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With what the new generation begins? You will not be mistaken, if will tell that from a family. This union of the man and the woman, based on mutual love, generates those who continues to realise the spiritual union in a reality. A name that Who Is born, - Children. It would Seem, there is nothing unusual that there was a child and it is necessary to bring up, train it in that you know. The set of techniques, programs help with it and … there are at times powerless when speech comes about the child perceiving the World some differently, than those children for whom these programs and techniques are written. It is possible to assume that anything unexpected in it is not present: after all children different from the contemporaries by mentality, physical development from time to time should be born. But in this case it is a question, more likely, about exceptions, experiments of the Nature searching for "more perfect vital material». When such children is born not 100, not 1000, but ten thousand it is a question slightly other Experiment initiated on the basis of the nature, but not to her. It will be the first difference Of about Whom we will speak further. Whether For what this Experiment and experiment it in general was necessary? At school each of us diligently studied the history describing acts and development of the person since ancient times up to now. The description abounds with the facts and examples of how the life essentially develops, thoughts and spirit of the person, moves to judgement of greatness of the human civilisation which have stepped the second thousand-year official threshold. And greatness of a civilisation not only in global fulfilments, but also in acts of the separate people which history of a life is organically weaved with a life not only that generation to which they belonged, but also with a life of the future generations, turning for them to the history, connecting cause and effect. Comprehension of a complete historical picture becomes necessity for each person, a problem of education of rising generation. However, the historical picture does not represent depth of life which exists out of the world of the person: in the nature, in the Universe. The reason for it can be both possibilities of a statement of understanding of a complete picture, and possibility of its comprehension at level of an individual and a society. Most likely, the person cannot realise in the near future depth of this Complete picture, but it does not mean that the principle of comprehension dictated by history and a principle of thinking is the only thing. In increasing frequency parents and teachers face children who see the Complete picture differently, than they are transferred by adults. This vision leans against unfamiliar principles and the knowledge methods, which such children, frequently, intuitively realise in the active knowledge of the world (at level of actions) and spiritual development (a support on unfamiliar moral, cultural principles). Listed – only a surface of that disappears in the heart of possibilities of such children. If attentively to get accustomed to depth it is reasonable to assume that the such potential can exist and correspond only in the presence of the adequate material demanding influence of this potential. Display of this potential is both a problem, and a material for research for all those who wishes to get acquainted directly with new possibilities of the World and the Person, to learn about the Universe much more, than it is offered by the basic information sources. Certainly, this potential does not give in to management of habitual methods as in its nature it, frequently, is inapplicable. But it can be co-ordinated with these methods, creating the necessary compromise and generating new progressive forms of relations. It is not necessary to amuse itself that the potential is always correct and comfortable at influence. No. It bears frequent misunderstanding, necessity of reorganisation for feelings, actions – a word all that breaks the settled stereotypes of relations. Certainly it represents a problem for a society so its organisations is based on certain laws and rules. Following is necessary for these laws and rules, as they are a support for the person, collective, a family. But, in the course of following, it is necessary to estimate viability of laws and, if necessary, to correct them. It also occurs now in relations between children and adults in many families, in many culture establishments, education and formation. Adults try to find approaches to children searching for other examples and the decisions than who offer them, share among themselves opinions and practice of creation and the decision of situations in relations with children. The given resource gives the chance some familiarising with such dialogue, real or virtual. Resource materials give the chance to establish, first of all, the first positions of understanding and the coordination in problem situations of dialogue not only with children, but also with adults and to define initial methods of the coordination of positions. Further, certainly, depends both on adults, and from children.
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