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Ancient Buddhist scientist Buddhaghos warned about three kinds of cataclysms which can overtake the Earth: fire, water and a wind. But modern Buddhists assert that during an epoch of the Sixth sun which will come shortly, the world will shroud a smoke and a soot. Such variant of  destruction of the Earth proves to be true last researches of an orbital telescope "Planck" which has found out the enormous congestions consisting of gas and a cold dust in the Milky Way. The gazopylevoe cloud is in 500 light years from the Earth and inevitably moves to our planet. If dust formation doesn't change the direction, that, by estimates of astronomers, it will overtake the Earth in 2014. And then our planet will be covered with a haze when it will be impossible to distinguish day from night, as well as Buddhists predicted.
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As informs Japan Today referring to Kyodo News, the group of the Japanese astronomers under the direction of the professor of university of Kobe Tadashi Mukai (Tadashi Mukai) has come to a conclusion that behind an orbit of Neputna existence of one more major planet of Solar system - so big is probable that it corresponds even to new, more rigid definition of concept "the planet", accepted by the International astronomical union. This new definition does not allow to carry to "high-grade" planets, for example, long time considered that Pluton.
The new planet, according to the resulted rough estimates, should have weight about 30-70 % of weight of the Earth, and its orbit should be on distance about 80 astronomical units from the Sun. An expected inclination of an orbit of "planet Х» to a plane ecleptic – 20-40 degrees. The planet, possibly, moves on the extended orbit with appreciable эксцентриситетом. The Cycle time round the ... Read more »
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Results of monitoring of Solar system infra-red space observatory WISE have led to detection black, or "dark" substance in unexpected considerable quantities.
Opening threatens with serious consequences not only for the academic science, but also for mankind as a whole - already adjusted monitoring of objects in space, generally speaking, is essentially incomplete and threatens also to the Earth, and all "геоцентрическому ТВД" with unpleasant surprises.
Wide-angle infra-red survey telescope WISE JPL/NASA has been put into orbit on December, 14th, 2009.
The observatory is equipped by an infra-red telescope with rather modest aperture of 40 sm (such aperture even astronomers-fans for a long time already have mastered) and cryogenic detectors dimension 1024х1024 pixels of ranges 3,3, 4,7, 12 and 23 microns, cooled to temperatures 7,8 - 32 K.Zapasa liquid hydrogen on the companion should suffice on maintenance of work of equipmen ... Read more »
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On chemical and ezotype to structure samples of a "lunar" ground as show modern researches with use of precision equipment, are surprisingly similar to the terrestrial. Such amazing similarity, generally speaking, not obviously also demands an explanation. For example, within the limits of a popular hypothesis of a "shock" origin of the Moon such similarity to explain extremely difficultly.
In attempt to find a rational explanation to similarity of a "lunar" and terrestrial ground of Uniforms де Meyer (Rob de Meijer) from the South African university Vestern Kejp and Wim ван Vestrenen (Wim van Westrenen) from university VU (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) have put forward an extravagant hypothesis of an origin owing to development of uncontrollable chain reaction in a cloak of the Earth.
Results of reflexions of authors of a hypothesis are stated in work "An alternative hypothesis for the origin of the Moon".
Reactor fuel, according to authors of an extravagant hypothesis, natural ... Read more »
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Hubble's space telescope has revealed unusual object in constellation of Volopasa. Opening was made by the international research group of the project on search supernew Supernova Cosmology Project.
Work under name Discovery Of An Unusial Optical Transient With The Hubble Space Telescope is published in magazine Astrophysical Journal.
On February, 21st, 2006 the telescope spent supervision of a remote congestion of galaxies CL 1432.5+3332.8 the distance to which on size of red displacement of spectral lines (1,112) was estimated in 8,2 billion light years.
In sight of a telescope the object with variable brightness has been found out. It consistently increased on an extent more than 3 months (about 100 days), having reached a maximum about 21 star sizes.
Then return process has begun. For the similar period of time brightness of object has decreased approximately in 120 times – to 26 star sizes.
