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All Europe and the European part of Russia the real glacial age waits. The winter can become the coldest not less, than for last 1000.

Climatologists observed Gulf Stream of a warm Atlantic current and have come to a conclusion that speed of its waters has decreased almost in 2 times. Gulf Stream any more doesn't warm Europe! 25 degrees below zero and very small probability of thaw – here that wait for Russians.

Weather forecasters predict the same position and in Europe. And inhabitants of the warm countries, unlike northerners, don't have immunity to a frost. Therefore it threatens Europe with the present disaster.
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Scientists have found out that the termination of last glacial age was accompanied by sharp emission of carbonic gas from waters of world ocean that won't allow to make its deep-water part "storehouse" for atmospheric СО2 for struggle against global warming, informed in article of researchers published in magazine Nature on August, 26th.

According to conclusions of researchers, last freezing was accompanied by appreciable decrease in atmospheric concentration of carbonic gas which collected in badly ventilated cold waters deeply under a surface of the Southern ocean washing coast of Antarctica. On a measure of deviation of glaciers approximately 18 thousand years ago, the rise in temperature of world ocean accompanied by strengthening of undercurrents and its so-called ventilation, has led to sharp emission СО2 and all for one thousand years has counterbalanced its concentration in waters of ocean with atmospheric concentration.

This effect reminds an exit ... Read more »
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Round remains of dwarfs growth about 1 m also it is powerful 25 kg which immediately have received a nickname "hobbits", here a sixth year serious passions boil. Their bones have been found out in 2004 on island Flores in Indonesia. These small people lived there about 20 000 years ago, that is simultaneously with Homo sapiens. They had a tiny brain - 380 sm3 as at a chimpanzee, but despite this lack they were skilful masters. Perfect enough stone tools have been found in a place of their burial place. Authors of a unique find have specified in similarity of "hobbits" with arhantrops (Homo erectus). In their opinion, "hobbits" most likely are crushing descendants arhantropov, lodged on island more 800 thousand years ago. This point of view was from the very beginning represented to the most well-founded.
However other versions were offered also. Some researchers, for example, supposed that Homo floresiensis has occurred not fr ... Read more »
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Under an ice board of Antarctica the whole system of the rivers and the lakes, occupied by microorganisms which in case of thawing of ices can let out in atmosphere a methane large quantity - the strongest hotbed gas disappears, has informed Dzhemma Vedhem (Jemma Wadham), the geochemist from university of the British Bristol, at conference of the American geophysical union in Baltimore.
Last years scientists have established that water disappears under mostly Antarctic ice board. Under two-kilometre thickness of ice the set of water streams and the lakes, most known of which disappears - the lake the East in which scientists hope to get next winter.
This water world can serve as a shelter of huge quantity of microorganisms-metanogenov, therefore in case of thawing of an ice trap in which they are concluded, the collected methane can get to atmosphere, considerably having accelerated processes of global warming.
Vedchem a ... Read more »
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The leader of a tribe of northern Altaians Anton Judanov has told about this event which will occur in 2012.

Acquaintance to the leader has occurred in Mountain Altai.

Zaisan, the leader of a tribe of northern Altaians - tubalarov, Anton Judanov devoted in white shamans has approached to me a clip not peculiar to 70-year-old aged men. A tambourine, maniaka (a special leather raincoat). At it the sight which it has penetrated me, appear, to bones was unusual only. Judanova have a camp in a taiga, the sacred tree - a cedar and the patrimonial mountain where it comes for religions. In a youth has ended timber institute, wished to become the engineer. But time when to it, the descendant of shamans, has come has come it is time to execute the mission.

- Unexpectedly amazes «mistik illness» when start to pursue spirits, - Anton Viktorovich explained. - It stops only after we pass dedication.

Prediction majja< ... Read more »
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About that now on a court yard an epoch of the Fifth Sun, we have learnt from the well-known calendar майя. And, according to these ancient Indians, it - the current epoch - has begun in 3114 year B.C. and should end on December, 21st, 2012. Further the most timid expect a doomsday, referring to Indians. Though майя meant only certain events which can turn the course of history. And enthusiasts also are at all adjusted: prophesy Golden Age approach.

It would be possible to calm down in general. And not to think of a damned calendar. But about the troubles connected with change of epoch, remember also other historical sources.

... Read more »
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The gene analysis of a material of hair of mummies of ancient inhabitants of Greenland, spent by research group of university of Copenhagen under the direction of Mortena Rasmussena (Morten Rasmussen), has led to unexpected results.
It has appeared that the trailblazers colonizing Greenland during an epoch of building of great pyramids of Egypt, for one thousand years before falling of Troy, were Siberians. Modern natives of island genetically are not connected with them.
Carriers of culture Sakkak colonizing island in 2500 - 800 BC have appeared Siberians on the roots
Now among experts there is no common opinion about the one whom were these people - distant descendants of the colonizers who have crossed Bering strait 30 - 40 thousand years ago during existence of overland "bridge" between continents, or later natives of Siberia.
In the latter case the new find, informs Reuters, is the certificate in favour of existence of a wave of migration from Siberia to America approx ... Read more »
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On October, 26th, 2009 at once four observatories to the USA, in states Arizona and Nju Meksiko, have spent supervision of casually found out object which has received a code name 9U01FF6.
Subsequently object existence has been confirmed by the Spanish observers.
Its first images are already presented.
Its nature while is unknown, however the object differs rather strange circumterraneous orbit with a cycle time 1 month (31 days), high excentrisitet and apogee of 420 thousand in km.
Similar orbits are close to transitive into lunar orbits, however do not correspond declared for the program "Apollo" and is much closer, according to experts, to orbits of the devices deduced by means of РН Agens in 1960th years - an epoch of realisation of the program "Apollo" NASA.
The orbit perigee 9U01FF6 makes now about 50 thousand in km that long time not noticed by observers and stations of monitoring of circumterraneous space has allowed object to remain.
What nature of object whi ... Read more »
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Recently carried out researches have forced scientists to recognise amazing fluctuations of level of the World ocean in rather recent past. It has appeared that an order 100 thousand years ago the ocean has sharply increased the level approximately by 15 metres, then so sharply it has lowered.
Usually change of level of ocean is connected with polar ices. Than thaws glaciers - that above ocean level more. Thus, as scientists mark, process is periodical. Duration of one such cycle makes approximately 100 thousand years.
Meanwhile, calculations show that fluctuations of level of ocean about which there is a speech, occurred extremely promptly - on the specified 15 metres the ocean "has grown up" literally for a millenium. Level decrease has occurred for so short term to geochronological measures. An explanation to this phenomenon scientists yet do not send.
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From generation to generation the mankind is set all by the same questions - in what meaning of the life how correctly to live a life, how to realise itself in world around, how to reach happiness, and so on. We have already got used that in this life of answers to these questions we will not receive also secret of a universe and remain for us not opened. By no means – to understand meaning of the life and to realise itself in it it is possible already today. But for this purpose it will be necessary to learn to perceive the world absolutely differently. I also wish to tell about experience of alternative perception of the world or about frequency of consciousness.

The first that is necessary is to feel itself as a part of the boundless Universe, - stop for a minute and imagine that you not the inhabitant of a small planet the Earth, and first of all you the inhabitant of this galaxy, you its integral part, you consist from this substances, as Space surrounding you. You should f ... Read more »
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