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Main » 2010 » February » 26 » The velocity of light will destroy the ships and will ruin people
7:38 PM
The velocity of light will destroy the ships and will ruin people
Characters of the well-known film of George Lukasa "Star wars" would not manage to survive in the spaceship flying with a velocity of light. To such conclusion the American scientists have come.
During the researches they were guided by the theory of a relativity of Albert Ejntshtejna, According to it, hydrogen filling interstellar space at so fast movement spaceshattl will turn to radioactive beams which will destroy crew and will put out of action all electronic equipment.
"It all the same what to get in Big andron kollayder", - is told by scientist William Edelshtejn from John Hopkins's University in Baltimore. As he said, the cover of the ship will not protect people: the ten-centimetric layer of aluminium is capable to absorb only 1 % of harmful energy.
Not so long ago overcoming of a velocity of light seemed something from the science fiction category. However the researchers indefatigably working over the decision of this problem, in 2008 have surprised the world with the opening.
Astrophysics from the American University Bejlora have developed mathematical model of a hyperspatial drive. Theoretically this device allows to overcome huge distances for time minimum: it would be possible to reach the next galaxy for any a pair of clocks. Speed which the engine is capable to develop, in 10 in 32nd degree of times exceeds a velocity of light. The mechanism of action of a drive is based on a principle of the engine of deformation of space (Warp Drive) which was offered in 1994 by the Mexican physicist Migel Alkubierre. Americans needed to finish only model and to make more detailed calculations.
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