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In two years the epoch of the Sixth Sun will begin


About that now on a court yard an epoch of the Fifth Sun, we have learnt from the well-known calendar майя. And, according to these ancient Indians, it - the current epoch - has begun in 3114 year B.C. and should end on December, 21st, 2012. Further the most timid expect a doomsday, referring to Indians. Though майя meant only certain events which can turn the course of history. And enthusiasts also are at all adjusted: prophesy Golden Age approach.

It would be possible to calm down in general. And not to think of a damned calendar. But about the troubles connected with change of epoch, remember also other historical sources.

In chronicles of American Indian tribes of the South America it is told: «Ancient people knew that before there were present sky and the earth, the person has already been created also a life revived four times». The sacred book of Hindus of "Bhagavata Purana" tells about four centuries «kalpas» and about «pallays» - cataclysms at which the mankind appeared on the verge of destruction. Similar representations exist and in ancient treatises of inhabitants of high-mountainous Tibet. And everywhere «the fifth century» name a century present.

What it for the strange periods, on which our ancestors have divided history of the Earth? We have asked a Dr.Sci.Tech. on it, the professors, the first pro-rector of the Moscow state humanitarian university of M.A.Sholokhov, the author of the monography «Numerical symbolics in religion and stories» Michael Treschalin.


- Really, the ancient had a system of the periods separating one epoch from another, - Michael Jurevich tells. - At the different people they were unequal on duration. But, probably, these discrepancies arose only because of a miscellaneous years. So, the great scientist, the astronomer and the mathematician the Aristarch from Samos in III century BC asserted that 2484 the Earth passes everyone through two accidents - a fire and a flood.

Under the certificate Rushs, the known medieval interpreter of the Bible and the Talmud, ancient legends speak about periodic «collapses repeat heavenly» with an interval per 1656. The Greek philosopher Geraklit Efessky considered that the world perishes on fire every 10 800 years.

Aztecs, predecessors majja, also believed that the Universe exists within the limits of great cycles which they named «system of the Sun». In an anthropological museum in Mexico there is known Aztec calendar «a Sun Stone» - a huge basalt monolith in diameter about 4 metres and weight about 25 tons. It shows representations of ancient tribes about the remote past. In the stone centre Tonatiu Majja - god of the Sun of the present epoch is cut out. From different directions there are symbols of four last epoch. The solar stone in language of symbols tells that each previous epoch had the god that for these four epoch four human races have exchanged and that all last cultures have disappeared as a result of great cataclysms and only some people have survived and have told about an event.
The first Sun proceeded 4008 years, and the civilisation existing at that time was lost as a result of a flood. The second Sun lasting 4010 years has come to the end with monstrous hurricane. The third Sun lasted 4081 year, and people were lost this time from the fiery rain which has fallen upon them from the sky, and streams of a volcanic lava. And, at last, the Fourth Sun proceeding 5056 years, has ended with  destruction of mankind for the hunger which has come after «flooding, by the blood and fire sea».

According to representations of Aztecs for a long time already there is the next, Fifth Sun, which else name the Sun of Movement. Because, on representations of Indians, in end of a present epoch there will be certain "movement" from which all will be lost. Some modern researchers assume that displacement of the Earth is meant "movement" from the axis.

Today the hypothesis is rather popular that 14 - 10 thousand years ago there was developed enough protocivilization which has fallen into decay after global cataclysm. Then development of cultures has begun on different continents practically simultaneously and that the most important, from one root. The rests of the most ancient sciences, astronomical and mathematical opening were restored and remained priests of Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, India, America.


What can happen with the Earth this time?

In the head «World cycles» of the treatise "Visuddhimagga" («the Clarification Way») is a great monument of the early Buddhism - is said that «... There are three kinds of destruction - water, fire and a wind». Therefore about  destruction of the previous Sun researchers connect myths with natural accidents. However, now scientists-Buddhists bring specifications in forecasts of the ancestors, asserting that with approach of the sixth world epoch, or the Sixth Sun, «all world will be filled with a smoke and will impregnate with its soot». And then - «not to distinguish day from night», and «... That gloom occurs from the destroyer of world epoch, a huge cloud» a space origin.

By the way, the end of the Fifth Sun coincides with the beginning of an epoch of the Aquarius which we have already entered in the XXI-st century beginning. Astrologists consider this epoch as an original watershed in mankind evolution. That during this period can occur on the Earth - clearly shows the ancient zodiac which has been found out in Denderah in one of temples of the Top Egypt. On it zodiac constellations are represented in the form of figures of people and animals which like a difficult hieroglyph bear in itself the figurative information on expected events. And so, the Aquarius is represented in this zodiac in the form of the man pouring from two jugs water streams on fish. To fish from such abundance of water it will be good. But what is necessary to mankind? According to the researcher of bible texts Vladimir Babanina, powerful flooding and floods will fill in the earth. And people in such conditions will be similar to fishes as will be surrounded by water from different directions. As at the time of bible Aching!

Means, again a Flood? But when it will come? According to all known predictions it ostensibly should occur between 2012 and 2030.
- But exact date is not known by anybody, - professor Treshchalin answers. - Historical chronicles have shown, what panic among the population was brought by foretellers of "ends of the world". Therefore the Lord, preserving mankind, has not allowed people to know day of accident: «About a bottom or hour nobody knows volume, Angela heavenly, the Son, but only the Father. He has told it: not your business to know times or terms which the Father has put in The power» (Jesus Words. Matfey 24.36-39; Mark 3.32-37).

By the way, the epoch of the Aquarius will last 2160. Anyway, should last.


Water, dust, fire and wind

Serious scientists consider that "mythical" threats to mankind not so are fantastic.

The American scientists Michael Vajseshn, the professor of seismology of the Washington university, and Dzhessi Lawrence from the Californian university have explained, water for the Flood whence undertook. From bowels of the Earth.

Thanks to the data received from a network of seismographs by which our planet is entangled, scientists have found out huge tanks of water in bowels. They are at least in two places - under east part of continent Eurasia and near the North America. Seismologists have made three-dimensional model and assure: there it is not less water, than at Arctic ocean. Under their assumptions, periodically this deep water leaves on a surface. As it happens during a bible Flood. And theoretically similar catastrophic phenomenon can repeat in the future. And so, as Ararat it will be visible not. Vayseshn frightens that below the oceans found out by it - in those areas of a terrestrial cloak which are not surveyed yet, - too there is a water. Its volume can exceed capacity of all external oceans five times.

It is literally one of these days the data of the European astronomical companion "Planck" which is in 1,5 million of kilometres from the Earth, have outright frightened astronomers. On one of the transferred pictures they have noticed the enormous strip of a cold dust stretched through our Galaxy. It moves in a direction to the Earth. By estimates of experts if the cloud-murderer does not turn aside will cover our planet in 2014.

Last report of the American Academy of sciences (NAS) all experts named very poor. Its name sounds so: «Threats of space weather: social and economic consequences». According to the report of experts of NASA studying solar activity, on September, 22nd, 2012 - in peak of the next solar cycle - there can be a global accident: so-called koronal emission. The geomagnetic storm at least will burn all transformers on the Earth. As a maximum - fire of solar plasma come to all planet. As in a film "Sign". Consequences of a sudden solar storm of astrophysics compare to nuclear war or falling of a huge asteroid to the Earth.
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