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Conversation with a devil
The given record is the moment of the dialogue representing "underside", existing at each person till that time while it is not realised. Comprehension transforms polarity into Integrity, but quality of Experience at this process depends completely on the Person.

Unless your motive in making it is more than money?

No. I not for this reason began to write down. I have begun this dialogue on a paper because searched for answers to these questions within 30 years - questions on which I thirsted to receive answers. The idea publishing all it has come to me later.

From Me.

From You?

Yes. And you thought I will allow you to lose for nothing all these remarkable questions and answers?

I did not think at all of the similar. I simply wanted, that on questions answers that disappointments that search has come to the end have stopped have been found.

It is good. Then cease to doubt the motives (you do it incessantly) and give we will move further. You say that understand meaning of the life, but you do not live the пониманиями. You say that know road to association good luck, but you do not accept it. You say that you on a way, but you do not go on it.

And then you come to Me and say that searched and were knocked 35 years.

I would not like to be that who has disseminated your illusions, but...

Time has come to cease to be engaged in self-deception and fairly to look at itself.

Therefore I speak to you - you wish to become the Christ? Operate, as the Christ every day and every minute. (Do not say that you do not know as. It has shown you a way). Be similar to the Christ under any circumstances. (Do not say that you can not. It has left to you instructions).

You will not remain unaided if you aspire to it. I specify you a direction every minute. I - a quiet low voice inside which knows on what road to turn, what way to go, what answer to give, what action to undertake, what word to tell - what reality to create, if you really search for associations with Me.

Only listen To me.

I think that I do not know, how it becomes.

Nonsense! You do it right now. Simply do this all time.

I cannot go with a yellow written notebook all the day long. I cannot throw all and start to write to You, in hope that You will be here with one of Your brilliant answers.

Thanks. They shining! And here one more: You can!

I mean that if somebody has told to you that you have direct communication possibility good luck - direct connection - and everything that for this purpose it is required, is to have near at hand the handle and a paper the whole day long. You would follow to it?

Well, certainly yes.

And before it has told that is not present. That you "can not". So with you? What do you speak? In what your truth?

Good News consists that to you the notebook and the handle are not required. I all time with you. I live not in the handle. I live in you.

It really truth? I can trust it?

Certainly, you can trust it. It to what I asked you to trust from the very beginning. It that each Master, including Jesus, spoke to you. It also is the basic doctrine. It also is the central true.

I all time with you, to скончания times.

You trust it?

Yes I trust. More than ever, I mean.

It is good. Then use Me. If you for this purpose need to take a notebook and the handle then take a notebook and the handle. More often. Every day. Each hour if should.

Be closer to Me. Be closer to Me! Do for this purpose that you can. Do that should. Do that for this purpose it is required.

Create a prayer. Kiss a stone. Bow on the east. Read a psalm. Rock a pendulum. Exercise muscles.

Or write the book.

Do that for this purpose it is required.

At each of you own representation about Me. Each of you has understood Me - has created Me - in own way.

For someone I am a man. For someone I am a woman. For someone both that and another. And for someone I - anything from these two.

For someone from you I - a net energy. For someone - the higher feeling which you call love. And some have no representation that I am the such. They simply know that I AM.

Also it is the truth.


I - a wind that caresses your hair. I - a rain that dances at you on the person. I - the sun that warms your body. I - a smell of colours in air and I - flowers that let out the aroma. I - air which carries aroma.

I - the beginning of your first thought and the end of last. I - idea that inspiration come to you. And I - pleasure from an embodiment of this idea. I - that feeling that induces you to the most gentle that you did in the life. And I - that part you that aspire to have this feeling again and again.

Everything, everything that works for you that helps it will be carried out - any ceremony, ritual, meditation, thought, a song, a word or business - everything that is required to you to "reunite" - do it.

Do it to remember Me.
You, in effect, consist of three parts, but the majority of people perceive yourself only as a body. Even mind remains forgotten after the age has passed for 30. Nobody reads. Nobody writes. Nobody learns. Nobody studies. Mind is forgotten. It do not feed. Do not train. Do not give anything new. Demand from it the minimum. Mind is not fed. It is not cleared. To him sing lullabies, отупляют. You do everything not to put it into operation. TV, films, parkway reading matter. Not to do, only not to think, not to think, not to think!

