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Main » 2010 » February » 26 » The new riddle of an epoch of "Apollos" is found out
7:59 PM
The new riddle of an epoch of "Apollos" is found out
On October, 26th, 2009 at once four observatories to the USA, in states Arizona and Nju Meksiko, have spent supervision of casually found out object which has received a code name 9U01FF6.
Subsequently object existence has been confirmed by the Spanish observers.
Its first images are already presented.
Its nature while is unknown, however the object differs rather strange circumterraneous orbit with a cycle time 1 month (31 days), high excentrisitet and apogee of 420 thousand in km.
Similar orbits are close to transitive into lunar orbits, however do not correspond declared for the program "Apollo" and is much closer, according to experts, to orbits of the devices deduced by means of РН Agens in 1960th years - an epoch of realisation of the program "Apollo" NASA.
The orbit perigee 9U01FF6 makes now about 50 thousand in km that long time not noticed by observers and stations of monitoring of circumterraneous space has allowed object to remain.
What nature of object while it is not clear. Top Otsentrichesky efemerids object are resulted on a site of the project "Pluton".
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