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Violence as a way of life
Recognising that the person it is instinctively located to competitive struggle for a survival, conditions to support the given instincts at level of the weak aggression capable to an instant increment of potential are created. The condition for poorly expressed aggression puts a lack of material maintenance of the social environment, use by management which leads to management of that who realises it. Accordingly, in a society, since the moment of formation of the person, classes and society subclasses should be brightly expressed. Subclasses are necessary for removal of sharpness of borders which inevitably lead to increase in aggression and a gain of contradictions.

Management of contradictions – the primary goal of those who supervises a condition of potentiality of aggression. Aggression, as a rule, is intended for capture of the vital space which is vital resources. The control over vital resources provides the control over people, transforming them into a resource element.

As transformation system the vital environment prepared for such person serves. Being in it and calling it as a life, training, work, the person defines for itself points of support in the monitoring system and they become for it a rule.

The first rule: the human life has the smallest value because the right of possession any material form offers considerable advantages, rather than a resonance with other person, named friendship. But provided that another is put also: the human life is most valuable as a resource element. At first sight, there is a contradiction, but actually it is two parties same.

The second rule: the knowledge in vital system is underlined, instead of gets out. As choice illusion variability of the choice, which basis – its absence serves only. For example, it is offered to choose from those trades which all are low-paid and which all will lead to poverty and physical weariness.

The third rule: pleasure, pleasure are the main feelings, aspiration of the person during a life and, accordingly, are in every possible way encouraged. The highest can be encouraged as the most low feelings, and. Basically, to the usual person it is not appreciable, but even if such principle of management is allocated, affect it the person cannot, as the principle is supported by all system.

Thus, by 12-14 years when construction of the person begins, the child realises impossibility of independence in the given vital space and tries to reject it, to protest against it, but it "softly or"rigidly"return on the place. By 20th years process of formation of the person starts to come to the end, and societies receives a high-grade member of a society literally this word. Only functions of such member very much also are very limited. The reason is clear: the vital system should have over it a complete control.

It is possible to look hours at "idols" on TV, "elects" in the State Duma, and thus not to realise that your desire to become them will be never executed. Why? That is why that you will not manage to pass through even big immorality though so it would be desirable to change a life it is the following Paradox of our Life.
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