So the majority of people lives a life at body level. To feed a body, to cover a body, to give to a body "stuffing". The majority of people have not read the good book - I mean such which can learn to something - for many years. But they know the television program for a week. There is in it something extremely sad.

The truth in that the majority of people do not wish to think. They choose leaders, support the governments, follow religions which do not demand from them to think independently.

"Facilitate my problem. Tell to me that it is necessary to do."

The majority of people want it. Where to me to sit? Where to me to stand? How to me to welcome? When to me to pay? What do you want, that I have made?

In what of a rule? In what of restriction? Tell to me, tell to me, tell! I will make, only somebody will tell to me that!

Then to them dissatisfaction, disappointment comes. They followed all rules about which it has been told. What has appeared not so? When all has gone not there? Why all was upset?

It was upset while you have left the mind - the greatest creative tool which ever was at you.

Time again with it has come to make friends. Be its companion - after all to it so alone. Be its supporter - after all it so starved.

Some of you - a small part - understood that have a body and mind. They well addressed with the mind. Nevertheless, among those who respects mind and cerebration, only units have learnt to use more one tenth of its possibilities. If you knew, on what your mind is capable, you never would cease to resort to its wonderful forces.

And if the number of those from you who lives both mind and a body, is insignificant, number of those who sees itself as a triune being - the body, mind and soul - is absolutely insignificant.

And still you triune beings. You more than the body is simple. And more than a body allocated with mind.

Whether you care of the soul? Though you notice it? You treat or cause to it a pain? You grow or fade? You expand yourself or you limit?

Your soul also is lonely, as well as your mind? Or to it neglect even more? When you last time felt, how your soul expresses itself? When last time cried because of happiness? Wrote verses? Composed music? Danced in the rain? Baked a pie? Drew something? Repaired something broken? Kissed the child? Held a cat at the person? Climbed on mountains? Swam the naked? Walked on sunrise? Talked to a dawn? Was engaged in hours love... On a beach, in wood? Communicated with the nature? Searched for God?

When last time you sat one in silence, travelling on the depths of the of a being? When last time you told "greetings" to the soul?

When you live, as soon as only unilateral creation, you deeply plunge into cares of a body: Money. Sex. The power. Things. Physical requirements and their satisfaction. Safety. Glory. A financial prosperity.

When you live, as bilateral creation you expand a circle of the interests on mind activity. Dialogue; creativity; development of the new thoughts, new ideas; statement of the new purposes, new problems; personal growth.

When you live, as a triune being you reach balance of yourself. Your affairs include interests of soul: spiritual self-knowledge, the vital purpose, relations good luck, an evolutionary way, spiritual growth, the higher fate.

Evolving to higher conditions of consciousness, you reach realisations of each aspect of a being.

And still evolution does not mean rejection of one aspects of in favour of other aspects. It simply means outlook expansion, transition from a full involvement in only one aspect, to understanding and love to all aspects.
The life really proceeds infinitely?

Undoubtedly so.

And it does not have end?


Transformations is the fact.

Yes. You can return to the mortal form - that is in the physical form which "dies" - where and when want.

We solve when we wish to return back?

Yes, solve - whether want and when.

We also solve when we wish to leave? We decide when to die?

No experience can be happens with soul against its will. It by definition is impossible, as the soul itself creates all experience.

The soul wants nothing. The soul possesses all. All wisdom, all knowledge, all force, all glory. The soul is that part You which never sleeps, never forgets.

Whether wishes smothering, that the body has died? No. Desire of soul in that you never died. But nevertheless the soul leaves a body - changes the corporal form, leaving the most part of a material body - just as dump a hat - when the soul any more does not see the purpose in remaining in this form.

But if desire of soul in that we never died why we die?

You do not die. You simply change the form.

But if desire of soul in that we did not do it why it happens?

But desire of soul not in it!

You - "changing-form".

When more there is no purpose to remain in any form, the soul changes it is of the own free will, with pleasure - and moves ahead in the Space Circle.


With the big pleasure.

Any soul does not die with bitterness?

Any soul does not die at all - never.

I mean any soul does not regret that the given physical form varies - "dies".

The body never "dies", it simply changes the form together with soul. But I understand that you mean, and I will use language to which you have got used.

