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8:13 PM
Projection macro in micro
The reason of existence of such model is extremely simple – we have chosen to live in the Myth which we name a real life.
It turns out that Mythology – that other as data on in what condition there can live the person. Meaningly removing mythology in the imagination category, we create to ourselves a reality which was successfully depicted by the Person. All our problems, desires, acts form it. The Messiah, you ask how to stop mind. In any way, while you live among people (if you, of course, do not wish to be locked in a cell and to become the eremite). Everything that will be possible to achieve to people, it соседствование intuition and mind (common sense).
Therefore, when speech how there a life on Mars, mind with pleasure will draw the picture comes, and subconsciously you will catch vague images which can clear up so that become brighter than Mars. I can tell that adults, starting to see thus, often fly «from coils» and start either to preach, or to treat, or … it is a lot of that. And children simply accept it, as self-evident. They are not able to divide the world in that degree that mind operated them to the full. Adults can aspire and wish as much as long changes in thinking, but its basis is put at children's age. Once the learnt child, already never will forget that have explained to it because the thinking support is constructed, is got an operating system BIOS.
Comprehension of this fact directly is connected with the rests of our interest in «a usual life». Until in this «the usual life» still has points of a binding of our consciousness, we hardly will agree to change a myth.
Certainly, because we identify ourselves as the Person. And now the interesting paradox becomes ripe: Who such Person from "this" party », and who such Person"on the other hand"?
The initial Vector projects other Vectors and so on a chain downwards.
Not absolutely downwards. It is a human plane principle of thinking. Displaying goes in regular intervals in volume. But here that is interesting: I project a microvector, the macrovector keeps parametres of the condition in their field. That is, any microparticle as you have told, the Person, has data on the general condition of a macroparticle. Hardly she can understand, than there lives this macroparticle, but its vital organisation will be clear. («Mind Russia not to understand … to Russia it is possible to trust only»). Any changes occurring in macroscales, will have the response and in microscale, but is much easier, weaker. But there is one more interesting detail: the more strongly the response in микро, the is stronger, more considerable than change in макро. I think that an event now with our galaxy, a congestion, the Universe, much more seriously, than we can present to ourselves. That we see at ourselves on a planet – a projection of these changes, and, seemingly, is enough of them to rivet on itself attention of the basic part of the population. And when attention it is turned on the limited circle of situations the event behind them remains imperceptible. So it now also occurs. One of exits of such situation: certain "monitoring" when you fall outside the limits an event consciousness and you observe, you do conclusions, trying not to get to the basic circle of events. I think, the Messiah, it is necessary to begin with it.
Essentially only that lives formed by circumstances in this Myth of intention any more did not include the onboard computer, and deduced us for limits of concrete thinking.
Such it is possible, the Person, and we did it, being engaged with children. But there is one big "but", them cease to understand and tear away from a society, and they cease to require it as possess much bigger possibilities in operations with the information, than usual people. It is possible to name it telepathy and кинезодинамическим updating.
I search for the one who Learns Me, for such Above me.
He is the Teacher, and you declare yourselves as the Pupil. You will hear.
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