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 Recently it is much told about New Generation of children who have received the name «Indigo Children». The same as also usual children, these children require attention and care from outside adults who should learn to their bases of the Life and interaction in it. It is the extremely important for Indigo children as many of them, owing to the latent reserves, experience difficulties in adaptation. Motivation and the adapted Indigo child several times increases the activity that allows Change processes to go more actively directly in the human environment. The project urged to help such children, to support them at different stages of adaptation, to give the chance to understand existing systems of relations, to receive skills of work with information fields and systems. Direct introduction in the educational, social and scientific environment does the given project by a platform of vital sphere for individual and collective development of the child. The relations built by the Indigo child, the skills got by it, are directly integrated into the designated environments and realised in prognostics or the final form.
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