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7:54 PM
December, 16: strangenesses are multiplied
On December, 16th, 2009, at pre-dawn o'clock per Moscow on the Sun there was a flash, unique for the present unique and in itself period of activity of a star difficult to explain. It was characterised big (to measures of this year) by capacity, and also in. Images of the Sun at the moment of flash in different spectral ranges have been received by foreign space observatories. A number of domestic mass-media has noted what for strange coincidence of the moment of flash to some events which have occurred in Russia almost at the same time. Certainly, from the point of view of a modern science and the current scientific doctrine in general, communications between them cannot be basically. Speech should be conducted only about strange coincidence - a freak of chance. Much stranger and absolutely inexplicable coincidence has occurred this very day in the USA.
As informs Space Weather, already after a sunset three districts in the USA, in the State of Nebraska, the brightest flash of light has lighted up. It lasted, by estimations of involuntary witnesses, nearby 2 with.
Naturally, it has been decided that it is a question of flight of extremely bright meteor.
However light flash was accompanied by rather strong concussion of soil which it was necessary to notice. In local services quickly reactions the stream of calls has rushed.
Errors could not be - the fact of earthquake in magnitude 3,5 points with epicentre around small town Oburn has been confirmed by geological service of the USA.
Localisations of optical and geological phenomena practically coincide - both in space, and in time.
At the same time, both events should not be connected with each other at all and pass, from the point of view of a current science, on "different departments".
The meteor can cause light flash, but cause earthquake - especially while it has not reached yet the Earth - in any way. And on the contrary, earthquakes - are possible, but to stimulate thus meteor falling, moreover bright - it is probable, it is impossible. It is necessary to assume, as these events have only casually coincided with each other.
In traditional system of outlook it was supposed that coincidence in time and in space of diverse and versatile events (or forestalling by one others) tell about mutual conditionality of processes in an external world, doing possible predictions and interpretation of events.
Phenomena such are so known and obvious, however and are inexplicable - to recollect abnormal behaviour of pets on the threshold of the moment of the beginning of a full phase of a solar eclipse enough. The impossibility of an explanation a modern science empirically obvious, but theoretically impossible coincidence of events and their writing off on "freak of chance" causes mistrust to a science in general, complicating, in particular, mass inclusion of inhabitants of our country in fruitful innovative activity.
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