testifies to extreme vulnerability and intensity of mentality of awkward age (delirium of a physical defect, psihopation, growth of level of uneasiness etc.).

Sex propagation urges the teenager to plunge into pleasures of impersonal sex, holding back much. More often the first opener disgust and a shock waits. Together with physiological details such roles about which the teenager and did not suspect emerge. But newspapers, magazines, TV continue to encourage it. The teenager who has become by a victim of sex propagation, conducts a randomly-senseless sexual life which any more in forces to stop, visits "parties" and tries drugs.

The American researchers speak about feeling of misfortune, disappointment, dissatisfaction which tests to 30 % teenager, conducting a sexual life. The part from them suffers sexual frustration, others realise that them "used" and plunge into depression.

According to the same researchers in the West teenagers, before others showing sexual activity, start to take alcoholic drinks and drugs in the following ambassador of sexual contact to year (especially it concerns women).

It is revealed that high level of sexual activity of the American teenagers is significantly connected with such criminal actions, as stealing of motor vehicles, thefts, violence.

In this connection the research spent by department of police and national education in Fullertone, the State of California (USA), in March, 1998 is of interest Here its data:

the Basic problems at school in 1940

1. Pupils talk during lessons.

2. Ruminate.

3. Rustle.

4. Run on corridors.

5. Do not observe turns.

6. Put on not by rules.

7. Litter in classes.

the Basic problems at school in 1998

1. The use of drugs.

2. The alcohol use.

3. Pregnancy.

4. Suicides.

5. Rapes.

6. Robberies.

7. Beatings.

Comments, as they say, superfluous.

It is necessary to underline only that these metamorphoses have occurred for incomplete 50 years, during burst in the West, and now and at us, sexual revolution.

Sex propagation directly is connected with a problem of advancement of drugs. To increase demand for drugs, it is necessary to ship the person in a depression condition. Therefore sexual anomalies are encouraged, and the child-bearing is mentioned exclusively in a context of protection and, certainly, there is no speech about personal sexual love in the conditions of a family. This turn would mean undesirable loss of clients.

Sex propagation receptions in any mass-media same:

■ use of the pornography which are given out for sexual enlightenment, as the stimulus causing an unconditioned reflex;

■ distribution девиантных stereotypes of sexual behaviour (distortions, homosexuality, instant pairing at the first acquaintance), as modern sexual cultural norm for the fashionable "advanced" people.

The sex propagation purpose: introduction of the depersonalized teenage sex.

The myths supported by propagation of sex for the young:

1. A sexual life of the teenager — the universal phenomenon.

2. Teenagers wish to be trained in a technique and the technician of a sexual life.

The pornography appears in an image of psychosexual hygiene, AIDS and even moral preventive maintenance.

The maintenance of answers to readers of regular advisers of magazine in a heading «Intimate conversation» reflects following installations: «to Copulate at once as it will want», «If the girl not in mood, be persevering, and she will want».

Other letters show results of such "educational" work:

«I so have not enough years, and I wish to die! The matter is that I on the second month of pregnancy and very much am afraid to do abortion. Who the father of the child — I do not know. I have absolutely got confused. I drink much and, besides, couple of months tried drugs back. No, I will not become the addict! But parents have turned out me, having learnt about all it. I also could not think that the such can happen! I have absolutely got confused. How to me to be? Аня, 14 years. Moscow» (COOL №52. 1997г.).

«Having analysed the relations with men, I have come to a conclusion that I am a frigid woman. Seven partners for 4 years — and neither classical sex, nor passionate, sexual caresses, bodies, kisses. I obviously do not raise them as the woman, they do not want me — perhaps, see through that I frigide. Just in case I specify age of my partners: 29 years (to me was 14), 13 and 20 years (to me was then 15), 23 and 45 years (to me was 16), 26 and 29 (to me was 17). I ask, din that with me. Katya, 18 years» («AIF Love» №15, 1999).

It is terrible to read such letters to people with normal mentality. And if also to consider that disease of a syphilis at children and teenagers has increased in tens times, only 3 % of teenagers are almost healthy. There is a growth of epidemic of AIDS, a narcotism.

And here to be responsible for this sin it is necessary all together. The history reminds us: when the society becomes corrupted to a limit, here then terrible wars begin, there are the most awful natural accidents, mass deadly illnesses extend. Examples —  destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, falling of the Roman and Israeli kingdoms, epidemic бубонной plagues in Europe and Asia XIV centuries, AIDS epidemic already today. And a tsunami in the well-known vacation spot where all world goes behind the most immoral sexual adventures, probably, the phenomenon from the same series. About it hesitate to speak, but many think.