When you have a fair idea that you wish to create that you have decided to name послежизнью or when you have a firm belief that after death you will find a unification good luck - then the soul never will regret that you name death.

In that case the death is a joyful moment, wonderful experience. Now the soul can return to the natural form, to the normal state. She feels improbable ease, feeling of full freedom, limitlessness. And also unity which is joyful and blissful.

The soul cannot regret for such transition.

You mean, what the death is a joyful event?

As a hobby, which wishes, that it was such - yes, always.

But if the soul so wishes to leave a body why it remains with it? Why it simply does not leave?

I have not told that "the soul wishes to leave a body". I have told that the soul is glad, when she leaves it. These are two different things.

You can be glad, doing something one, and also is glad, doing another. That you are glad, doing the second, does not mean that you are unfortunate, doing the first.

The soul is not unfortunate, staying with a body. On the contrary - it is pleasant to it to be in your current form. But it does not deny possibility that she also will be glad to leave it.

Obviously, there is much that I do not understand about death.

Yes, and it because you do not like to think of it. You should realise death and loss of an instant that you feel during each moment of the life - and differently you will feel a life not entirely, and only half.

Each moment comes to an end during that instant when it begins. If you do not see it you do not see its completeness, совершенности - and consequently consider its usual.

Each event "starts to come to an end" while it "starts to begin". Only when it is deeply understood and осознанно - only then treasure of each moment - and all life - it will be opened for you.

The life cannot open itself to you if you do not understand death. But you even should understand not simply death - you should love it the same as love a life.

The love to death is a core of all devil dead world, and a non-existence – dream and the purpose.

That time that you spend with other person, would be much brighter, if you thought that it is your last meeting with it. The sensation will be strengthened every instant to unimaginable limits if you consider that this last instant. Your refusal to understand own death leads you to misunderstanding of an own life.

You do not see that is. You miss the moment and that it bears for you. You look by it instead of seeing it through.

When you look deeply at something, you see it through. To realise something means to see it through. Then illusion disappears. Then you see a thing what it is actually. Only then you can truly enjoy to it.

Then you can enjoy even illusion. As you will know that it is illusion, and it already half of pleasure! Only that fact that you consider its real, causes all pain in your life.

Nothing is painful, you understand unreality of that. Allow I will tell to you it once again:

Nothing is painful, you understand unreality of that.

It like a film, a drama that is played a stage of your mind. You create situations and actors. You write a course of events.

Nothing will be painful in that the moment when you will understand that nothing is real.

It is true both for death, and for a life.

When you will understand that death too only illusion then you can tell: "About death, where your sting?"

Then you can even rejoice death. You can even rejoice death of others.

It seems to you strange? Strange to hear the similar?

Only if you do not understand death - and a life.

The death is never the end, but the beginning always. The death is not door closing, but its disclosing.

When you will understand that the life is eternal, you will understand that the death is your illusion which did you very anxious and consequently forced to think that you are your body. But you not is a body and consequently its destruction should not worry you.

The death will learn you that the life is real only. And the life learns you that the death, and inconstancy is inevitable not.

Inconstancy - here unique true.

Nothing is constant. All varies. In every instant. During each moment.

If something was to constants it could not be. As even the concept of a constancy depends on that the concept of inconstancy made sense. That is, even the constancy is changeable. Look at it attentively. Realise this true. Understand it and you will understand God.

It is the Dharma and he/she is the Buddha. He/she is the Buddha the Dharma. It both the doctrine and the teacher. It both a lesson and the master. It both object and the observer curtailed in one.

They never also were not something another, than One. It you have developed them that your life could be developed before you.

But, looking at a life that is developed before you, be not developed itself. Hold the I together! Observe illusion! Enjoy to it! But do not become to it!

You not illusion, but its founder.

You in this world, but not from it.

Therefore use death illusion. Use to it! Make its key that will open to you still the big treasures of a life.

If you look, how the flower you will look at him with grief dies. But if you look at this flower as on a part of the whole tree, which itself varies and will soon bring a fruit you will see true beauty of a flower. When you will understand its colour and falling off, as a sign on fast fructification of a tree then you will understand a life.

Look at it attentively and you will see that the life is the metaphor.

Always remember that you not a flower and at all a fruit. You are a tree. And your roots deeply in Me. I - that soil from which you have grown, and yours цветки and fruits will return to Me, creating more and more a fertile soil. So the life generates a life and cannot learn death, never.

