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Dead hand
Imagine absolutely automated means of mass destruction – like "skynet” from films about terminator.

Or even "Doomsday cars” doctors Strendzhlava (doctor Strangelove) … Soviet X-files? Or it was a reality?

PETER БЕЛОВ, the doctor of engineering sciences: In Soviet Union "the system of a dead hand” has been developed so-called. What does it mean? In case the country becomes a target of nuclear rocket attack and the commander-in-chief cannot make the decision, among intercontinental Soviet rockets were such which could be started on a signal of radio of system of fighting command.

By means of a difficult network of gauges of seismic activity, pressure of air and radiation "the system of a dead hand” could in case of a nuclear attack across the USSR put in action a nuclear arsenal - without that someone pressed the red button.
If with the Kremlin there would be no communication, and computers would diagnose killing nuclear blow, rockets would be all the same started, giving the chance to Soviet Union to strike back post mortem, that is posthumously.

COLONEL GENERAL LEONID IVASHOV, the former chief of Central administrative board of the international military cooperation of the Minister of Defence: Such system which is automatically activated after the first blow of the enemy, is still necessary. It lets to the opponent know, what even in case of destruction of our centres of command and decision-making, the automatic system of start of rockets for counterstroke will join.

At the time of cold war America had own plan Looking code-named glass – a mirror. Within three decades of a command of pilots constantly monitoring probability of air blow – on a case if the land control will be lost as a result of an attack.
The main difference of "a dead hand” from "mirror" consists that Americans relied on people. The system has been cancelled after the termination of cold war – however, not clearly, whether there is still Soviet version. Those who could know it, prefer to keep silent.

COLONEL GENERAL LEONID IVASHOV, the former chief of Central administrative board of the international military cooperation of the Minister of Defence: I can not answer, because not in a course about a present state of affairs.

Today all speak about refusal of the nuclear weapon. And nevertheless, the sun primary СНВ comes, and new moves ahead only small short steps – it is threatened with a delay from recent plans of America on ABM placing that is capable to destroy balance, having given the USA unfair strategic advantage.

SERGEY of LAURELS, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia: Restriction of strategic offensive arms is of great importance – for Russia, for the USA, for all world. It is necessary, that the world did not become the hostage of actions of any mode, no matter where.

Who knows, maybe, if the contract is signed also disarmament will proceed, we will live till that day when powers will refuse these destructive technologies, and other nuclear countries will follow to their example.
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