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Main » 2009 » December » 28 » On Solar system borders the stable cloud is abnormal
1:02 AM
On Solar system borders the stable cloud is abnormal
Research group NASA under the direction of Merava Ofera (Merav Opher) from George Mason's university has made an attempt to explain is abnormal high stability of a cloud of the interstellar gas directly adjoining on Solar system, presence of a powerful magnetic field.
This field, in turn, was revealed working until recently магнитометрами research probes NASA of series Voyager.
The cloud of interstellar gas in the size about 30 light years in a diameter on which the Solar system "borders", consists of atomic hydrogen and helium at temperature about 6000 degrees of Celsius.
At the same time, in this area of space, according to current representations, there is an extending cover of gases with very heat dumped at explosion supernew about 10 million years ago.
Their temperature on three order surpasses temperature of a mysterious cloud in the stability, and it is completely shipped in extending cover.
The heated substance blown up Supernew should "blow off" essentially colder and rarefied cloud of interstellar gas, having disseminated it in space without a trace.
Nevertheless, the cloud has remained.
The analysis of the data received by "Voyagers" has allowed scientists to draw a conclusion that intensity of a magnetic field in a cloud much more above expected and reaches 4-5 microgauss.
 Presence of a strong magnetic field allows to explain stability of a cloud of interstellar gas which explosions Supernew in the neighbourhood could not break even.
Now it is necessary to explain the nature of unexpectedly powerful magnetic field in interstellar gas, and also to rethink developed representations about Wednesday in which the Solar system "is shipped".
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