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Main » 2009 » November » 19 » There are proofs of presence of an extraterrestrial life
11:13 PM
There are proofs of presence of an extraterrestrial life
Though till now it is impossible to tell with confidence that we not one in the Universe, exist the scientific facts, indirectly it is confirming.
In 1976 in samples of the breed taken from a surface of Mars, the substances similar to a waste of ability to live of live organisms have been found. Repeated tests have not confirmed result.
In 1977 at University of Ohio (Ohio State University) the radio telescope has fixed the neolearnt signal from constellation of the Sagittarius, lasting 37 seconds. The source of the signal which has passed through 220 million of light years, is unknown.
In 1984 the meteorite which has arrived from Mars on which traces nanobacterials have been found out has been found in Antarctica. An extraterrestrial origin of these bacteria till now under doubt.
In 2001 scientists had been added Drake's equation with which help the quantity of planets, suitable for a life is defined. It has appeared that the life can theoretically exist on hundreds thousand planets.
In 2002 the Russian researchers have proved that microbes Deinococcus radiourans are capable to survive at radiation level, more than in 2000 times exceeding deadly to the person. Moreover, through 50 generations these microbes adapt for five-tenfold increase in radiation. Also it has been proved that at enough of time microbes E.coli which do not concern to superhardy, too are capable to adapt for high level of radiation. It indirectly confirms the theory that on Mars there could be live organisms.
In 2002 in atmosphere of Venus have been found out carbonils – organic connections, with a high probability testifying to presence of microbes or other live organisms.
In 2003 on a surface of Europe, the companion of Jupiter, connections of sulphur which can be traces of ability to live of bacteria, related themes to bacteria that live in ices of Antarctica are found out.
In 2003 the telescope in Puerto Rico has caught a powerful signal from the area located between constellations of Fishes and the Aries where there are no stars with the planets approaching for a life.
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