In this case speech cannot go about the supernew. First, the curve of change ... Read more »
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On the threshold of the start of new space observatory SDO planned for February, 9th, 2010 (Solar Dynamics Observatory) NASA has let out the press release, in which Sun henceforth is called as a star not usual, but a variable.
Observatory SDO is intended for studying of aspect of variability of the Sun (' Variable Sun ' Mission).
It is a question not simply of the metaphorical description basically for a long time known non station luminosity of the Sun - during the foreseeable period it stably decreases.
In this case it is a question of cardinal revision of one of fundamental positions of a current picture of the world which has appeared incapable to explain behaviour it would seem for a long time the studied star.
Still recently axiomatic representation about stability of a sunlight in time is named by a rhetorical error of a class "oxymoron" - a combination incongruous, or in a literal translation with Ancient Greek - "sharp nonsense".
This revision will inevitably ca ... Read more »
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Modern researches with use of the newest equipment show that on chemical and изотопическому to structure samples of a lunar ground are extremely similar to the terrestrial. Within the limits of a popular hypothesis of a "shock" origin of the Moon such similarity to explain extremely difficultly.
Scientists of Uniforms де Meyer from the South African university Vestern Kejp and Wim van Vestrenen from university VU in the Netherlands have put forward absolutely new hypothesis of an origin of the Moon, on which natural companion of the Earth - a consequence of uncontrollable chain reaction in a cloak of the Earth. The scale of the explosion which has thrown out in space a share of substance of the Earth in size with the Moon - is really enormous. The new theory has caused a wave of pessimism among scientists - they had to assume that in bowels of the modern Earth inaccessible nowadays there are the processes capable at any moment to transform in "the new Moon" any site of a terrestrial ... Read more »
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According to thermodynamics laws, sooner or later the Universe the  destruction waits. Proceeding from it, the Australian scientists have tried to answer a question as soon it will come. With it they should be helped by calculation of level of universal entropy.
Entropy - difficult enough concept which is applied in the physicist, and also in the theory of the information and some other sciences. For the first time it has been entered in thermodynamics for definition of a measure of irreversible dispersion of energy.
Usually scientific count up entropy level to define, the engine is how much effective or to learn, how many works can be taken from fuel. Also entropy calculation is applied when it is necessary to define level of decline or system disorganisation. As have counted up Chas Igan and Charlie Lajnuiver from the Australian national university, entropy level in system under the name "Universe" in 30 times more, than it is considered to be.
"We considered that contr ... Read more »
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Characters of the well-known film of George Lukasa "Star wars" would not manage to survive in the spaceship flying with a velocity of light. To such conclusion the American scientists have come.
During the researches they were guided by the theory of a relativity of Albert Ejntshtejna, According to it, hydrogen filling interstellar space at so fast movement spaceshattl will turn to radioactive beams which will destroy crew and will put out of action all electronic equipment.
"It all the same what to get in Big andron kollayder", - is told by scientist William Edelshtejn from John Hopkins's University in Baltimore. As he said, the cover of the ship will not protect people: the ten-centimetric layer of aluminium is capable to absorb only 1 % of harmful energy.
Not so long ago overcoming of a velocity of light seemed something from the science fiction category. However the researchers indefatigably working over th ... Read more »
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Astrophysics warn: the body comes nearer to the Earth, weight many times surpassing our planet. The meeting with it will turn back for us accident. Even if the Earth will avoid a head-on collision, the attraction flown by in several millions kilometres of the giant will be such force that a cover of our planet will break, as a fuzz.

Jury Karash, the expert on the space policy and the corresponding member of the Russian academy of astronautics, does not trust in similar succession of events. "I think that in this case it is a question not so much of the heavenly body several times exceeding on weight the Earth, how many or about imagination of the person which, ostensibly, has opened this heavenly body, or about boundless giperbolistic any fact mass media. How much I understand the heavenly mechanics, here such heavenly body, several times on weight exceeding our Earth, cannot easy pass through Solar system and face our planet because it is impossible to forget about that enormou ... Read more »
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