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Main » 2010 » September » 20 » Planetary system of greenhouse effect
8:39 PM
Planetary system of greenhouse effect
Scientists have found out that the termination of last glacial age was accompanied by sharp emission of carbonic gas from waters of world ocean that won't allow to make its deep-water part "storehouse" for atmospheric СО2 for struggle against global warming, informed in article of researchers published in magazine Nature on August, 26th.

According to conclusions of researchers, last freezing was accompanied by appreciable decrease in atmospheric concentration of carbonic gas which collected in badly ventilated cold waters deeply under a surface of the Southern ocean washing coast of Antarctica. On a measure of deviation of glaciers approximately 18 thousand years ago, the rise in temperature of world ocean accompanied by strengthening of undercurrents and its so-called ventilation, has led to sharp emission СО2 and all for one thousand years has counterbalanced its concentration in waters of ocean with atmospheric concentration.

This effect reminds an exit of carbonic gas from just open bottle with sparkling water.

Authors of research, group of scientists of university Ratzhersa in the USA under the direction of Elizabeth Sykes (Elisabeth Sikes), in the work by means of the analysis of ground adjournment have studied a parity of various isotopes of carbon in atmosphere of the Earth during time and after a freezing. Scientists paid attention to the maintenance in adjournment of a radioactive isotope of the carbon-14, which quantity in relation to stable carbon-12 in inverse proportion to quantity СО2 in atmosphere. This heavy isotope with approximately constant speed "is made" in an upper atmosphere at a nitrogen irradiation by space beams and then enters global circulation of carbon.

During all glacial age concentration of an isotope, according to the analysis of scientists, raised, however to the thaw beginning, about 18 thousand years ago, has sharply begun to decline. It means that maintenance СО2 in atmosphere the beginning sharply to raise.

According to the basic hypothesis of scientists, initial fall of the maintenance of carbonic gas in atmosphere has been caused, mainly, its "fixing" by plants and sea microorganisms during photosynthesis - dying off, they carried away it with themselves on a sea-bottom. There these remains were processed by bacteria with allocation СО2 which, in turn, because of low temperatures, a high pressure and absence of currents, was dissolved in water, without being allocated back in atmosphere.

Thus the ground samples of sedimentary breeds generated by remains of sea inhabitants and plants, say 600-1200 meters of a southern part of Silent and Southern oceans taken from depth that the basic share of the carbonic acid dissolved at ocean contained in waters near Antarctica.

The further warming of ocean and strengthening of undercurrents in process of glacial age deviation has led to emission СО2 in atmosphere - as researchers, mainly, in southern hemisphere of the Earth consider. This "decontamination" of ocean proceeded until atmospheric and oceanic concentration СО2 weren't leveled.

The given work of scientists has a direct bearing to struggle against the global warming, one of which possible methods is закачка СО2 in deep waters of oceans where that, according to the theory, can be stored in a cold and under the big pressure. Article Sykes shows that the further warming of a climate of the Earth will inevitably lead to emission of the carbonic gas buried thus back in atmosphere that is why this strategy is hardly probable comprehensible.

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