Unfortunately, the world does not study on the errors, and now on the earth the condition "preceding a storm" again reigns. People still do not consider free sex by a sin. On the contrary, the considerable quantity of sexual partners and sexual experience are considered as advantage! The girl hastens to leave virginity somewhat quicker. And the word "chastity" is already perceived with irony.

On all leaves that if so will proceed, it is necessary to wait for war. Or still it is more terrible than something.


Any people in case of non-observance of morals and nature laws are doomed to full degradation and self-destruction. Proofs of this phenomenon in a XIX-th century were resulted by the famous in the world scientist Lombrozo investigating genealogical "books" of many known and simple people. It has proved that positive characteristics of parents (especially intellectual and spiritual) are descended in ready smaller degree, than negative. Moreover, the last are transferred, including illnesses, in progressing forms.  results many examples of a total disappearance of noble families only for two centuries. So, from 487 families ranked as the Bern bourgeoisie, remains only 168. Thus to disappearance there were  mainly those surnames which members married the notable successors who had more than enough time for entertainments, including, and on the sexual. And such examples confirming communication of different forms of dissoluteness with a birth of defective posterity, a large quantity.

America, having disdained moral and natural laws, has received the degeneration phenomena in frightening scales. Mass-media often result examples of a full and safe life in America, hold up as an example, so-called, «the American image» lives. Many young men aspire to America, including it almost terrestrial "paradise". Whether And so it? America sets the brightest example of depravity of customs, where to 30 % of the population of homosexuals and lesbians. One addicts of 55 million decline Picture are supplemented with other figure: for various reasons half of able-bodied population on age here does not work. But especially impresses intellectual decline: half of adult population not in a condition to write letters to the USA, 44 million adult Americans are not capable to count up, how many money is spent for purchases in a supermarket, to compare a difference in cost of products, to receive the information from the text on an underside of the elementary form. Today in America, according to the famous in the world of doctor Kinsi, 37 million Americans require the psychiatric help. It is more than half of all hospital cots in the USA insane persons occupy. Therefore also there was in America a demand for virgins, has come to rescue time the nation.

But population degeneration has concerned not only Americas. In the XX-th century beginning on the earth there were 20 % of the white population, and for today — only 6,8 % from 6 billion population.


The degeneration reason — infringement of laws RITA. Actually, "RITA" is the Fleeces, designating the code of laws about cleanliness of a sort and blood. The purpose of these laws — to follow nature laws, not to contradict them, not to break them, protecting, thereby, the Childbirth from degradation. To follow Laws RITA means that everything that god and the nature in the person has created, all is natural and harmonious for existence, and any deviation in something from Laws Rita inevitably, sooner or later, will lead to deterioration of the Sort and even to its degeneration.

Now for a designation of Laws RITA is used the Greek name — telegoniya. This word as though is not known to a modern science. It not to find in dictionaries. Nevertheless, the word does not exist, and the phenomenon telegoniya  is in an objective reality.

The word «telegoniya» occurs on behalf of son Odysseus - Telegona. According to a myth, Telegon, Odysseus son from the Pick, having gone to search for the father, has landed on Itaka and in casual fight has mortally wounded Odysseus not knowing about it. Thus, Odyssey has ruined accident, and also ignorance about the son born far from it. And the word «telegon» occurs from Greek «born far from the father».

Now for a designation of Laws RITA is used the Greek name — telegoniya (telegenius). The phenomenon telegoniya for modern mankind was found out"in a XIX-th century in England by Charles Darvina's friend lord Marton who under the influence of the friend has decided to be engaged in biology. It has crossed a thoroughbred English mare to a stallion-zebra. Posterities it has not turned out, but then, after a while, when Marton has crossed the same mare to an English stallion, the mare has brought zherebyonochka -"Englishman", but with obvious signs of strips on a croup, as at a zebra. Lord Marton named this phenomenon telegoniya.

Charles Darvina's contemporaries professors Flint and Ladentek were one of the first researchers telegoniya. They have spent set of experiences on birds and animals. Professor Felix Ladentek has in detail described telegoniya  in the book «the Individual, evolution, a heredity and Neodarvinists».

Existence telegoniya any dog breeder or разводчик can confirm pigeons. If a thoroughbred dog though time to tie with a dog-mongrel, at it already never will be thoroughbred puppies, even from other dung. And if the thoroughbred dog converges with underbred suka in the future and from it there will be no thoroughbred posterity! The same occurs at any other animals. For example, if the simple pigeon "has trampled" thoroughbred to the pigeon, her at once kill, because even at the most "elite" spouse at it not thoroughbred baby birds — «chigraschi» — that feathers at the tail-end, colour of a beak with defects, still something will be born. In general — the waste goods, breed dirty.

