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Main » 2010 » February » 26 » The doomsday will come catastrophically soon
7:45 PM
The doomsday will come catastrophically soon
According to thermodynamics laws, sooner or later the Universe the  destruction waits. Proceeding from it, the Australian scientists have tried to answer a question as soon it will come. With it they should be helped by calculation of level of universal entropy.
Entropy - difficult enough concept which is applied in the physicist, and also in the theory of the information and some other sciences. For the first time it has been entered in thermodynamics for definition of a measure of irreversible dispersion of energy.
Usually scientific count up entropy level to define, the engine is how much effective or to learn, how many works can be taken from fuel. Also entropy calculation is applied when it is necessary to define level of decline or system disorganisation. As have counted up Chas Igan and Charlie Lajnuiver from the Australian national university, entropy level in system under the name "Universe" in 30 times more, than it is considered to be.
"We considered that contribution which bring in entropy of the visible Installed star, star light, background space radiation. We even have approximately counted up level of entropy of a dark matter. As it was found out, the greatest contribution to entropy is brought by supermassive black holes. When we have compared the new data about quantity and the size of supermassive black holes, was found out that level of entropy of the Universe approximately in 30 times more, than was considered earlier", - has noted Igan.
The results received by them have great value for terrestrial and extraterrestrial if that is present, lives as they define quantity of energy accessible to it and time of existence of the Universe. "In the beginning of its existence the Universe had a low level of entropy, and, according to the second law of thermodynamics, entropy continuously increases from now on. It is important, because quantity of accessible energy for a life, including terrestrial, depends on entropy level. We wished to learn, how many this energy will be accessible to live organisms in all Universe and where it is. The establishment of level of entropy" became the first step on this way, - has explained Igan. According to doctor Lajnuivera, the estimation of that will be a following investigation phase, how much we are close to an entropy maximum level, and how many still to time remains until when the Universe will inevitably come to a thermal collapse. Certainly, if the Universe submits to thermodynamics laws.
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