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Main » 2010 » January » 30 » The ancient Arctic oasis is localised
8:21 PM
The ancient Arctic oasis is localised
Results of new researches testify that during an epoch of last freezing when the most part Eurasia has been covered by glaciers, the ocean Ledovitogo had a huge region, free from ice. This region settled down in territory of present Chukotka, Alaska, water area of present Bering sea. It has received the conditional name "Beringija".

Results of new researches are published in work "The Klondike goldfields and Pleistocene environments of Beringia", left in magazine GSA Todaly.

Representation about a special role nowadays left on a bottom of Bering sea of overland "crosspiece" between Eurasia and America in an exchange of kinds of animals and plants was already generated in a science. However it was not absolutely clear, how through this severe region rather thermophilic kinds of animals and plants could migrate. Now the riddle clears up.

According to scientists, the subregion Beringii remained free from eternal ices in Pliotsena (5,3 - 2,5 million years ago) and Plejstotsena (2,5 - 0,012 million years ago).

Plausible reason of absence of ice in Beringii was not exclusively favorable climate - but absence of a moisture which could promote formation and ice accumulation. The subregion almost has not tested on itself a freezing.

One of indirect certificates of absence of ice in subregion was the abundance during that epoch of kinds of the animals living in steppe of marmots. Now they here do not meet, as cannot dig a hole in a frozen ground.

One of probable factors of absence of a frozen ground during that epoch, besides small humidity, character of vegetation could be. During that epoch of Beringija has been covered by steppe, and the grassy cover did not interfere with warming up of soil in the summer and to a water drainage - unlike present tundra where the thick layer of a moss serves as a heat insulator maintaining low temperature of soil even in the summer.

Now appears more and more certificates of that in the past in the Arctic region living conditions were a little similar to the today's.

Probably, this epoch was found also by the person - representations about existence on the Far North the ancient, rich and developed culture has remained up to now at many nations of the world.

Probably, researches of Arctic regions will allow not only to look differently at history of climatic changes on the Earth, but also on mankind history.
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