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Main » 2009 » December » 20 » The UFO of the triangular form hangs over the Kremlin
7:59 PM
The UFO of the triangular form hangs over the Kremlin
At once some passers-by have photographed on the mobile
Phones the strange object which has appeared in the sky over Red Square. As
Writes Daily Telegraph, flying object of the triangular form and width
Approximately in one and a half kilometre reminds an imperial cruiser from a film
«Star wars».
At first object have photographed at night, and then in the afternoon. Not clear object there and then named the ship of newcomers.
In experts on UFO of video has caused bewilderment. According to the were
Analytics of the British Minister of Defence on the neolearnt flying objects of Nika
Poup, it is the strangest and unusual shooting of UFO, which it ever Saw.
And the expert of edition Jane’s which specialises on the space
To subjects, has declared that at all has no representation that
It can be.

More in detail / # ixzz0aFR1KMkh
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1 Анджей  
Novosibirsk for UFO not an exception. From time to time, but "they" appear.
So in the winter of 1975 many eyewitnesses could see a plate on city suburb. There there were many windows. These windows approximately shone 15 minutes. Then the UFO has left in the star sky.

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