It so is fine. So it is fine. Thanks You. Tell to me, please, that so disturbs me. I should will ask You about a suicide. Why there is such taboo against suicide?

Really, why?

It is not wrong - to kill itself?

On this question the answer cannot be given how you would like. Because the question contains two false concepts, two false assumptions, two errors.

The first false assumption that is "correctly and"incorrectly". The second false assumption that murder is possible. Your question, therefore, is not meaningful.

"Correctly and"incorrectly"are philosophical polarity in human system of values which has no relation to a true reality. I constantly spoke about it throughout our dialogue. Moreover, they at all are not constants in the most your system, and continue to vary eventually.

You change them, changing the opinion on these values how it approaches you (and should do it as evolving beings). But all of you time draw that do not do it and what exactly invariable values underlie your society. So you have constructed your society on paradox. You continue to change the system of values, at the same time confirming, what exactly invariable values you... Appreciate!

The decision of this problem not in watering sand, trying to make of it concrete, and in celebrating sand shift. Celebrate its beauty when it is generated in the lock and as idle its new form and a new kind that it accepts with arrival of the next inflow.

Celebrate shift of sand when they form new mountains on which you you can rise and at which top to construct new locks. But understand that these mountains and locks do not remain constants and will sometime change.

Glorify what you are today, do not damn what you were yesterday and do not interfere with what you will be tomorrow.
God. A life. Love. Unlimited. Eternal. Free.

Everything that is not any one of these things, is not also any other of these things.

But you are all it and will want to test yourself, as all it, sooner or later.

What means "sooner or later"?

It depends on when you will overcome the fears. As I have already told, the fear is a false reality. It that there is no you.

You will want to learn That That There is You when you will pass through knowledge of that there is no you.

But who wishes to feel fear?

Nobody wants, but you learn it.

The child does not feel fear. He thinks that can do everything, everything. The child does not test freedom lack. She thinks that can love all. The child does not test a life lack. Children believe that they will live eternally, and people who are similar to children, think that nothing can do them harm. Does not know the child and any bad things - while he will be not not learnt to it by seniors.

And consequently the child runs naked and embraces everyone, without having any ulterior motives. If adults could be such.

* * *

You remember that parable the Kid and the Sun from the previous book? It has a second part.

"You can choose any Part of God which you would like to be" - I have told to soul-kid. "You - the Absolute Divinity testing. You would like to test what Aspect of Divinity?"

"You mean, what I have a choice?" - the soul-kid has asked. "Yes," - I have answered, - "You can test any Aspect of Divinity in yourself, through yourself and as yourself."

"Well," - has told smothering. "Then I choose the Pardon. I wish to feel myself as that Part of God which is called the Free pardon."

But it as it is possible to guess, has created certain difficulties.

There was nobody to forgive. Everything that I have created, was Perfection and Love.

"There is nobody to forgive?" - has perplexedly asked smothering.

There is "nobody" - has repeated Я "Look back around. Whether see you somebody less perfect, less fine, than you?"

The soul has turned back and with surprise has found out that is surrounded by all souls that is in heavens. They have gathered from all corners of the Kingdom because have heard that the soul-kid has an extraordinary conversation good luck.

"I do not see anybody, less perfect, than I!" - has exclaimed smothering. "Whom then I can forgive?"

"You can forgive me" - the soul-friend has told, leaving crowd.

"For what?" - the soul-kid has asked.

"I прийду to you in your following life on the physical plan also will make something, for what you can forgive me" - the soul-friend has answered.

"But what? What can you make the such - a being of So perfect Light - that I have wanted to forgive you?" - the soul-kid wished to know.

"About," - the soul-friend has smiled - "I am assured we something we will think up."

"But what for you will want to make something similar?" The soul-kid could not understand, why so perfect being will decide to slow down so the vibrations that will make something ' bad '.

"Very simply." - the soul-friend has answered. "I will make it because I love you. After all you wished to test Yourself, as a pardon. Besides, you did it for me."

"I did?" - the soul-kid has asked.

"Certainly. Unless you do not remember? We were Everything, you and I. We were Right and Left, Top and the Bottom. We were Here and There, Now and Then. We were Big and Small, Bad and Good, the Man and the Woman. All of us were All."