Till 1960th years scientists of the different countries had been spent set of researches in which it has been established that the effect telegoniya extends and on people. According to the phenomenon telegoniya the first man in a life of the virgin leaves the image of spirit and blood. All subsequent men give to the woman only a seed, but she gives birth to children of the first man who have given to her an image of spirit and blood for many long years. And it has appeared that are inherited not only external the signs first sexual partner, but, in certain cases, and its illness, in particular, venereal, mental diseases etc. In 24th chapter of the book «the Individual, evolution, a heredity and Neodarvinists» which is called: «Telegonija, or the phenomenon of the first  the male», Felix Ladentek does a far-reaching conclusion:« Not only the first male has influence on the future posterity, but also any male who has impregnated mother earlier... And the child who was born from the woman which had children from different lovers earlier, can have signs from all these previous fathers!»

If conception of the child was preceded by sexual relations of his mother with one or more partner besides the father on a flesh even if contraceptives in the course of copulation there was a merge of biofields of partners were thus used. As a result of it the child born by such woman, except the father on a flesh from which he has inherited half of chromosomal complement, has still a set of fathers on telegoniya from which he can inherit much at biofield level.

Many children are born far from the fathers. But even more children is born "in the distance" from fathers on телегонии, as a natural tribute to casual communications of mother with these fathers till a birth of the child. Probably, it is no casual to this phenomenon the name on behalf of son Odysseus — Telegona is given. Telegoniya as the biofield phenomenon, it is dangerous not only to posterity, but also for parents: in the children fathers and mothers can not learn themselves, and children, on the contrary, will feel strangers in relation to parents. Can be inherited not only external signs of sexual partners, but also their any illnesses.
Therefore it is not necessary to be under a delusion as regards sexual entertainments with the use резинотехнических products are safe for health of the subsequent generations. Certainly, they reduce chances to catch venereal diseases and AIDS, certainly that if they are serviceable, conception becomes impossible. But, it is proved that at conception not all genetic information is transferred from the man to the woman in a chromosomal complement сперматозоидов, the most part of the genetic information is transferred through a biofield. This exchange — bilateral.

Trace from the first copulation — the brightest. However, biofields of partners, co-operating among themselves the fragments in an organism of the woman, influencing posterity, "are at war" among themselves not co-ordinated sites. And "wins" the strongest site of a biofield which, finally, and is responsible for genetics of the future child. But such "victory" depends at all on a power power of a site of this or that previous partner, from true mother and the father, their intentions on the future: whether have risen on a way of true, whether there was a previous fornication from ignorance.

The medicine understands nothing how to clear a biofield of the loose woman (if she thinks again) from all scraps genetic information that in it have poured in set of carefree lewd humanoid males having a good time with it which too not to avoid dusten the biofields from set of loose women.

Certainly, to men not to give birth, but the information from all partners settles in organisms of men and is transferred to children through the woman-mother. It influences mentality of the man, its health, both physical, and spiritual: the mismatch of the biofield information received by it from set of sexual partners, can lead to the most unexpected consequences, up to self-destruction of the man, not managed to consult with the inconsistent mentality to a schizophrenia.

Chromosomal complement in all cages of an organism — same. However liver cages differ from cages of nervous system and muscular fabrics, as well as all cages in compliance with the accessory reproduce similar according to the plan of the general arrangement of bodies and systems in an organism. There is an opinion that the general arrangement of bodies and systems is written down not in the structures of molecules of the chromosomal device storing mainly the information on synthesis of substances of a biomass of an organism, and in structures of biofields (in genetics this question is not shined). Therefore in a structure of an organism of the child mutual discrepancy each other the various information modules inherited by it from different fathers on telegoniya can be expressed: asymmetry in an arrangement of bodies and systems of its body, redundancy or shortage of bodies.
As soon as it became scientifically established, all researches and publications on a problem telegoniya have been coded, a science about telegoniya have tabooed. After all scientifically to confirm that mankind degeneration is result of an immoral life, would mean a shock for all people and wreck of principles of a modern civilisation.

Naturally, at the theory telegoniya the uncountable set of opponents which try to prove that telegoniya is a delirium what to reckon it is not to respect itself and the pleasures. The majority of them are the people of a mafia interested in prosperity of the industry of a pornography and paid sex, finally — in people destruction. Therefore for them it is more profitable, if children continue to study the harmful program «family Planning» and similar to it.

