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Main » 2010 » April » 6 » The Shambhala becomes the civilisation centre in 2012
11:09 PM
The Shambhala becomes the civilisation centre in 2012
The leader of a tribe of northern Altaians Anton Judanov has told about this event which will occur in 2012.

Acquaintance to the leader has occurred in Mountain Altai.

Zaisan, the leader of a tribe of northern Altaians - tubalarov, Anton Judanov devoted in white shamans has approached to me a clip not peculiar to 70-year-old aged men. A tambourine, maniaka (a special leather raincoat). At it the sight which it has penetrated me, appear, to bones was unusual only. Judanova have a camp in a taiga, the sacred tree - a cedar and the patrimonial mountain where it comes for religions. In a youth has ended timber institute, wished to become the engineer. But time when to it, the descendant of shamans, has come has come it is time to execute the mission.

- Unexpectedly amazes «mistik illness» when start to pursue spirits, - Anton Viktorovich explained. - It stops only after we pass dedication.

Prediction majja

Yudanov then has told to me and about one interesting meeting with the American professor José Arguelesom, the researcher of a civilisation majja, too devoted in shamans. It came to Altai because in the researches has come to a conclusion that is much in common between the Altay people and the South American tribe which existing in territory of present Guatemala and has suddenly died away in 830 d.C. after 500 - 600 years of the vigorous activity. On one of versions, majja were descendants of inhabitants of Atlantis. And so José has told to Anton Viktorovichu that he has solved secret why the calendar майя comes to an end 2012.

- All researchers assumed that it is doomsday date, - Judanov told. - But the professor has come to a conclusion that it, most likely, "reference point" of New time. The space cycle which has begun in 3114 BC on December, 23rd, 2012 will end And grandiose transformation is necessary to mankind. Under one version, we will ruin ourselves because of technical progress which will be pulled out from under our control. On another - there will be a world earthquake or a flood. And then the Shambhala becomes the civilisation centre.

The mountain which is taking away souls

- You know, where there is a Shambhala?! - without trusting the happiness, I have exclaimed.
- At us, on Altai, in mountain of the White whale, - has easy declared зайсан. - This mountain is sacred, because there there live gods and spirits and there is the centre of the Earth energetically connected with Space. Therefrom the Buddha has come to India. In one of caves there is northern input in a Shambhala. And southern settles down in the Himalayas, in a river Brahmaputra valley.

Legends about a Shambhala - the mysterious place hidden in mountains, - are known thousand years. In the Indian Holy Writ of Purany under this name the city is mentioned, the powerful Messiah whence should be. Its occurrence will coincide with world destruction. But anybody plainly does not know, whether there is this place actually.

Who becomes the shaman

To the usual person to become the shaman it is almost impossible. Besides, that "sorcerers" should receive during a life nine посвящений (on the last - the ninth - they should learn to fly up above tops of trees), they are obliged to have also nine distinctive qualities.

1. One of ancestors should be the shaman as this gift is descended.

2. On a body there should be «a divine mark» - a birthmark in size about a fist or the sixth finger on a hand or a foot (Judanova have a birthmark. - Red.).

3. It is necessary to be able to see spirits and to communicate with them.

4. To have ability to send the soul in "business trip" in other worlds.

5. To treat without the aid of medicines.

6. To tame fire.

7. To understand language of animals.

8. To know ceremonies, shaman prayers and names of patrimonial spirits.
9. To be the main keeper of oral epic creativity, traditions and customs of the people.
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