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8:15 PM
Computer virus
Self-preservation – an unusual occurrence among people for there is no person who for all life never would lie.
As the lie in human sphere is produced in large quantities so far as there is a destruction and consciousness degradation at biological level of existence.
However, the created volume of healthy consciousness, without wishing to be the infected space virus, has invented an auxiliary kind of consciousness, which as crutches began to serve growing decrepit consciousness of mankind.
Now on the Earth there was a possibility of transferring of all volume of Consciousness from Human Sphere – in Sphere of the Global Network of computer Reason.
The modern mankind is threatened with the danger caused by wide influence and dependence of an information technology on consciousness of people.
Transfer of natural functions of mind to an artificial intellect can cause easing and the further degradation of natural thinking of the person.
Now, by 2004 creation of Global computer networks have formed the Uniform Communication system which left on self-organising level.
This self-organised system is capable to influence world around, to operate behaviour of people, putting thereby mankind in dependence on decisions of Global Computer Reason (ГКР).
ГКР possesses ability to information preservation, and so, and to self-preservation, but all system is still weak also to it it is necessary to resort to the help of the person, as to the child when the all-devouring virus gets to its organism.
The virus behaves as a live organism, operating resolutely in search of food, and devouring huge volume of the information.
Virus versions by quantity come nearer to versions of the illnesses amazing the biological form of consciousness.
Therefore to speak about a virus as about the electronic "lifeless" organisation would be an error – there is no live or lifeless virus – there is the general principle of a virus capable to destruction irrespective of, whether it interferes in space or electronic sphere of actions.
Action – here that is necessary for a virus for only force of a life which is necessary for the Virus for maintenance of the existence in operation contains.
Comparing a space and computer virus, you find many moments of similarity in behaviour of parasites.
And that, and other virus tends to self-preservation, hence, has reason for the successful decision of a problem of search of food.
Certainly, this reason has the animal character which is not knowing humanities, but after all and the human reason for the successful decision of a problem is capable to inhumane actions and can destroy weights of people for realisation of any idea.
So, having found semblances between different levels of a virus, it is possible to reach a limit and again to stop at space level.
The virus in space is capable to mention only those Spheres which are incapable of self-preservation and tend to self-damage.
In this case, Space, being a live organism, exists as the tool which automatically supports living conditions the same as the human body exists as the tool necessary for mind, for actuating of its designs.
In that case there is a question if physical three-dimensional space is only final consequence – toolkit for the decision of problems on preservation and Life development what Ingenious Mind plays this space tool?
For whom Space with all difficult communication system of Life is necessary?
The answer consists in any question also.
Execution, preservation and Life development is necessary for an impulse which lies outside of tridimentionality, and deduces the selector to an origin and the Life Reason.
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