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Main » 2010 » February » 26 » In deep space something is revealed very strange
8:30 PM
In deep space something is revealed very strange
Hubble's space telescope has revealed unusual object in constellation of Volopasa. Opening was made by the international research group of the project on search supernew Supernova Cosmology Project.
Work under name Discovery Of An Unusial Optical Transient With The Hubble Space Telescope is published in magazine Astrophysical Journal.
On February, 21st, 2006 the telescope spent supervision of a remote congestion of galaxies CL 1432.5+3332.8 the distance to which on size of red displacement of spectral lines (1,112) was estimated in 8,2 billion light years.
In sight of a telescope the object with variable brightness has been found out. It consistently increased on an extent more than 3 months (about 100 days), having reached a maximum about 21 star sizes.
Then return process has begun. For the similar period of time brightness of object has decreased approximately in 120 times – to 26 star sizes.
In this case speech cannot go about the supernew. First, the curve of change of shine is uncharacteristic for any of known to a science supernew in general. Secondly, it is out of any distinguishable galaxies; on a sight beam it was not possible to find out even any star.
The hypothesis about influence on radiation of gravitational lenses, to unrecognizability deformed it, also was necessary to reject. Scientist by means of telescopes Subaru, Keck and VLT it was possible to register three spectra of strange object. All of them have a little the general both with known spectra supernew, and with any spectra from available in a standard database of the review of star sky Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
In particular, the object spectrum essentially varied in due course, and besides differed unusual wide strips of absorption.
Fast change of properties of object allows to assume its small linear sizes – essentially less than light year in a diameter.
All it means that in this case, possibly, the object of essentially new type is revealed. It, in turn, can mean that fundamental positions modern космологии and astrophysics can undergo to deep audit.
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