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8:35 PM
Exchange model
As it is possible to present a huge turn of a circle, a galaxy jet streams of the energy, each of radial impulses can be described one number from a number of primary numbers. Like any turn of the circle, all streams of pulsing energy have the general initial and final point: a galactic kernel. A turn of a circle as it is described here, are called as a current by means of which all starts with a source and comes back in it, moving simultaneously forward and back.
Like the hurricane centre, the galactic kernel can be described as possessing the simultaneous spin and counterspin movement extending radially from the central point of unimaginable capacity which pulses with certain frequency. We will assume that these opposite streams of energy can be described the number sequences going in opposite directions rather each other. We will assume further that one stream pulses with the frequencies presented nearby from 1 to 13, and other stream pulses with the frequencies presented nearby from 13 to 1. That is, the first goes from simple to more difficult pulsation, and the second - from more difficult to simple If we compare pulsations in spin and counterspin streams, we will receive such sequence:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13(91) 13 12 11 10 987654321(91) 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14 14
All cycle a back/counterback can be described also the numbers representing to a difference between each pair of adjacent numbers of two cycles, i.e. differences between 1 and 13, 2 and 12, 3 and 11, etc. the Sequence of differences between two numbers is described by a following set of numbers: Differences 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 2 4 6 8 10 2 (84)
We also see that the sum of numbers from 1 to 13 is equal 91, that is 13x7 whereas the sum of numbers of a series presented by differences of two cycles, is equal 84, or 7x12, and the difference between 91 and 84 again will be 7 As the even number, 12 can be factorized 3x4, and 84 it is possible to write down as 3x28 and 28 it is possible to present as 4x7.
In this example interestingly that 7 - the average in everyone to a number - gives a zero difference.
We used a similar principle of a spin and counterspin wave exchange with the Indigo child and have received result. The information has been transferred by the child in a digital form where each figure mattered objective event or the form. From our party the wave information in a digital form which the child has translated in a conceptual verbal number also has been transferred and has connected with objective space. The similar exchange allows to receive great volumes of the information in the compressed kind and to exchange them with any as decoding of a wave field is simple. 20 (2), 11 (2), 18 (9) are values of areas of the information transferred by the child. Thus the first figure is спином, last – контрспином. Average figure – a point of area (rest), position accepting. So two areas coincide, it means that the child is active area with contrspin in other area, capable to establish an exchange with it. The message 229 means that at an exchange point the material thinking prevails. This first message of counterspin area. The message received at adjustment on the centre of a galaxy earlier in March thus repeats: «powerful transition as a result of lawlessness».
The Indigo child is "a litmus" paper in definition of a condition of area where it is. As all Indigo by the nature «engineers of space», an exchange established by them with space, always the high-grade. Thus periodicity of an exchange, and enough individual exchange is absolutely not necessary to them.
Before in January other Indigo child has given us the information from visualiation an exchange about which we told earlier: 02536 (the centre-6, edge-3, the middle-2, rare value 2, the main figure-0, a rest point-5). The point of rest 5 defined position of the child in our world whereas the point of later exchange of other child 2 lay directly in an information vector. The received value 922.
Told it is possible to consider as a result that the information from the galaxy centre is checked up not only in a reception point, but also in a relative point of rest and an active spin vector. Being identical in each point, it, certainly, is of interest for those who is capable to perceive such method of a wave exchange and can help to orient in approaching events.
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