The classical genetics has refused to explain telegoniya at people. But in the end of the XX-th century opening of the known biochemist, the Nobel prize winner on physiology and Stanley Pruzinera's medicine has allowed to look at old theories in a new fashion. It has appeared that transfer of the hereditary information occurs not only through chemical structure of genes. The information is transferred from fiber to fiber.

In 1985 the employee of Institute of physicotechnical problems АН the USSR Dr.Sci.Biol. Peter Garjaev at studying of a molecule of a heredity of DNA by a method of laser spectroscopy has found out strange effect. Once Garjaev, having removed some spectra, has taken out a test tube from DNA from the device and by a carelessness has inserted there an empty test tube. Has decided to replace it, but, casually having looked at the device display, has found out that spectra of an empty test tube were very similar that before it acted in film from DNA, only signal level was less. Having decided that on a test tube there were DNA traces, it has replaced it on ideally pure. Result — the same!« I have been shocked, — the researcher tells, — the laser beam met any invisible structures which have got stuck in a spectrometer which contained the information on molecules heredity ». To be convinced that all it not an error, have diligently wiped  branch and even have blown its pure nitrogen. Then characteristic DNA spectra have disappeared, but in 3-4 minutes have again arisen. It seemed, they cannot be destroyed! Year Peter Garjaev made these experiments. Eventually, does not remain any doubts: after DNA removal in the device there is any phantom — an invisible material trace of molecules of DNA.« Now imagine, — makes comments on the opening Garjaev, — if the first man has physical affinity with the girl it, obviously, leaves wave "autograph" on all life on its genetic code, and it on it is too ». This version truthfully explains paradoxes of a heredity.
Under the certificate of the director of the Swedish institute of molecular biology of Artuva Mingrejma scientists of this institute carried out the comparative analysis of DNA of the same people during the different periods of their life. It was thus found out that the woman after the delivery in DNA has appreciable changes. More detailed researches have shown that it has genes of the father of its child. Still the Swedish scientists have found out that bearing in itself of DNA chain gianuluronovaya the acid which is in man's mucous allocation, during affinity gets in eddses where are stored egg a cage, and takes root into them. Thus, the woman, without having become pregnant at all, will bear in itself egg a cage which chains of DNA of all its previous sexual partners will be built in, and will transfer to the future posterity their genes along with genes of the father.

Possibly, the next years the phenomenon telegoniya will be definitively solved and is completely scientifically well-founded. For now the life throws up eloquent examples. As the modern proof of the phenomenon of "the first male» transfer display in 2000 «My family» serves. To us have told, how the slavic woman originally lived with the Negro, and then has married the Slav and has given birth to it to the first-born who had black colour of a skin. The TV has presented it as a miracle.

The modern life does women by victims of libertinism and permissiveness, frequently they appear humiliated, offenden  and deceived. But responsibility for it falls and on a strong half of mankind for the normal woman always waits at heart for the hero in whom searches for a reliable support for the future family. Besides the woman as "matrix" gives rise to that absorbs. Without moral husbands cleanliness of a sort, blood, a family not to keep, and even the virgin without cleanliness of the man will not give a healthy heredity.

For a victory over forces of a degeneration the big educational work among youth and parents about a family where the man and the woman, so various on the functions, are simultaneously uniform in creativity of construction of the space of love, a birth and education of the posterity healthy physically is necessary and is moral.

Chastity — not a sign of backwardness from "the civilised" world, and a sign of the true civilisation going from time immemorial. It is the realised care of normal genetics of the future generations, maybe, tradition unconscious, but expressing the same public care. They were stimulus to that many generations since ancient times brought up in children valid and a solicitous attitude to the virginity which preservation to the introduction into the first to marriage of the majority of the people was considered in the past of one of moral major and ethical "values" of a public significance value.

So at the slavic people creation of beneficial posterity was a main objective of creation of a family. A family are seven knees "I". It I and my ancestors: the father, the grandfather, and the great-grandfather, and for me — my descendants: the son, the grandson and the great-grandson. Thus, a family are seven generations "I", living one amicable tribal community. The word "Union" is a modified word-combination «About (joint) Bonds». Thus, the Matrimony is a community of loving each other people which are connected among themselves by the joint bonds binding seven generations of a sort of the husband and its relation with the spouse.

