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Some psychologists are assured that parental "pressure" makes indelible impression upon the child, essentially underestimating its chances of successful and self-sufficient private life in the future. At the fatherly and parent severity which even not is not beyond reasonable, is as it is found out, weight of by-effects.
Parents should learn to choose the children own way to lives and to follow on it, counting possible variants of succession of events. "The most important that mums can make and daddies for the children is on the example to show, what should be a matrimony, — authoritative American psychologist David Kod confirms. — the basic representation of the person about marriage develops proceeding from a picture which he sees houses since a birth".
Choice of optimum style of education — a serious problem in which occasion recently in professional circles there is fierce debate. One experts in every possibl ... Read more »
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From the first days of a life shouts of babies bear in themselves sound shades, characteristic for language on which their parents talk, authors of the research published in Current Biology are assured.
In the work the group of scientists has studied shouts of 60 healthy newborns half from which was born in French-speaking families, and half in the families which are speaking German. The French babies in the shouts usually gradually raised tone from the sound beginning to its termination whereas German on the contrary reduced a tonality of the shout in process of exhalation. Both these qualities of shouts of babies coincide with properties of French and German of languages.
According to authors of research, babies study in these elements of a pronunciation, being in a womb of mother long before birth.
Earlier also it has been established that babies possess feeling of a rhythm from first days of a life.
That the voice of the future mother bearing the child, is capable to in ... Read more »
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At children who watch TV more than five hours per day, risk to be ill with an asthma on 50 % above, than at those who spends for it one hour. Such are results of the research spent by experts of the Roman Catholic university.

It can be connected that children conducting an inactive way of life, breathe not so deeply, as their more healthy mobile contemporaries. Deep breath essentially helps to function a lung while sitting lasting many hours conducts to superficial breath. «Long sitting is accompanied by reduction of number of spontaneous breaths which regulate work of respiratory ways», – the author of research, doctor Juseppe Korbo speaks.

Results of inspections of 20 thousand children at the age of six-seven years, published in medical magazine Epidemiology, also confirm communication presence between an asthma and adiposity. However, as scientists specify, salt represents still the big threat: the people consuming salt in considerable quantities, fall ill with an asth ... Read more »
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The British scientists have found out that smoking of the woman during pregnancy is negatively reflected not only on health, but also in mentality of the child when it reaches school age.

Research has shown that without dependence from financial and the marital status of mothers, at those from them who smoked during pregnancy, children in overwhelming majority of cases (62 % of boys and 72 % of girls) suffered hyperactivity and absent-minded attention.
Thus behavioural problems of children of smokers have undressed on a floor: at girls behavioural problems while at boys arose also difficulties with concentration of attention were observed only.
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The quantity of Russians the next years can will be reduced to 110 million to It, according to representatives of the United Nations, the considerable quantity of abortions, complications promotes during pregnancy and the politician of the Russian authorities. Growth of birth rate of last years will stop, as soon as into reproductive age will start to enter born in 1990th years.

The population of Russia is reduced because of high level of complications during pregnancy and critically high level of the abortions, the caused themes that the Russian women almost do not use means of modern contraception. To such conclusion experts of Fund of the United Nations concerning the population (UNFPA), delivered on Friday the report on a course of achievement by a heel of "the Purpose of a millenium» – reductions of parent death rate on 75 % have come.

Russia is in the lead on number of abortions among all neighbours. On each one thousand births it is necessary 951 case of interrupti ... Read more »
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