"We did it that each of us could test itself as the Greatest Part of God. As we understood that...

In absence of That There is no You, That There is You, cannot exist.

In absence ' cold ', you cannot be ' warm '. In absence ' grief ' you cannot be ' joyful '. Without ' harms ' that you name ' kindly ', cannot exist.

And if you wish to become something, somebody or something opposite should be shown in the Universe to give the chance to you."

The soul-friend has explained that all these people - Angela Bozhi and all these conditions - Gifts of God.

"I ask from you only about one in exchange" - the soul-friend has told.

"Everything! Everything, everything." - the soul-kid has exclaimed. It has been admired, having seen that can test any Aspect of Divinity. Now she understood the Plan.

"While I will strike you and I will wound you," - the soul-friend has told - "when I will make with you the worst that you can imagine, during this moment, please, remember - Who Is I actually."
"About, I will not forget!" - the soul-kid has promised. "I will always see you same made as I see now. And I will always remember Who There is You, always."Understand that "correctly and"incorrectly"are fictions of your imagination that is good and bad" - simply reflexions of your last preferences and thoughts.

For example, the statement that suicide it is bad", is only opinion of the majority of people on your planet.

The precept "Not убий" is not opinion of people, it is a precept from live God. But the devil – "murderer" both any murder and suicide only welcomes.

Precisely also the majority of you draw that is bad"to help another with its intention to end the life.

In both cases you say that it "against the law". You have come to this conclusion probably because the life in such cases comes to an end quickly enough. Actions which finish a life for longer time, do not go "against the law" though lead to the same result.

So, if the person in your society kills itself from a pistol his family loses insurance payments. When it does the same by means of cigarettes, the family does not lose the insurance.

If the doctor helps to spend a suicide, it name "murderer". When the tobacco company does the same, it name commerce.

At you, seemingly, it simply matter of time. Legality of self-damage - it is bad"or it is good" - basically depends on that, how fast it has been made. Than faster the death, especially "bad" it seems. Than more slowly the death, especially it approaches in the category of "resolved".

It is interesting that the similar conclusion is completely opposite to what would make a humane society. By any reasonable definition "humane", the faster death, the better. Your society punishes those who aspires to do humane things and awards those who does the mad.

Unless it normally to consider, what God demands eternal suffering and what the fast, humane termination of suffering it is wrong"?

"Punish humane, award mad".

The society of beings with very limited ability to understanding can follow the similar motto only.

So, you poison the organism, inhaling carcinogens, you poison the organism, using the food processed by chemicals which kill you, you poison the organism, breathing air which constantly pollute. You poison with its hundreds different ways, in thousand moments and do it, knowing that all these substances harm. But as they kill you for a long time interval, you make this suicide with impunity.

In the world which has loved death, all the ways long murders are good.

If somebody poisons itself(himself) by means of something that works faster, you consider that such act is immoral.

But I speak to you: to kill itself quickly it is no more immoral, than to kill itself slowly.

So God means, does not punish those who has committed suicide?

I do not punish. I love.

Still! Such cooperation!

How about the widespread statement, what those who try to avoid the fate or conditions by means of suicide, in послежизни find the same fate or the same conditions from which tried to escape?

Your experience of that sensation that you name послежизнью, is reflexion of your consciousness for a moment when you get there. But nevertheless you a being with free will also can change the experience when you will wish.

* * *

You ask, what such love? Well, I will try to pick up words and images to try to explain, than the love is.

The first word that occurs is "unlimited". That there is a love, is not present borders.

The love is unlimited. For it is not present either the end, or the beginning. Neither to, nor after. The love always was, always is and always will be.

Therefore the love is always. It is not passing reality.

Other word that we used before - "freedom". As the love is unlimited and is always, the love means... It is free. The love is that absolutely freely.

In your world of people you can see that you always aspire to love and be favourite. You will see that you will always wish, that the love was unlimited. And you will see that always wish to be free in love expressions.

You will search for freedom, limitlessness and eternity in each expression of love. Probably you not always will receive it, but it to what you will aspire. You will search it because it and is love and somewhere you are deep in yourself know about it because you are love and expressing it you will aspire to learn and test Who and That You Are.

You - a life expressing a life, the love expressing love, God expressing God.

All these words synonyms. Think of them, as about one:
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