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Main » 2009 » November » 21 » The key to a riddle of "the Harm Axis" lies in constellation of Eridana
4:29 PM
The key to a riddle of "the Harm Axis" lies in constellation of Eridana
In constellation of Eridana the mysterious area is found out, in which matter in its any forms it is much less, than on the average in the Universe. This area correlates with the big cold stain on a card of relic microwave radiation - "Harm Axes".

The analysis of the data of the review of firmament NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS), executed by means of system of radio telescopes Very Large Array (VLA), has led to an unexpected conclusion – in the constellation of Eridana located in the neighbourhood with brighter and "recognised" constellation of Orion and convenient for supervision in the autumn, density of galaxies much more low, than on the average on heavenly sphere. Research has been carried out by research group of university of Minnesota under the direction of professor Lawrence Rudnik (Lawrence Rudnick).

Non-uniformity of distribution of galaxies in the Universe was known and earlier, however so extended sector, almost free from them, is identified and in detail described for the first time. Nevertheless, the constellation of Eridana and caused earlier suspicions in astronomers – on it one of areas with the lowered temperature of relic microwave radiation is necessary.

It has been revealed in 2004 according to mapping of temperature of relic radiation by a probe of NASA WMAP started in 2001. The structure temperature неоднородностей, found out by a probe, has appeared so unusual that has received the name "Harm Axis" and promoted statement of a question on necessity of radical audit of our representations about the Universe as a whole.

The correlation nature between "the Harm Axis" and decrease in density of the galaxies registered in constellation of Eridana is not clear. According to offered by scientists from university of Minnesota of model, it is possible to explain this correlation by means of hypothetical to "dark energy".

Action of "dark energy" which it is possible to assimilate to antigravitation, leads to that the temperature of photons of the relic radiation passing through space with considerable density of substance, increases. At the same time at movement in free space from a matter under action of "dark energy" energy (and the temperature) photons decreases.

Within the limits of the given approach "the cold area" on a card of microwave radiation can be interpreted as consequence of existence in 6 – 10 billion light years from the Earth free area from a matter not representable before the sizes. What exactly "has devastated" it while it is not clear.

Whether the given hypothesis is fair or is not present, will show the further researches – including, mysterious constellation of Eridana.
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