The purpose of creation of the Matrimony — execution of a debt before comes. If a newly-married couple does not set as the purpose of the joint life execution of a debt before it come, they do not enter a matrimony, and are limited to a marriage. The word-combination tells "marriage" for itself. The conclusion is a deprivation of will (prison). Marriage is an infringement of integrity and primary quality something, whether it be a family or a car detail. The young pairs brought up by an ignorant modern society do not enter Matrimonies for execution of a debt before it come, and limit itself to a marriage.
Unless somebody from a newly-married couple reflects on the main condition of creation of a family — virginities of the bride? On slavic precepts the first man at the woman leaves an image of spirit and blood some kind of. It means that the husband not virgins, giving it the seed, will provide an embodiment on the earth of souls of children not from the, and from another's sort of its first man. It means that it will bring up children with souls of another's sort, but will not prolong the. Here to you and the reason of a problem of fathers and children! There and then becomes obvious and the answer to a question of the father to the son: «And in whom you at me such were born»? Certainly, in that villain who has deprived of virginity his mother! Why villain?

First, because virginity has taken away, and a marriage has not given.

Secondly, because has not prolonged the sort by means of this virgin.

Thirdly, because has ruined family happiness of the thrown girl. After all even if she will marry another and will give birth to it to children, the husband will ask sooner or later a question: «And in whom you at me such were born»?

Fourthly, because has deprived of other men of possibility to prolong the sort by means of the virgin spoilt by it.

Fifthly, because «the Apple from an apple-tree far does not fall» and from a vagrant dog-mongrel thoroughbred puppies will not be born, so, in another's families as little cuckoos, on light can be born spiritual villains similar to it.

Such villains to themselves sign a karmic sentence: «That has sown, you will reap»! To marry it, as a rule, it is necessary on not virgins and on a private experience to comprehend "pleasures" of home life with alien the wife and children.

Therefore it is important to inform to people the truth that new generations of young men did not repeat errors of the parents. And their parents in such families would find in themselves courage to accept this information and to do the utmost on preservation of own families and families of children.

And we will not repeat the errors made, frequently, on ignorance of laws of ancestors, and also because of imposing and rooting of "sexual revolution», come to us from the West more.

However, which we have lost because of spiritual trouble and a genocide, consists also that, concluding marriage instead of the Matrimony, a newly-married couple loses mutual spiritual gifts which spouses who have established a family for the sake of sort prolongation exchange. What it for spiritual gifts?
At the first matrimonial affinity the husband allocates the wife-virgin with five gifts:

1. A genital seed with images of spirit and blood some kind of;

2. Energy of one year of the life;

3. Motherhood gift;

4. A female share;

5. Love and protection of the and some kind of.

Having awarded the spouse with a genital seed with images of spirit and blood some kind of, having given energy of one year of the life, spouses откры­вает in it motherhood gift — boundless fidelity and care of a family, the husband and children. Granting to the young spouse a female share, the spouse helps it to open its patrimonial memory. After disclosing of patrimonial memory in the young spouse wisdom of her mother, the grandmother, the great-grandmother etc. wakes up. She starts to know intuitively as as it is better to make for creation of a family harmony.

The husband necessarily should open patrimonial memory at the spouse. If it not in forces to make it, means, it has not taken place yet as the high-grade man.

Not only the husband gives to the wife spiritual gifts, but also the wife presents the husband with the gifts. Not casually after all in the people say that the man does the girl by the woman, and the woman does the young man by the man. All is interconnected. The woman not only receives energy from the man, but also opens in it possibility to become главою some kind of. The father exchanges spiritual gifts with children.

In the modern world many men do not know about patrimonial foundations that creates  in their home life. Frequently they look at women only from positions of the sexual satisfaction. Such men behave not as men, and is simple as males. The women who have not received man's spiritual gifts, are not allocated by female qualities, therefore they behave not as women, and as females.

At biped males and females in relations all is reduced to sexual satisfaction of the instincts. For this purpose they also conclude marriage. Who and concerning what triumphs at a modern marriage? The picture is clear: on a marriage celebration trade all! The groom — the surname and a registry office stamp in the passport, the bride — a body, parents — a dowry, and visitors — feeling of own importance and degree of participation in this drunk frenzied acting. Unites all of them one: they trade in marriage.

Unique force which can counteract it is our desire to resist to ignorance and obscurantism revelry. For this purpose all of us should restore spiritual bases of a family and prolongation of a sort on the basis of the truth about foundations of the ancestors. Each people should live according to a heritage of the ancestors, executing their precepts and customs.

It is time to understand that the person has not simply come on the earth, it is its spiritually-moral examination. We should sustain it with honour.

So we will apply to themselves ancient rules:


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