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Main » 2010 » April » 6 » The unknown person of a component appeared in Solar system hitherto
11:13 PM
The unknown person of a component appeared in Solar system hitherto
Results of monitoring of Solar system infra-red space observatory WISE have led to detection black, or "dark" substance in unexpected considerable quantities.
Opening threatens with serious consequences not only for the academic science, but also for mankind as a whole - already adjusted monitoring of objects in space, generally speaking, is essentially incomplete and threatens also to the Earth, and all "геоцентрическому ТВД" with unpleasant surprises.
Wide-angle infra-red survey telescope WISE JPL/NASA has been put into orbit on December, 14th, 2009.
The observatory is equipped by an infra-red telescope with rather modest aperture of 40 sm (such aperture even astronomers-fans for a long time already have mastered) and cryogenic detectors dimension 1024х1024 pixels of ranges 3,3, 4,7, 12 and 23 microns, cooled to temperatures 7,8 - 32 K.Zapasa liquid hydrogen on the companion should suffice on maintenance of work of equipment within ten months.
The declared scientific purpose of the program - creation of the review of heavenly sphere in an infra-red range.
To infra-red range the considerable attention is paid in the USA - in the Ik-range the equipment of companions of monitoring of rocket start-up works, for example.
However not only on the Earth it is concealed a lot of unexpected for infra-red optics. Thermal radiation allows to find out effectively, first, very cold heavenly bodies.
Secondly, by means of Ik-optics probably revealing of heavenly bodies with exclusively black surface - that is objects, альбедо which is exclusive a little.
Substantion with very low albedo are already revealed in Solar system - it, in particular, covers the whole hemisphere. The companion of Saturn Japet. In completion to all this substance on Japete conducts extremely strange.
The first months of work WISE have forced to rethink existing representations about Solar system. The companion began to register the black asteroids invisible in an optical range, in  considerable quantities - on  honeycombs a day.
By March, 1st, 2010 WISE has revealed, in particular, already five asteroids which orbits pass in dangerous affinity from an orbit of the Earth.
Information on the prospective geometrical sizes of black asteroids it is not resulted, their estimations albedo in an optical range - too.
Are especially interesting absent while estimations of distribution of black planets of Solar system on weight - more and more acknowledgement of that "star" under the conditional name "Nemezida" which astronomers usual means in any way cannot find out, all the same exists.
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