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Main » 2009 » December » 20 » Light spiral over Scandinavia
7:52 PM
Light spiral over Scandinavia
Astronomers-fans of the different countries of the world briskly discussed on the network
Forums on December, 9th, 2009 the probable nature absolutely already unprecedented
The show observed by inhabitants accustomed to the polar lights
Over northern areas of Norway it was unexpectedly developed enchanting, full of mysticism of show.
Early in the morning over Arctic areas plunging into polar night
Scandinavia it was generated, being untwisted in the sky, a huge spiral Light.
Being slowly developed, the spiral has turned in captured a considerable part of a firmament light гало the correct form.
From the centre гало, directing to the earth, has gone, rotating in the form of a corkscrew, a greenish beam.
"We in Norway насмотерлись various polar lights, but it was something especial", - results Space Weather avaricious on emotion of a word of eyewitness Nika Banberi (Nick Banbury) from the city of Harshtad.
The Norwegian mass-media and network forums are overflowed by fascinating pictures of eyewitnesses - one more amazingly another.
The show was observed by inhabitants of all northern Norway that testifies to considerable height over the Earth of its source.
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