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Main » 2010 » January » 30 » From the first days of a life babies shout in language of parents
8:18 PM
From the first days of a life babies shout in language of parents
From the first days of a life shouts of babies bear in themselves sound shades, characteristic for language on which their parents talk, authors of the research published in Current Biology are assured.
In the work the group of scientists has studied shouts of 60 healthy newborns half from which was born in French-speaking families, and half in the families which are speaking German. The French babies in the shouts usually gradually raised tone from the sound beginning to its termination whereas German on the contrary reduced a tonality of the shout in process of exhalation. Both these qualities of shouts of babies coincide with properties of French and German of languages.
According to authors of research, babies study in these elements of a pronunciation, being in a womb of mother long before birth.
Earlier also it has been established that babies possess feeling of a rhythm from first days of a life.
That the voice of the future mother bearing the child, is capable to influence behaviour of the future baby, was known to scientists and earlier. So, newborns possess ability to distinguish a voice of mother from voices of other people. However ability of babies to imitate voices of adult people was considered as attribute of their more mature age - since three-five months when children start to supervise the vocal chords.
Now scientists believe that ability to simulate language on which their parents speak, appears at babies from first days of a life at the expense of management of a throat the control over which they find in a womb of mother.
"Possibly newborn, simulating a voice of mother, achieve its additional attention and an arrangement", - Ketlin Uermke (Kathleen Wermke) from Vjurtsburgsky university one of authors of article believes in Germany.
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